How to feed the arowana (how to feed the arowana)


Is the Arowana easy to Feed? how to raise it?

How to feed the arowana (how to feed the arowana) Malaysia aquarium

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of how to feed the arowana, which will also explain how to feed the arowana. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglongyu Farm.

The contents of this article:

The feeding method of arowana

How to raise arowana

1. Choose the most suitable breed and avoid blindly pursuing the price.

At present, the pricing standard of arowana is: the more scarce the variety is, the higher the price is, but it does not rule out the existence of speculation. Now the most expensive arowana species should belong to the arowana and Blood Red Arowana, when in fact there are false high ingredients, because the hybrid species selection is very easy. If it is raised by the family, it is very appropriate to choose silver arowana for breeding.

2. Choose the right Fish tank

The bravery of arowana is relatively small, and many arowana are easy to fight with each other when raised together, so arowana must be given a larger space for movement, or raised independently. For the more expensive arowana species, it is recommended to buy fish tanks to raise them separately, and it is best to buy intelligent fish tanks, try not to choose ordinary Fish tanks.

3. Keep the Water temperature and water quality suitable

Arowana is a freshwater fish that mainly lives in the tropics and subtropics, and the most suitable water temperature for them to grow is about 28 ℃, so the pet owner needs to keep the water temperature around 28 ℃ all the year round, which is why it is recommended to use a smart fish tank for breeding, which is convenient to control and keep the water temperature appropriate. In addition, it is also necessary to ensure that the Water quality is clean, so as not to cause skin diseases in arowana due to poor water quality. In addition, usually when changing water for the water tank, it should be carried out step by step and step by step, so as to prevent the arowana from feeling uncomfortable or sick due to changes in the environment.

4. Choose suitable feeding bait.

Many arowana breeders use common bait to feed arowana, but in fact this is wrong. Dragons prefer to eat live animals, and breeders can use small fish and shrimp and small earthworms for feeding. Feed the arowana at a fixed time every morning and evening, according to the size of the arowana, do not overfeed the arowana to cause obesity. For arowana leftover bait, we should pay attention to timely fishing out, so as not to pollute the water quality.

5. Daily protection and management

The arowana is timid and can be easily frightened. Once the arowana is frightened, it will reduce its activity and curl up in a place of the water tank for a long time. So usually family members or home guests, when watching the arowana should avoid the action is too big and too close to watch the arowana, in case the arowana is frightened. In addition, when multiple arowana are raised together, arowana are prone to fight each other or hit the tank, resulting in damage to their whiskers or skin scales, which will seriously affect their aesthetics. Breeders should choose whether or not to raise arowana independently according to their own situation.

6. do a good job in the prevention and treatment of skin diseases.

The quality of the water quality has a direct impact on the health of the arowana, which is easy to suffer from skin diseases in the case of poor water quality, so breeders must change the water in time according to the water quality in the water tank and pay attention to the tap water used for replacement. it should be put in the sun half a day in advance before it can be poured into the water tank, and pay attention to a small amount of replacement step by step, which can be completed in half a month.

This is the end of Dr. claw's introduction to the breeding methods of arowana. I hope this sharing can help you take better care of arowana.

The Culture method of dragon fish and the matters needing attention in raising dragon fish

Water temperature: arowana requires high water temperature. Breeders need to keep the water temperature at 28-30 ℃ to ensure that they can live a normal life. Water quality: arowana likes weakly acidic water, and breeders need to keep the pH between 6.5 and 7.5. Feeding: dragonfish like animal feed, breeders can usually feed them some small fish, shrimp, red worms, lean meat and so on. Oxygen: to raise arowana, you also need to install an oxygen pump to ensure that they have enough oxygen. I. Culture methods of arowana

1. Water temperature: arowana is a tropical fish and likes a higher water temperature. When farmed, the water temperature needs to be kept between 28 and 30 ℃. If possible, it is best to install a heating rod to keep the water temperature constant.

2, water quality: arowana prefer weakly acidic water, breeders had better adjust the PH value to 6.5-7.5. They like clean and refreshing water quality, breeders had better change water every 3-5 days, each time the amount of water change can be controlled at 1/4 of the total water quantity.

3. Feeding: dragonfish like animal feed, breeders can give them more live bait, such as small fish, shrimp, Loach, tadpoles, water fleas and so on. You can also feed some red worms, protein worms, yellow powder worms, lean meat, animal offal and so on. The nutrition content of these foods is relatively high, which can provide sufficient nutrition for the growth and development of dragon fish.

