The body of the dragon fish hits the tank is bent (what is the reason why the dragon fish hit the fish tank)


The Arowana bends when it hits the tank.

The body of the dragon fish hits the tank is bent (what is the reason why the dragon fish hit the fish tank) Thin frame red dragon fish

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of the body bending of the arowana impact tank, which will also explain the reason why the arowana hit the fish tank. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglongyu Farm, let's start now!

The contents of this article:

How to treat the arowana jumping into a tank and its body bending?

I've had this problem before.The arowana bends when it hits the tank.If the arowana body color does not change or is not injuredThe arowana bends when it hits the tank.Oh, it's supposed to be scared.The arowana bends when it hits the tank.It is recommended to keep the lights on for more than 10 hours a day, and the water temperature will increase by more than 28 degrees. It will improve for five consecutive days.The arowana bends when it hits the tank.Fast for three days. Move gently when approaching the fish tank, so as not to frighten the Fish. Add "Yang Longling" to the tank proportionally for three days in a row.

The arowana is very skinny. Rest assured that your fish will be all right.

What if the dragon fish hits the tank?

The impact of the arowana into the tank may be caused by inadaptability to the new environment. At this timeThe arowana bends when it hits the tank.The lights should be turned off for maintenance while reducing external interruptions. It could also be caused by a sudden change in water temperature. At this point, the water temperature needs to be adjusted immediately to control the water temperature at about 28 degrees.

If not necessary, there is no need to heat up for the time being. It could also be caused by mixed breeding. At this time, the Mixed fish should be isolated from the arowana, and then keep quiet, generally a day or so the situation will be alleviated.

I. improving the environment

1. ReasonThe arowana bends when it hits the tank.If it is a newly bought arowana, because of the changeThe arowana bends when it hits the tank.Due to the environment, it is quite normal for the arowana to hit the tank. Because the arowana is more sensitive to the environment, if the culture environment is changed, it can be sensed.

2. treatment: if the arowana hits the tank caused by the environment, the lights need to be turned off immediately and the environment is quiet at the same time. Give the arowana a time to adapt to the new environment, about three days, it will be relieved. In the meantime, you need to stop feeding. Wait for the arowana to return to normal before feeding.

Second, stabilize the water temperature

1, the reason: the arowana is also very sensitive to the water temperature, if the water temperature suddenly changes, the arowana will also hit the cylinder.

2. Treatment method: adjust the water temperature immediately and keep the water temperature at about 28 degrees. During the change of season, the water temperature changes greatly. if the water temperature is too low, you can use a heating rod to keep the water temperature.

Third, separate Mixed fish

1, reason: some fish are not suitable for arowana culture together, arowana like quiet, if with more active fish culture together, arowana will be anxious, appear to hit the tank.

2. Treatment method: now the mixed fish are fished out and the arowana is maintained separately. Watch closely, if the arowana's mood begins to ease, it will not be a problem. If the condition of arowana is not alleviated, you need to see a doctor for treatment.

Reproduction method

Arowana can survive for about 18 years, and it takes a long time for them to grow and mature. Generally, it takes 6-12 years for females and 5-16 years for males to reproduce (depending on your breeding level). And not all arowana can breed in aquariums, such as arowana. There are several species of arowana, such as Silver Dragon, Red Dragon, Azure Dragon and Australian arowana, which are mainly bred in the aquarium.

Arowana and snapper are hatched fish, and they are also naturally paired fish. The arowana in nature will hatch the eggs in their mouth when they breed, and after hatching, the males will watch over the larvae. When the enemy attacks or is frightened, the parent fish will hold the larvae in their mouths until the danger has passed. This will last until the larvae can find food on their own.

In order to breed the arowana in the aquarium, first of all, the water body of the arowana should be wide, and the better breeding box had better be in the flume of 200 × 90 × 60 or 250 × 100 × 60 above 2 meters. Preparation of parent fish: because arowana have their own habit of pairing, they do not like to have artificial partners. Therefore, several young fish can be raised together (5-7 years) and paired freely.

Mature fish can also be placed on both sides of the tank, separated by a partition, and holes must be made on the partition to facilitate the water circulation on both sides. Fish will adapt to the situation here, when you find that the arowana has the phenomenon of estrus, they will remove the partition, then they will make a special rear-end action, and then will bite each other's fins, especially from the anal fin to the caudal fin.

Arowana will be frightened and jump, or collide, and even cause dragon beard to break and bleed. This kind of injury will not pose a threat to the life of arowana in a short period of time, so we should be patient. After a few days, if the two arowana begin to calm down and begin to swim slowly and lean closely together, the pairing is successful.

If you are still fighting hard, it means that the pairing is not successful, so you should check whether the paired fish is not yet mature. Is there any substance in the water that shouldn't be there? Then they are reared separately and re-paired. Discrimination of mature female and male fish: male fish generally like to show off in front of female fish, the most important thing is that male fish have a slender figure and long pectoral fins, showing crimson.

The abdomen of the female fish is full and swollen because of the eggs. The fallopian tube of the female fish protrudes during the spawning period. The vas deferens of male fish are concave. It's all the difference.

What is the reason for the bending of the arowana?

What the landlord said should be the curvature of the arowana spine. First of all, it is unlikely that the arowana will return to normal. This situation and arowana living space is too small, lack of exercise, malnutrition, and even medication errors or poor water quality may cause arowana spinal curvature. These reasons are mainly in the arowana juvenile period plays a decisive role, so when raising arowana, especially young fish should pay special attention to the above reasons, after avoiding the symptoms of spinal curvature basically will not appear.

This is the end of the introduction of the body bending of the arowana impact tank. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about the reason why the arowana hit the fish tank and the body bending of the arowana tank, don't forget to look for it on this site.


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