Does the fish tank need water plant fertilizer? is it necessary to put water plants in the fish tank?


Does the fish tank need water and grass fertilizer?

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Should the Fish tank use water grass paste?

1. It's not necessary, it mainly depends on what kind of straw tank you want to make. The simplest grass can be raised without any sediment or sand, as long as there is light and fixed water plants, such as Moss, goldfish algae, banyan and so on.

2. If you grow aquatic plants, you must use aquatic plant mud. But big fish are easy to turn over, and too much feces are difficult to clean up.

3. It can create an environment similar to natural water area. For some Fish that like alkaline water, aquatic plant mud is a better choice. Disadvantage of cement plant: the price is more expensive. Easy to pulverize and need regular maintenance.

4. Putting sand in the fish tank can purify the water quality, and the water grass mud is more suitable for the grass tank. Compared with ordinary bottom sand, aquatic grass mud can not only fix aquatic plants, but also provide certain nutrients. However, this kind of mud will be powdered over a long time, which will make the water become turbid, so it is best to replace it in time before pulverization.

5. Conditional water lifters can be used to circulate the water in the aquarium. To facilitate the distribution of heat, it is also good for the growth of aquatic plants. Bottom coral sand, coarse sand, gravel sand, dolomite and other materials are very good bottom material.

Do you need to put water plants in the fish tank? What kind of aquatic plants do you put?

It doesn't matter whether you put water plants or not. Aquatic plantDoes the fish tank need water and grass fertilizer??The role: supply oxygen: in the light, aquatic plants continue to pour oxygen into the water, and also into the bottom layer, frankly.Does the fish tank need water and grass fertilizer?No manual device can perform the same function

Does the fish tank need water and grass fertilizer?We all know that it is OK to put some aquatic plants in the fish tank.Does the fish tank need water and grass fertilizer?Because it is better for the fish, it can make more oxygen in the water at this time. At this time, the Little fish can breathe more smoothly and will swim around very quickly.

Goldfish can be matched with aquatic plants in the tank, but it is not necessary to match them. Goldfish can be raised well without aquatic plants. If you want to plant water plants in the goldfish tank to make the fish tank look more beautiful, there are many suitable water plants to choose from.

Fish tank should choose to use real water plants, some fake water plants taste heavy, and they are plastic products, which will pollute the water quality and affect the health of fish.

Aquarium aquaculture can beautify fish tanks and provide a habitat for fish.

In other words, the process of transferring water was completed in my fish tank. It's just a stone with Moss in the water. He slowly changed into an aquatic state. Generally speaking, green negative water plants are easy to take care of, water plants that do not need carbon dioxide are easy to take care of, needle-shaped leaves are easy to take care of, and red water plants are generally not easy to take care of.

Can I put water and grass fertilizer when there is fish in the aquarium?

1. Fish and fresh grass can be fertilized in the fish tank. Use base fertilizer and root fertilizer. According to the instructions, put the base fertilizer and root fertilizer interval into the bottom sand. Generally, fertilization can be maintained for 3-6 months at a time. Use liquid fertilizer. The liquid fertilizer is quantitatively extracted with a syringe fertilizer. after mixing the water from the fish tank, it is evenly injected around the fish tank water and grass.

2. No matter whether the base fertilizer is added or not, proper topdressing is very important for planting good aquatic plants. There are two kinds of common water grass topdressing fertilizer: root fertilizer (long-acting fertilizer) and liquid fertilizer (quick-acting fertilizer). As long as the products of regular manufacturers are used in accordance with the instructions, they will not adversely affect other organisms in the cylinder.

3. It must have an impact. Aquatic plants are also living things, so like fish, they also need to breathe. When there is enough light, aquatic plants release oxygen and absorb co2. On the contrary, when there is not enough light, they will compete with fish for oxygen.


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