Fish tank gold grass picture Daquan big picture (fish tank goldfish grass picture)


fish tank golden grass picture big picture

Fish tank gold grass picture Daquan big picture (fish tank goldfish grass picture) Silverfish

This article gives you a big picture of Fish tank goldfish grass pictures, as well as the relevant information corresponding to fish tank Goldfish grass pictures. I hope it will be helpful to you, don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

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What does hairy grass look like?

Golden grass, also known as hair grass, willow leaf moss, is a kind of liverwort. Its leaves and stems grow on the ground, thin and long, clustered like a ball of fine hemp. The color of golden grass is dark green. Golden grass does not like bright light, the fish tank growing golden grass should often change water, or often take it out and wash it, so that it can grow faster. Golden grass has no ornamental value and is mainly used for the reproduction of egg-laying fish.

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How to raise the aquatic plants in the fish tank?

Goldfish (details)

Planting water plants in the goldfish tank can not only keep the goldfish tank beautiful, but also maintain the ecological balance of the goldfish tank, so that the goldfish has a more complete Ecological environment. So how should the water plants in the goldfish bowl be planted?

First of all, according to the size of the goldfish tank and the density of goldfish, choose the right amount of water plants to plant. Cut a hole in the sand at the bottom of the cylinder, put the root of the water plant into the hole, press the root of the water plant into the sand, cultivate the sand and press on the pebbles; or tie the root of the water plant with pebbles or put them into a suitable glass tube to sink into the bottom of the cylinder and fix the position with pebbles; you can also plant the aquatic plants in a small pot, and then put the small pot into the tank.

In the cultivation of aquatic plants in the goldfish tank, first of all, the role of aquatic plants can not be too much, the role of aquatic plants is only decorative embellishment; it is best to choose negative aquatic plants, so that the requirements for light and water temperature are not high, it is easier for goldfish to be cultured together. And farmed aquatic plants had better be broad-leaved ones to prevent goldfish from eating.

In daily life, breeders not only take care of goldfish, but also raise aquatic plants reasonably. Breeders do not put salt in the fish tank, ensure a certain amount of light every day and try to be regular, so that aquatic plants and goldfish form their own biological clock. Reasonably fertilize the aquatic plants in the fish tank and cultivate the aquatic plants healthily and beautifully under the premise of ensuring the healthy growth of goldfish.

What plants can be raised in a fish tank?

First, water hyacinth

This is a plant that is easy to flood.Fish tank golden grass picture big pictureIt is often seen in many southern riversFish tank golden grass picture big pictureAnd the reproductive ability is very strong, it is easy to grow into one, but it has a strong ability to purify water, it is especially suitable for fish tanks, and it can produce particularly beautiful flowers, so it is really worth raising.

Second, Ye Lian

This kind of plant is very magical, only one leaf can produce a very fairy flower, the white flower with white fluff is very fairy, it is blooming while growing new leaves, and it is still in a state of continuous flowering, just put it in the fish tank.

Third, water hibiscus

Listen to the name to know that it is very good-looking, the whole plant looks like a hibiscus growing in the water, pure green is very much like a blooming hibiscus, this plant is also super easy to raise, directly thrown in the fish tank, let it grow, will soon grow a lot of small plants, very good-looking.

Fourth, Huanghualing

It is a kind of floating plant that can open yellow flowers, the leaves are very characteristic, grow in a diamond shape, and multiple leaves grow together, plus yellow flowers, it looks particularly good-looking, after getting the goods, just let it grow in the fish tank, usually do not need to worry about it can grow a lot of seedlings.

Fifth, foxtail grass

Listen to the name to know its characteristics, looks very much like the fox tail, furry very beautiful, this plant can be seen in many rivers, take it back and throw it directly into the water, it can grow roots on the branches, and then the branches protrude out of the water, looking very interesting.

This is the end of the introduction of fish tank gold grass pictures and fish tank goldfish grass pictures. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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