White silver arowana picture Daquan big picture (what color is silver dragon)


White silver arowana picture Daquan picture

White silver arowana picture Daquan big picture (what color is silver dragon) Malaysia aquarium

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of the white silver arowana picture, which will also explain what color the silver dragon is. If you happen to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglong Fish Farm. Let's start now!

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What kind of fish is the ornamental fish covered in white?

What kind of fish is the Ornamental fish covered in white?

What is the white ornamental fish all over the body? many people like to raise fish, and even buy fish tanks and put them in their own homes. Ornamental fish are very suitable for raising at home. Among the many ornamental fish, some ornamental fish are easy to raise, while some ornamental fish are more difficult to raise. So what kind of fish is the whole body white ornamental fish?

What is the ornamental fish that is white all over?

There are many kinds of ornamental fish covered in white.

I. Wealth Fish:

Wealth fish, also known as warship, long silk perch, origin in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and so on, is a kind of fish belonging to the genus Perciformes, Perciformes. The fish of this family are generally small in size, but they are the giants of the family. The adult fish is 20 to 69 cm long and oval in shape. The body color is grayish brown, and the ventral fins are mutated into two long wire fins, each of which is light red.

Second, snow swallow white mouse:

Swallow fish, also known as fairy fish, angel fish. The fish body is diamond-shaped, extremely flattened, the trailing edge of the caudal fin is straight, the dorsal fin and anal fin are extended backward, symmetrical up and down, like an open sail. The ventral fin is long and filamentous. From the side, it looks like a swallow flying in the air, so it is also called swallow fish.

Distributed in the Indian Ocean east coast of Africa, the Red Sea, east to Australia, north to Japan, South China Sea, Taiwan Strait and other waters, is a warm water pelagic fish. Most of them live under floating objects on the sea surface.

3. White ball fish:

Ball fish is a small tropical ornamental fish. Common varieties are red leather ball, swallow tail black leather ball, tricolor leather ball, high-fin red leather ball, high-fin black leather ball and so on. Temperament is more docile, can be mixed with other fish, like weak alkaline hard water. The bait is mainly fish and insect, and it can also eat pellet Feed.

What kind of fish is the ornamental fish covered in white?

1. Silver arowana: silver-white body, and contains blue, cyan and other light mixed colors, sparkling

2. White fairy fish: pure white without markings, the caudal fin is divided into front black and rear gray, and the outer edge of the dorsal fin, anal fin and pectoral fin are all yellow.

3. White rat fish: the body surface is milky white, red eyes are clearly visible, gentle temperament, can be raised in groups

4. White peacock fish: an albino species of peacock fish with red eyes and transparent and white body.

5. Platinum arowana: the whole body is snow-white and slightly transparent, the whole body is plain and clean, without the slightest melanin, it is particularly elegant.

What are the ornamental fish?

1. Goldfish

For fish that can live without oxygen, the first thing that comes to mind is goldfish.White silver arowana picture Daquan pictureYes. There is no need for me to introduce goldfish. As one of the three most popular ornamental fish in the world, it is well known that goldfish is really easy to feed. Not only do you have to worry about water temperature, but you don't have to worry too much about oxygen.

2. Turtle

The soft-shelled turtle is small, delicate and lovely in appearance, and the most distinctive feature is that they have two long thin lines of whiskers under their heads. They have a black line from eyes to tail, and their bodies are covered with white dots, like pearls, which is probably why they are also called pearl fish. Raising turtles does not need to add oxygen to the water.

3. Mandarin fish

Like the pearl turtles above, mandrakes are ornamental fish of the family Silpopoda, so they, like turtles, can live in relatively low-oxygen water. The mandarin is mild-natured and does not have high requirements for water quality, and they can surface to breathe oxygen in the air, so they do not need to add oxygen to the water.

4. China Douyu

Chinese Douyu is also a kind of fish that is easy to cultivate. As introduced in the previous article, Chinese Douyu can tolerate as low as 10 degrees Celsius, and like the previous three kinds of fish, their oxygen saturation in their blood is higher than normal. So they can live well in water without an oxygenation pump.

5. Black skirt fish

Black skirt fish body is mainly black, there are several stripes. They are a kind of tropical fish and are smaller. As they grow, their body color will change, and the color will slowly become lighter. They are also hypoxia-tolerant fish.

6. Red skirt fish

Red skirt fish, also known as light fish, like black skirt fish, are small tropical fish with a body length of about 3 centimeters. Because the back part of the body is similar to a red skirt, it is named the red skirt fish. Red skirt fish is also more hypoxia-tolerant fish, and the color of the tail will change with the change of Water temperature, it is also quite beautiful.

