What species are there in North America?


What species of Fish exist in North America?

What species are there in North America? Malaysia aquarium

This site is a website about the aquarium industry, this article introduces what species North America has, and what species North America has corresponding information, I hope to help fish friends, thank you for paying attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

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Why does alligator gar, which originated in North America, appear in many places in China? What kind of fish is this?

As far as I know, why does alligator gar, which originated in North America, appear in many places in China? What kind of fish is this? The answer to this question is probably:

1. North American Fierce Fish,"Foreign Monk"

As we all know, the crocodile gar native to North America is a popular "ornamental fish", but I see that the fish does not have a trace of intelligence and cute, but the fish is strong, the length can reach three meters, the character is extremely fierce, the skin is rough and thick, the scales are tough, the appetite is huge, and it is not picky. And the eggs are poisonous. It could be said that it evolved in nature and was very invincible. Fortunately, there are many predators in the original living area of this fish. Such a ruthless character, in the local area, also crocodile lunch,

However, along with the introduction of this fish into the country, it has been sought after by many people. For a long time, the high-yield fry of this fish can often be sold at a very high price in the market. Then this fish began to live a life of luxury in our country and became a "foreign monk" in many people's fish tanks.

2, strange mentality, ignorance is not responsible

Therefore, people let the young fish of this fish live freely in a wide fish tank and enjoy the treatment of a low-quality fish tank shark. However, just like the living habits of this fish, raising it means a lot of money. Once it grows to three meters, then this fish with strong vitality and long life span cannot be raised by anyone. Not only that, as this fish grows, its young and weak likability and novelty also gradually decline. And many of them were abandoned.

Therefore, there are irresponsible people, has been released in the name, like dumping garbage, discarded in the nearby waters. Say,"Amitabha," and leave. I watched this fish, which has no natural enemies in our country, disappear into the vast waters. Therefore, the existence of such a situation, these years often in some waters, frequently appear in the crocodile gar figure. It's causing a local ecological deterioration.

What kind of fish is money fish?

The money fish is called the pincer fish, and it is the dominant catfish species in North America. It has a long body, a wide front half and a dark gray overall. Its body surface was smooth, without scales, and it had a lot of mucus. Most of them live in large and medium-sized rivers with pollution-free water.

extension information

1. brood incubation period

During the breeding period of parent fish, 4~5-year-old fish with strong physique and good growth performance should be selected as parent fish, and the ratio of male to female should be 1:1. 60~80 parent fish per mu, about 150~200 kg. In winter, as long as the water temperature is above 10 ° C, you need to Feed some feed.

After the beginning of spring, the feeding amount was gradually increased. In order to raise the temperature of broodstock pond, lower the water level properly and strengthen washing.

2. fry cultivation period

2 to 3 days after hatching, fry can be temporarily raised. The pond is preferably a cement pond of 1 square meter to 2 square meters, and 10,000 to 15,000 fry can be temporarily raised per square meter. After 5~6 days of temporary cultivation, the fry can be transferred to a special pond to cultivate summer flower fish species at a depth of 0.7 m ~1m. Apply base fertilizer after poison disappears. Before entering the pool for disinfection, bathe fry with 8g/m3 copper sulfate solution. The mobile cement pond can hold 8000 seedlings per cubic meter, and the soil pond can hold 50000 to 80000 seedlings per mu.

2~3 days after the fry out of the pool, generally do not need bait, late feeding artificial feed. The main ingredients of artificial feed are fish meal, corn meal, soybean meal, vitamins and minerals. etc., and the protein content is required to be 35%~40%. During this period, new water should be frequently injected and filtered, and dissolved oxygen in water should be maintained at more than 4mg/L. 20 days or so, fry can grow into about 4 cm of summer flower fish species.

3. Feeding period of fish species

Fish ponds should be 3~5 mu, water depth 1.3~1.5 meters. There are two ways of stocking: main culture and mixed culture. The main cultivation mu has 6000-8000 summer flowers, silver carp summer flowers about 1000;

There are 1000~2000 summer flowers, 2000 summer silver carp, 500 summer bighead carp and 1000~1200 summer grass carp in the mixed culture mu.

The bait is mainly artificial feed, plus a small amount of organic fertilizer, feeding once in the morning and once in the afternoon. During cultivation, pay attention to water injection or water change to improve water quality.

4. Feeding period of adult fish

It is still a pond culture, with an area of 3~6 mu and a water depth of 1.5~2 meters.

China's feed processing raw materials are mainly fish meal, soybean meal, wheat flour, corn flour and so on. The water temperature of floating feed is above 15 ° C; the water temperature of sinking feed is below 15°C. Feed twice a day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. There are many diseases and prevention must be the main focus. In addition to regular disinfection, but also insist on not feeding spoiled feed, regular drug prevention. Enterosepsis is a common disease that can be treated by adding 0.18 kg oxytetracycline per 100 kg of feed. To prevent oral filariasis and filariasis, fish should be soaked in 8g/m2 of copper sulfate for 15-20 minutes.

The difference between catfish and shuttle fish

A lot of people are eating fish.What species of fish exist in North America?like to eat catfish.What species of fish exist in North America?But now there are fish similar to catfish on the market. Its name is shuttle fish.

The shuttle fish is different from the catfish in origin. The shuttle fish is an aquatic fish in North America. This fish isWhat species of fish exist in North America?Also known locally as the pincer cat, it is one of the local people's favorite aquatic fish.What species of fish exist in North America?It is also very rare in other parts of the world, but catfish is a kind of aquatic fish that is very common all over the world. Most of it lives in fresh water. The meat is very thick and there are no fish bones.

Except for the difference in their origin, there was no obvious difference between shuttle fish and catfish in other aspects. Moreover, from the classification point of view, shuttle fish belonged to one of the catfish species and was a very unique existence in the catfish family. Their appearance and characteristics were similar to their nutritional components. Moreover, when they were eaten again, they had the effect of replenishing deficiency and strengthening body.

Catfish's appearance is with a lot of mucus, its mouth is also surrounded by four to six fins, and although the shuttle fish looks very similar to catfish, but shuttle fish color is darker than catfish color, skin is particularly dirty, head words only bone.

Shuttle edge fish, can play a spleen and water, but also can play a ventilation detumescence and so on, for beriberi, hemorrhoids, earache, trachoma are a certain dietotherapy role, at the same time to prolactin blood treatment chronic nephritis, prevent tuberculosis is very beneficial, is a fish suitable for all ages.

Catfish words are not like it is still very rich in nutrition, but its meat is very tender, there are a lot of protein and fat, malnutrition of the population has a very good therapeutic effect, catfish is prolactin food Jiapin, and has an appetizing, diuretic effect. It is a kind of food that pregnant women must eat after childbirth. This is the difference between catfish and shuttle fish. They are both delicious fish.

This is the end of the introduction to what species exist in North America and what species exist in North America. Do you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to follow this site.


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