4. Oxygen: although arowana is not a high oxygen-consuming fish, they also need more oxygen than other fish. Breeders need to keep enough dissolved oxygen in the water in order to avoid lack of oxygen.

Matters needing attention in raising arowana

1. Ample space: arowana is large in size, and breeders need to ensure that their living space is sufficient in the process of breeding. Only in this way can the arowana grow and develop better.

2. Reasonable feeding: the feeding frequency of arowana is also different at different stages and different water temperatures, and the breeders need to decide the feeding frequency according to their actual situation and the state of eating.

How do you raise arowana?

The arowana has a long barrel-shaped body, slightly flattened on the side, with a body length of about 80 centimeters, and its dorsal and anal fins are symmetrical all the way to the caudal stalk. Arowana is difficult to raise, need to have perfect facilities and equipment, and need a larger aquarium.

Like to live in weak acid soft water, the suitable water temperature is 24 ~ 28 ℃, and the feed is mainly small fish, shrimp and other animal live bait. When frightened will jump, easy to jump out of the cylinder or bruised, so in the feeding process, should avoid alarm, and cover the fish tank with nets.

When you first raise arowana, you should prepare a fish tank of the corresponding size. Inject tap water in advance, dry and blow for 3 to 5 days (here we will no longer talk about how to raise water), set the water temperature to about 28 degrees, and you can invite arowana.

When the newly invited dragon fish comes back into the tank, open the plastic bag containing the dragon first. Soak it in the tank water for 5 minutes for 10 minutes, and then open the bag after the water temperature inside and outside the bag is adjusted. First put a small part of the water in the tank into the bag, let the arowana in the bag slowly adapt to the water quality in the tank (water quality refers to the PH value and hardness of the water), and then slowly put the arowana in the bag into the water.

Extended data

Arowana prey ferociously, eating habits are also very miscellaneous. All kinds of insects, fish and shrimps, meat pieces and animal offal are good food for dragon fish. Most people like to feed live food, such as small fish, Loach and so on.

It is believed that live food grows quickly, but when small fish flee quickly in the water, the arowana often bump into the glass wall and break its beard; sometimes several arowana collide strongly with each other when chasing the same prey, causing damage.

Is the arowana easy to raise? is the arowana easy to raise?

1. The arowana is actually easy to take care of, but we should also pay attention to the usual feeding and pay more attention to the state of the dragon.

2, pay attention to the temperature, keep 27 degrees-30 degrees 2 / change water frequently, although it is often said that dragons like sour water (old water), but from experience, changing water often plays a very good role in the prevention and treatment of disease, body color and state. The high-end arowana, which is like the mouth of the fish merchant, changes water at least 1PUB5 every day. And frequent change of water is conducive to the stability of PH. It is suggested that the water should be changed twice a week, and each time the total water body should be changed by 1 stroke, 5-1 stroke 4, so that the total water body can be renewed once a month. Especially remind you not to use the water from the gas water heater when changing water in winter, which is harmful to the fish.

3. Pay attention to feeding. Keep the principle of a small number of meals and feed only 7 percent a day. Do not believe that feeding live insects is good for the body color of fish. (the hair color of dragons is good or bad, 80% depends on the pedigree of parent fish.) the staple food is shrimp and small fish as far as possible, and insects are used as snacks only once a week.

4, usually pay more attention to the state of the dragon, normally the dragon will swim in the middle and upper water layer, if the dragon climb the bottom of the cylinder, wipe the cylinder, refuse to eat and other abnormal conditions, do not take it lightly, to find a way to treat it as soon as possible. At ordinary times, adding appropriate raw salt when changing water is good for preventing fish diseases.

Is the arowana easy to feed? how to treat the arowana if it is sick?

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more people like to keep some fish at home, and arowana is very popular because of its high appreciation. So is the arowana easy to feed? How should dragon fish be treated when he is ill? Let's take a look.

Is the arowana easy to feed?

Arowana is actually a kind of ornamental fish that is easy to raise. The reason why most fish friends think that it is not easy to raise is because it is more expensive. It will be taken for granted that it is not easy to raise, and fish shop owners may not know everything.

How to treat a slight illness if the arowana is sick (the filter is reasonable)

Why arowana get sick must have something to do with the deterioration of water quality. Fish tank filtration is very important (physical filtration + biochemical filtration). As the saying goes, fish culture first raises water, water is the key, do not use medicine as far as possible without medical treatment, the medicine will damage the nitrifying bacteria in the water, first trap the water (tap water into a bucket, sun exposure or oxygen for 24 hours to remove harmful substances in the water, heat the temperature in the water. The temperature in the fish tank should also be heated near two degrees), then change the water in the fish tank by 1/3 or 1/4, change it three times in a row, then add nitrifying bacteria (buy some high-end ones) and turn on the germicidal lamp for three hours a day to observe the state of the fish for a few days. If there is a marked improvement, maintain this state. If it still fails to add fish salt in proportion, turn on the germicidal lamp in the bottom filter for three hours a day! Watching the arowana status.