What kind of ornamental fish is white all over? 3

Ten best farmed ornamental fish 1

1. Goldfish

Goldfish is relatively easy to feed fish, water quality requirements are not high, as long as to ensure that there is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water, it can avoid hypoxia. Raise goldfish and change water regularly, but you can't change too much water at once. And goldfish do not have high requirements for food, such as earthworms, fish and insects, feed, water fleas and so on. This is more common, and the price is relatively low.

2. Traffic light fish

Traffic light fish is relatively easy to raise, but pay attention to good methods. The water temperature is kept at 22-24 degrees Celsius, and it is not appropriate for the temperature to be too high or low. Not fastidious about food, live worms and dry feed can be eaten. However, pay attention to the water quality, it is best to keep it as weakly acidic water.

3. Blue Manlong

In general, blue man arowana is relatively easy to raise, when raising blue man dragon fish, pay attention to its water environment and feeding problems. Do not mix culture: although the size of Blue Manlong is not big, but their temper is really not small. If they are mixed with mild-tempered small ornamental fish, Blue Manlong will bully mixed fish a little without paying attention to them.

Because of their character, many fish friends will mix blue mandragons with some larger ornamental fish. When the blue mandarin fish is lack of oxygen in the water, it can breathe directly out of the water and is easy to raise.

4. Peacock fish

Peacock fish is a small subtropical ornamental fish. The male fish is small and has a long tail. It has a tail like that of a peacock, so it is named peacock fish. The female fish is larger and the adult fish is about 3-4cm. It has a very high ornamental value.

Peacock fish do not have high requirements for water quality and environment, and 30 peacock fish can be raised in a 30CM tank. Peacock fish only need to add some water plants to the water, and a small heating rod can be used to keep it warm in winter.

5. Beautiful fish

The adaptive water temperature is 23 to 26 degrees, and the requirements for water quality and bait are not high, so it is relatively easy to feed.White silver arowana picture Daquan picture!

6. Zebrafish

Zebrafish has a strong ability to adapt to the change of water temperature. as long as the temperature exceeds 20 degrees, zebrafish can live and can be eaten.White silver arowana picture Daquan picture! Easy to raise!

7. Red Sword

Red sword is an artificially selected swordtail fish, and the original species in nature are light blue-green. The swordtail fish is spindle-shaped. Physically strong, easy to raise, whether it is weak acid water or weak alkali water can adapt, strong cold resistance.

8. Tiger skin fish

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9. Douyu series

Whether it is Thailand's Douyu or China's Douyu, what they have in common is durable and easy to raise! Among them, the tolerance of Chinese Douyu is frighteningly strong, and Chinese Douyu is an omnivorous fish, not picky, hungry last week is fine, the southern region does not need to heat up in winter, the northern region needs heating

But Douyu is belligerent, so each fish tank can only keep one. If your fish tank is big enough, you can also put two or three hundred fish tanks and decorate them with grass carp and sunken wood. In this way, it is a very beautiful fish tank!

10. Kissing fish

Kissing fish is easy to raise, as long as it is raised according to the growth characteristics of kissing fish, fish tank: adult kissing fish body length can reach 20-30 cm, so the best tank size is about 90.

Water temperature: kissing fish do not have high requirements for water quality, and can clean the aquarium! It is best to control the water temperature between 18 and 30 ℃, and a thermostat is required in winter. Feed: kissing fish have miscellaneous food habits, so they can be fed with bread worms, broken earthworms and artificial feed.

What is the difference between silver arowana and platinum arowana?

First of all, silver arowana is very common in the market, and the price is low, so it is the best choice for mixed culture to make sandbags! The skin color of fish has a silver color that belongs to metal, which is different from the snow white of platinum arowana! And the size of platinum arowana is similar to that of golden arowana and Red Arowana, which is much bigger and thicker than silver arowana!

The silver arowana is shown below:

Platinum arowana, also known as "white dragon", is a unique white individual type. The field of ornamental fish is called albino, and some arowana magazines are called platinum. The fish is snow-white and slightly transparent, the whole body is plain and clean, without the slightest melanin, it is particularly elegant.

What's the name of the silver-white ornamental fish with a long pointed mouth?

The silver dragon may be silver dragon, but the silver dragon mouth is not sharp, so the landlord had better upload a picture for identification. Or can Baidu Qingsen Aquarium, there is a fish encyclopedia, I hope it will be helpful to you.

This is the end of the introduction of the big picture of the white silver arowana and the color of the silver dragon. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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