Video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played (video of mixed culture of arowana and tiger fish is played)


The video of mixed culture of Arowana and goby is played.

Video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played (video of mixed culture of arowana and tiger fish is played) Malaysia aquarium

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of the playback of the video of mixed culture of arowana and Tiger fish, which will also explain the playback of the video of mixed culture of arowana and tiger fish. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglongyu Farm. Let's start now!

The contents of this article:

Can tiger Fish be mixed with arowana?

Yes, that's great. I suggest you raise a golden dragon with a back and match it with a Thai tiger. Dragon and tiger are good for fengshui, and your career will rise with a wide range of wealth.

Raise arowana, how to raise goby fish tank

In the mixed culture of goby and arowana, it is very important to choose the size of arowana and goby mixed culture. Some netizens have suggested that the best standard for "tiger and dragon match" is that the body length of Tiger fish is 1/5 of that of dragon fish. Of course, some breeders will choose 1/4 of the proportion to mix arowana and Tiger fish in order to be more safe and safe. Moreover, the goby is a very shy fish, the smaller it is, the more shy it is, so it is also not recommended to raise those very small tiger fish for trial or mixed culture. Of course, before the goby enters the tank, it is necessary to feed the arowana and let the tiger adapt to the new tank so as to avoid being bitten as soon as it is launched, affecting the state of the goby.

The environment of mixed culture of tiger fish and arowana is very important. Tiger fish to the water quality requirements, to exceed the arowana, so to maintain good water quality is the premise, is the arowana and tiger fish really lively.

The mixed culture of goby and arowana also requires special attention in feeding. Just invited back the tiger, do not feed too much, otherwise it is easy to cause water quality deterioration and the occurrence of enteritis. There are many arowana and tiger fish at the intersection of feeding, such as small fish, shrimp, etc., be careful not to be too large, be sure to remove the scales and internal organs of the fish before feeding, and remove the shrimp sword of the shrimp to prevent stabbing the stomach of the arowana and tiger fish. But can not feed beef, because the fiber of beef is relatively thick, arowana is difficult to digest. For those who are worried about the food that the tiger fish cannot grab, they can first feed the arowana. After the arowana is full, it will not compete with the tiger fish for food. Moreover, the tiger fish may not be able to grab the food at the initial stage of mixed culture, but when it is stable, the tiger fish will take the initiative to hunt for food.

Although mixed culture of goby and arowana is a good choice, fish tanks can also be mixed with rays if allowed.

Arowana and what kind of fish mixed culture is the best, matters needing attention

Arowana can be mixed with goby, parrot fish, crown fish, rays, fairy fish and so on. The arowana is fierce and aggressive. Parrot fish and tiger fish belong to the middle and lower classes.The video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played.Fish, mixed with arowana, are not prone to conflict. Crown three fish has a strong ability to recover, even if bitten, it can recover quickly, so it is more suitable for raising together. In mixed farming, breeders should make sure that food, space and oxygen are adequate. What is the best mixed culture of arowana and arowana

Arowana is large and not suitable for group farming, but many breeders think that raising only one arowana is too monotonous, so they will choose some other fish to mix together. The fish that are more suitable for mixed culture with arowana are parrot fish, tiger fish, crown fish and so on.

Parrot fish is a medium-sized fish, they are lively and lovely, strong ornamental, and most of their colors are red, mixed with arowana, the ornamental effect can be improved. In addition, the parrot fish is a lower-layer fish, which does not conflict with the activity area of the arowana.

Tiger fish's character is more fierce, can compete with arowana, and they are also in the middle and lower levels of activity, generally will not produce too much conflict.

Crown three fish have lower requirements on the environment and are easier to raise. Coupled with their strong resilience, if they are accidentally bitten by arowana, they can recover quickly.

II. Matters needing attention in arowana mixed culture

1. Sufficient oxygenThe video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played.Arowana has a high demand for oxygen, and breeders need to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the fish tank. Otherwise, arowana may attack other fish or jump into the tank.

2. Ample spaceThe video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played.The arowana is large, and the fish mixed with them are also relatively large. Breeders need to ensure that there is enough space around them in order to avoid fights.

3. Plenty of foodThe video of mixed culture of arowana and goby is played.Although arowana is omnivorous, they still prefer meat. Breeders should feed them separately according to the habits of different fish. The amount of feed should also be larger to avoid fights.

Flying wind fish, dragon fish, tiger fish, big mouth fish, what kind of fish is the big mouth fish in the video?

According to the video searched on the Internet, the big-mouthed fish points to the scientific name of the red-tailed head guard.

Phractocephalus fishes of the genus Pimelodidae of the family Siluridae

The following picture shows the red-tailed head guard "Phractocephalus hemioliopterus", commonly known as: rich cat fish, paparazzi whale, pillow catfish, red-tailed cat, red-tailed duck bill

The body is elongated, wide and flat. There are six pairs of snow-white and noble white beards at the top and bottom of the mouth, one of which is longer and often stretches forward. There are basically three colors of the fish: the gray-black on the back, the snow-white on the abdomen, and the orange-red tail fin. And the boundary is very clear, the head and snout is very large, a white line extends from the snout to the tail, the tail and dorsal fins are rouge, the other fins are blue-black, elegant posture. The upper part of the orbit is white, forming half a white circle. The adult fish is 70cm long and 100cm long.

So much for the introduction of the video playback of arowana and tiger fish mixed culture. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about the playback of arowana and tiger fish mixed culture video, don't forget to find it on this site.


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