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This site is a website about aquarium industry. This article introduces the relevant information about Zhoushan Fish tank customization and Anshan fish tank customization. I hope it will be helpful to Fish friends. Thank you for following our Xianglong Fish Farm.

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I am from Zhoushan. I want to buy a lush fish tank. Where can I sell it? Ask for help from netizens.

Shop name: Zhoushan Sensen Aquarium chain Store

Add: 32-10 Huancheng north road, Dinghai district, Zhoushan city

Contact: Lin Zhiyun O 580-2053 69613505802826

Shop name: Shenjiamen Lijing Aquarium chain Store

Add: 890 Donghai Zhong Road, Putuo District, Zhoushan City

Contact: Ding Haojie O 580-3817 7878 13735 033386

Shop name: Donggang Lijing Aquarium chain Store

Add: 109 Haihua road, Donggang, Putuo district, Zhoushan city

Contact: Ding Haojie O 580-3817 7878 13735 033386

Shop name: Dinghai Sensen Aquarium chain Store

Add: 652 Huancheng south road, Dinghai district, Zhoushan city

Contact: Yang Shuiyi O580-2820060

How long will it take to make a glass fish tank?

About 20 days. The glass fish tank needs to be customized to cut the glass, glue the glass, send the fish tank after installation, etc., in which it takes about 15 days to wait after bonding the glass, and about 5 days for the rest of the cutting, distribution and other links, so it takes about 20 days to order a glass fish tank.

Why does it take 15 days to order a fish tank?

It usually takes about 15 days for the new fish tank to get home. fish tanks are glass, glue and glass need to use glass glue, glass glue takes about 15 days to completely air-dry, so that water can be released. If it is not completely dried, it will increase the risk of leakage. In addition, after the release of water can not immediately raise fish, need to raise water first, to ensure that there are no impurities in the tank, cultivate some nitrifying bacteria, can begin to raise fish.

If you do not buy a finished product box, you should also buy filtering facilities, heating facilities, thermometers, lamps and other essential items separately. If you are going to grow aquatic plants, you should also buy bottom sand, aquatic plants, grass-based fertilizers and so on. If necessary, you can buy carbon dioxide supply system, sunk wood and some accessories at the same time. But you should be careful not to buy fish in a hurry.

I want to make a 3-meter-long fish tank. What is the price of this custom fish tank?

300 yuan 500 yuan can not be done, 3 meters longCustom-made Zhoushan fish tankThe required thickness of the fish tank glass is very thick, and at least the 25MM has to recalculate the flat area according to the height. As far as the area of the glass (raw material) is concerned, how much area of glass material is needed?Custom-made Zhoushan fish tank? What is the price of 25MM glass per square meter?Custom-made Zhoushan fish tank? Other material charges? Labor costs? That is, after the completion, there will be a lifting and transportation fee?Custom-made Zhoushan fish tankDo you think it makes sense?

What should be paid attention to in customizing the fish tank?

First, select the material and type of fish tank.

Custom fish tank is designed and made according to the opinions of customers, so in addition to beauty, we must also ensure safety, do not allow the hidden danger of tank explosion in the process of use, so we should have a clear understanding of the material. The following materials are generally used in fish tanks.

1, ordinary glass: emerald green, fragile, low transparency, easy to aging and deformation in the rain, try not to be used to make fish tanks.

2. Float glass: transparent float glass is made of glass paste entering the tin trough through the control gate, floating on the molten tin surface due to the action of gravity and surface tension, and then entering the Xuleng trough, so that the two sides of the glass are smooth and uniform, and the ripples disappear. Dark green, smooth surface without ripple, good perspective, with certain toughness.

3. Toughened glass: toughened glass is a kind of high strength safety glass obtained by heating the glass to the softening point and then drastically air cooling. At the same thickness, the bending strength of toughened glass is 4-5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and the impact strength of tempered glass is 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass. Toughened glass is characterized by safety, this glass is broken into similar honeycomb particles, can avoid harm to the human body.

4. Pressure clay glass: a kind of glass material similar to plexiglass and ordinary glass, originally used in aircraft, early corner fish tanks are mostly made of pressure clay glass, light weight, strong toughness, must be made in one body, easy to scratch, low transparency!

5. Plexiglass: it is an important thermoplastic developed earlier, with good transparency, chemical stability, easy dyeing and easy processing. However, the strength is low, and the aquarium is generally not used except for some small craft cylinders (boxes).

Second, what kind of tank you choose is also related to what kind of fish you raise.

