What kind of fish is the white arowana (what is the name of the silver fish)


What kind of fish is the white Arowana

What kind of fish is the white arowana (what is the name of the silver fish) Malaysia aquarium

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How to identify the species of silver arowana?

Identification of silver arowanaWhat kind of fish is the white arowanaThe method ofWhat kind of fish is the white arowana:

1. It is not difficult to identify the male and female of silver arowana.What kind of fish is the white arowanaThe main difference is thatWhat kind of fish is the white arowanaThe ventral fin tip of male fish is long, and the abdomen of female fish is swollen when they are sexually mature.

2. The female fish can see a beautiful A word on the cheek, and the arrow part is shorter than the male fish, while the male fish is just the opposite, the A word is irregular, and the arrow part is also longer. And the whole head of the female fish looks smaller than the male fish, because the male fish contains eggs, so the head is slightly larger. This is the first point.

3. The body size (full length) of arowana. Male fish of the same age are longer than female fish, although it is limited by the size of the sink and the environment, but the average family is set to 1800 by 600,900 or so. On this occasion, the growth rate and size of males and females will be very different. There is no difference in the growth rate from 15cm to 20cm, but the growth rate of female fish slows down significantly at the beginning of 35cm. It is possible to lay eggs around 38cm, and there are also examples of spawning.

Here is a clear concept, the fish is very fat does not mean very big, here is in terms of length. Many dragon friends have this experience, dragon fish eat very normal, and Feed high-nutrition high-grade food every day, but Ailong length is very slow, on the contrary, the weight is increasing, the width is increasing, this kind of occasion is very likely to be female fish. So here is also a wake-up call, do not feed too much so that your favorite fish hyperlipidemia.

4. It is difficult to Distinguish between male and female of Little Silver Dragon, and there is no successful individual reproduction of each other in China.

Double-whisker hyoid fish (scientific name: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum), also known as silver arowana, distributed in the Amazon River Basin, is an important catch and one of the main ornamental fish, and is very popular in Asia due to fengshui demand.

The silver dragon fish has a long band-shaped body, a flat side, a fan-shaped tail, and a belt-shaped dorsal and anal fins, extending back to the base of the caudal stalk. The lower jaw is protruding than the upper jaw, with a pair of short, thick whiskers.

Five rows of large scales are arranged neatly on its broad fish body, flashing silver light in the light. Each fin reflects a bright red or orange luster in the light. The body color of juvenile fish is blue; both dorsal and anal fins have red-blue edges. The edge of the golden dragon scale is golden yellow, and each fin is golden red. The body color of the red dragon is golden, the edge of the scale is golden red, the mouth and operculum have crimson plaques, and each fin is crimson. Silver dragon body is silver-white, black dragon body color is silver-white and slightly bluish purple, each fin is basket black. Arowana can be up to 50 centimeters long.

What is the difference between silver arowana and platinum arowana?

First of all, silver arowana is very common in the market, and the price is low, so it is the best choice for mixed culture to make sandbags! The skin color of fish has a silver color that belongs to metal, which is different from the snow white of platinum arowana! And the size of platinum arowana is similar to that of golden arowana and Red Arowana, which is much bigger and thicker than silver arowana!

The silver arowana is shown below:

Platinum arowana, also known as "white dragon", is a unique white individual type. The field of ornamental fish is called albino, and some arowana magazines are called platinum. The fish is snow-white and slightly transparent, the whole body is plain and clean, without the slightest melanin, it is particularly elegant.

What kind of fish does the silver dragon fish belong to and how to raise it?

Silver arowana is a large freshwater fish. Their scientific name is double-whisker-bone hyoid fish, and their adult body length is between 50 and 70 centimeters, but wild arowana can grow up to about 120 centimeters. Their upper jaw is longer and can cover the lower jaw. The fish scales are silver and sparkling in the water. Silver arowana mainly live in tropical rivers and lakes, originated in South America and Africa, they like to live in still water, often in the upper water bushes. What kind of fish does silver arowana belong to

Silver arowana belongs to freshwater tropical fish, and their scientific name is double-whisker hyoid fish. Adult silver arowana body length is between 50-70 cm, there are also some larger, adult body length can reach about 120 cm. The jaw of the silver arowana is relatively long and can completely cover the jaw. Their fish scales are metallic silver and have a sparkling effect when swimming in the water.

Their origins are the Amazon Basin in South America, the Nile Basin in Africa, and Papua New Guinea in Australia. Mainly live in still water, like to move in the upper water plants.

Second, how to raise silver arowana

1, water temperature: silver arowana on the water temperature requirements are relatively high, artificial breeding, the need to use a heating rod, the water temperature between 24-32 ℃. Different growth stages, they like the water temperature is also different. The silver arowana in its infancy likes the higher water temperature and is most comfortable in the water temperature between 28 and 32 ℃. When they reach adulthood, they are most suitable to live in water temperatures between 24 and 28 ℃.

2. water quality: silver arowana likes clean and refreshing Water quality, and breeders need to keep the pH between 6.5 and 7.5. It usually takes 3-5 days to change the water, and the amount of water each time needs to be controlled at 1/3 of the total water volume.

