White floc grows on guppy (white floc on guppy what disease)


White floc grows on guppy

White floc grows on guppy (white floc on guppy what disease) Malaysia aquarium

This article will talk about the white floc on the guppy body, and the relevant information on what disease the white floc on the guppy corresponds to. I hope it will help you. Don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglong fish farm.

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Something with white fur on a guppy.

It seems to be a white problemWhite floc grows on guppy, can be soaked with oxytetracycline isolation pathogens for water moldWhite floc grows on guppywater mildewWhite floc grows on guppyWhite trouble. Elevate the water temperature, adjust the water quality, use furacilin, Potassium permanganate and so on to its effect

Peacock got water mould, white furry thing grew on fin, how should treat! Sincerely ask for advice! Hurry!


(1) Dissolve 0.3 g of malachite green or methylene blue in 100 kg of water, soak fish for 10--20 minutes, and after a few days, mycelium can be seen to fall off, and soon restore the original color. When malachite green solution with concentration of 0.02ppm is sprinkled into fish tank, it has certain curative effect on preventing fish eggs from mildewing.

(2) Salt and baking soda each 250 grams mixed dissolved in 100*55*45CM aquarium, adhere to several times, the effect is significant. Because tropical fish are very sensitive to salt, no matter what kind of disease, after washing or sprinkling with salt water, the symptoms will be relieved after a few days.

(3) Sprinkling with 0.3ppm formaldehyde solution can inhibit the breeding of mold. It also has a certain effect on skin mold.

(4) 15 watt ultraviolet lamp installed at the top of 100*55*45CM aquarium, irradiated for several hours a day, can effectively inhibit or eliminate the breeding of water mold. Soaking in methylene blue solution or placing the diseased fish in a 1% saline or penicillin solution is also effective.

Hydromycetes are the most famous aquatic bacteria in Bathymycosis. Most of them grow on the corpses or debris of animals and plants, but there are also some kinds of parasites on the wounds and eggs of fish, which become the major harm of fishery.

Hydromycetes are generally composed of two different forms of filamentous hyphae inside and outside. The inner hyphae have many slender branches and spread inside the plant, like the roots of higher plants, which have the function of absorbing nutrients; the outer hyphae have few branches and strong contact substrates, forming gray cotton floc visible to the naked eye.

I raise guppy fish tank old white fluffy things are sick?

There are many reasons for this.White floc grows on guppyof:

1. Water pollution caused by overfeedingWhite floc grows on guppyviral bacterial infection.

2. Excessive temperature differenceWhite floc grows on guppyToo much pH fluctuation can cause such diseases.

3. Genetic inheritance. Your fish may have had this disease.


1. Feed 1 - 2 times a day and change water 15%-20% daily.

2. Clean fish tanks and fishing gear once a week. Disinfect fish with low concentrations of Potassium Permanganate.

3. Do not mix the fish bought from outside with the fish in your own aquarium to avoid the inflow of foreign germs.

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