Serious illness

Beginners need to consult experts, if the arowana has parasites (inside and outside), this situation had better put the arowana into the treatment tank (conditions permit), if not can only be treated in the main tank, buy British white film (true or false, their own identification), according to the proportion into the fish tank, see that the arowana state is better, slowly use the above method to change water!

How does Zhengxi arowana grow well?

1, open the tank: first of all, to buy a larger fish tank, put excessive potassium permanganate for filtration, normal soak for more than 30 hours, and then empty the water, re-pour into the new water, wash the tank, be sure to wash the edge clip clean in flushing, this step can release water about 2-3 times.

2, mainly for the bottom filter tank, the ordinary bottom filter tank should be divided into four compartments: the first grid is to place the rattan surface, the top is a layer of biochemical cotton, which can absorb the residue, and the second grid and the third grid are the bacterial houses. generally, the fishers who raise political tin arowana can place ceramic rings. The last box is to put the pump, and a simple and suitable circulatory system is formed.

3. Aquaculture: the newly released water should first increase the amount of dissolved oxygen, which can make the arowana very vivid. If conditions permit, you can put nitrifying bacteria in the bottom filter tank, and put some shrimp in biochemical cotton to supply food to nitrifying bacteria. Some other ornamental fish can also be mixed, such as small koi, mandarin and other mild ornamental fish. Ammonia in the exudated feces can be used as food for nitrifying bacteria, which is conducive to the development of nitrifying bacteria. In about 15 days, fish friends will find that the water in the tank is very clear, confirming that the water has been raised.

How to raise arowana? how to breed live arowana?

The methods of raising fish are as followsIs the arowana easy to feed? how to raise it?:

1. Raise water before raising fishIs the arowana easy to feed? how to raise it?Only good water qualityIs the arowana easy to feed? how to raise it?Is suitable for the growth of fish. Novice fish farmers, do not rush to buy fish after buying a good fish tank, you need to put tap water for 7 to 10 days, drip some fish maintenance drugs into the fish tank, and then buy fish for stocking.

2. When buying fish, attention should be paid to the selection of fish species. Due to the different degree of tenderness and character of fish species, different fish species are matched together, and if they are not selected properly, they will often bite each other, resulting in fish casualties. Therefore, fish with similar temperament should be raised together.

3. When feeding fish, we must pay attention to reduce feeding, once a day, generally according to the number of fish to eat 2-3 minutes is appropriate. Also pay attention to the density of fish culture, give the fish enough living space. If you find that there is some turbidity in the fish tank, or when the fish has more feces, put in digestive bacteria and turn on the filter for another hour 10 minutes later, the fish tank will become clean.Is the arowana easy to feed? how to raise it?The water quality will also become better.

4. The saddest thing about fish farming is the dead fish, but as long as some special potions sold in the market are regularly sprinkled into the fish tank, these potions can play a role in preventing and treating diseases. In winter, fish culture should also pay attention to the water temperature. If it is tropical fish, the water temperature is generally kept between 23 ℃ and 26 ℃. Of course, a heating rod should be used to heat the water in the fish tank.

Precautions before buying fish:

First, choose healthy goldfish

Healthy fish swim in the middle and lower layers of the water body, fighting for food, swimming naturally and leisurely, and the caudal fin is clear and elegant.

Don't rush into the tank after buying the goldfish.

First put the plastic bag of fish into the fish tank for 10 to 20 minutes and then open it, let the water in the tank pour into the bag several times, and gradually mix with the original water in the bag, so that the goldfish can gradually adapt to the water temperature and water quality. If there is a light, turn off the light. Fish are quieter and less frightened in the dark.

Third, the temperature of the water cannot be changed sharply.

When buying fish, you should pay attention to the water temperature of the aquarium shop and the water temperature of your fish tank, the deviation should not be too large, generally within 4 ℃ is allowed.

4. Do not change water too much at one time

New water must be stored for a day or two. The aim is to remove part of the chlorine from the water and to make the temperature of the new water close to that of the old water.

About the arowana easy to feed? how to raise and arowana easy to feed this is the end of the introduction, do not know you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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