3. feeding: silver dragon fish are carnivorous animals, breeders can feed them some small fish, shrimp, Loach, tadpoles, red worms, bread worms, lean meat, animal offal and so on. You can also feed some synthetic feed to ensure their nutritional balance.

What is the difference between golden arowana and silver arowana? How to raise silver arowana?

Silver arowana is a species native to South America.What kind of fish is the white arowanaThe large ornamental fish, whose whole body is silvery white, is relatively flat and long, and likes to swim in the upper layer of the water. There is also a species of fish called golden arowana in life, and their names are similar, so they are often compared, but some people say that they are the same kind of fish, so what is the truth?

What is the difference between golden arowana and silver arowana

1. Golden arowana is one of the only few paleofish left today. The length of adult arowana is 40cm to 50cm and its life span can reach several decades. The edge of the golden dragon scale is golden yellow, and each fin is golden red. The body color of the red dragon is golden, the edge of the scale is golden red, the mouth and operculum have crimson plaques, and each fin is crimson. Golden dragons have a stronger temperament than red dragon fish, mainly hunting live fish and shrimp, aquatic bugs and even frogs, centipedes, especially cockroaches.

2. Silver arowana is quite common in the market, and the silver belt has a very slender and thin figure. The position of the mouth is above, and the cleft extends to the posterior edge of the eye socket. The lower noise is more prominent than the upper jaw, and there are several linear lateral organs side by side in front. There are a pair of tentacles at the end of the snout. In the wild individuals who swim in the natural environment, the tentacles of adult fish can extend to 3-4cm, but the individuals under artificial feeding can only grow to 1-2cm due to growth hindrance. The silver dragon's dorsal fin tail fin is very long from the middle of the fish to the tail, while other dragons form the upper and lower part of the tail.What kind of fish is the white arowanaWith the mistress's tail, the dragon beard is also different.

How to raise silver arowana

1. When the new silver arowana is bought back, the air pump in the Fish tank has to run for at least 24 hours to completely eradicate chlorine in the water. If you always use a biofilter, it is best to have the water reach a pH of 6-7 and a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

2. Add small salt to the fish tank (approximately 1 or 2 teaspoons to every 5 gallons or 20 liters of water) to reduce the risk of fungal attacks and make the fish healthy and boost its appetite.

3. If there are conditions, it is best to get water from the original tank of the new fish to return to your own tank (if there is no problem with the water in the original tank), and it is best to take back 1 stroke 3, so as to facilitate the adverse reactions of the new fish to sudden changes in the environment. It is recommended that arowana be raised from an early age.

4. Because the arowana is a large fish, the fish tank is at least 1.5 meters long, 0.5 meters wide and 0.7 meters high. Fish tank must be capped, arowana belongs to the upper swimming fish, like to jump, in order to avoid no one jumped out of the tank and suffocated to death.

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Silver arowana species

Silver arowana

Silver arowana (details) because of its resemblance to ancient timesWhat kind of fish is the white arowanaThe dragon, and the scales all over the body are named after silver. The young silver arowana is bluer and reflects a lot of light when it swims in the water. Silver arowana is a large ornamental fish with an adult body length of up to 90ml / 100cm.

Chinese scientific nameWhat kind of fish is the white arowanaSilver arowana

Latin scientific nameWhat kind of fish is the white arowana: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum

Another name: double-whisker hyoid fish

Kingdom: animal kingdom

Phylum: vertebrate phylum

Subphylum: vertebrate subphylum

Family: orthopedic pharynx fishes

Distribution: Amazon and Guyana

Body length of adult fish: 90ml 100cm

What kind of fish is this?

Is it from Naruto? This mouth is very much like silver arowana in color.What kind of fish is the white arowanaTake a look at the picture.

Double whisker hyoid fish (scientific name)What kind of fish is the white arowana: Osteoglossum bicirrhosum): also known as silver arowana. The body length of adult fish is between 50 and 70 cm, and the maximum length can be 120 cm. It is a medium and large freshwater fish. The body is in a banded shape. The cleft mouth is obviously oblique, the lower jaw covers the upper jaw, and the lower jaw has a pouch-like structure that can be used to hatch larvae. A pair of jaws. The eyes are big and flexible. The scale is large, the outer edge of the scale is pink and orange and gradually fades as it grows. The anal fin extends from the back of the anus to the caudal stalk, and the dorsal fin is slightly shorter than the anal fin. The body is lengthened and flattened laterally. Lateral position above the mouth. A pair of kisses. The head and operculum have large plate-like bones, which are honeycomb-like and can be used to breathe external air. The dorsal fin and anal fin are longer and are located at the back of the rest. Large pectoral fins. The ventral fin is located behind the pectoral fin. The caudal fin is short. The body is covered with large scales, which are pink in semicircle shape. Silver-white body, and contains blue, cyan and other light mixed colors, sparkling.

Live in tropical rivers and lakes, like to be quiet, usually swim in a grassy environment, can quickly attack when prey, and feed on fish, shrimp and shellfish. 6-8 years old reached sexual maturity. Widely distributed in South America, the Amazon River Basin and its tributaries, rich in ethnic groups.

This is the end of the introduction of what kind of fish the white arowana is. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about what the silver fish is called and what the white arowana is, don't forget to look for it on this site.


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