Some people like to raise some larger fish, and some like to raise small ones, so the required size of the fish tank is not the same. Considering whether the landscape fish can move freely in the fish tank, the natural good aquarium will generally design for the customer first. Will also give advice according to the customer's request. Including the following landscaping projects, are also carried out according to the design of the fish tank. In the natural good aquarium, there are many different types of fish tanks to choose from, such as: double curved arc angle fish tank, bullet fish tank, semicircle fish tank, front curved fish tank and so on. Not the most expensive, only the most suitable, the type of fish tank is also in line with the user's living environment and activity space to choose, the purpose is just to make the residence more beautiful and alive. Instead of becoming an encumbrance to occupy space.

Choose a company with after-sales protection

After buying a fish tank, in the process of using it, you will inevitably encounter something you don't understand and need the help of the aquarium company. This time is the time to reflect the quality of the company, but there are many companies on the market that do not have this service. At best, it is a reminder during installation that customers will be at a loss if they encounter any problems later, so choose an after-sales company that can be guaranteed. Finally, you can search the Internet in advance on the situation of the company and other people's evaluation of the company, in order to determine whether to learn more.

Tailor-made fengshui taboos for fish tanks

Many people know that fish tanks can attract money, so they like to put fish tanks at home to help improve their wealth. But the fish tank occupies a large area, so people began to think of ways from the decoration means, through custom-made fish tank and furniture environment integration, so that both practical and aesthetic. However, there are clear requirements for the size and location of the fish tank in fengshui, and it is not capricious. So before we order the fish tank, we should choose the location and measure the size, otherwise if there is a mistake, it will not be easy to change.

1. It should not be too big

The fish tank gathers water, and water is wealth in fengshui. But if the water is too much and too deep, it will change the pattern of fengshui into evil. Because this custom-made fish tank can not be too large, the height of the fish tank can not exceed the adult standing eye position, the width is determined according to the area of the room, if the living room is relatively small, too wide fish tank is unlucky.

2. Unfavorable position

Some people think that the fish tank is to attract money, put on the wealth position will be more conducive to wealth, this is wrong. The water in the fish tank can turn evil into good fortune, and the fish tank should be put on the evil position to crack the evil spirit of the house. But the fish tank in the auspicious position will not have the role of good fortune, which is tantamount to waste.

3. After putting the sofa,

The location of the custom-made fish tank can not be placed in front of the sofa, the home is often changed, we must avoid putting the sofa in the fish tank money. Because the sofa is to rely on the mountain, it is best to stick to the wall, fish tank properties to water, water impermanence is difficult to be stable, can not be used as a backer. The distribution of sand and the family transportation in front of the fish tank will become mountains-free and reliable, affecting stability.

4. Avoid stove

The location of the custom-made fish tank should not be directly facing the stove in the kitchen, which will form a rush. The fish tank five elements belong to water, the kitchen stove five elements belong to fire, water and fire against each other, fish tank against the kitchen stove to form a hedge, will be harmful to the health of the household. So the fish tank cannot be opposite to the fire, nor can it be in a straight line.

5. Taboo on the throne

If the family is dedicated to the god of wealth or three stars of fortune and longevity, do not order the fish tank under the location of the statue. There are two reasons. First, the God of Wealth and Fu Lusou Samsung are generally placed in the prosperous wealth position in the home, while the fish tank should be set in the evil position and should not be placed in the auspicious position. Second, there is a fish tank near the God of Wealth, which violates the feng shui principle of "wealth belongs to wealth". On the contrary, it will lead to the formation of an unfavorable fengshui pattern of "God of Wealth". Not only can not make money for the family, but there will be money loss and loss of money.

What should be paid attention to when ▲ fish tank is customized

Fish tank

Fish tank has a variety of styles, which is not necessarily the same style on the market. If you are interested, it is also good to make your own fish tank. The following editor will introduce to you some points for attention.

In the past, people's aquarium boxes were mostly customized to glass shops or aquarium shops, and those with strong hands-on ability can also buy glass, glass glue and other self-made products. In terms of cost, self-made is the cheapest, followed by glass shop, and aquarium shop is slightly more expensive. The bracket of aluminum alloy and other materials in the box is generally no more than 300 yuan. DIY may be tens of yuan. However, with the improvement of consumption level and the progress of technology, many people are willing to go to aquarium stores or department stores to buy high-end finished aquariums. Although the price is not cheap, they have complete facilities, exquisite manufacture and good visual effect. As for how you buy an aquarium, it can be determined according to economic conditions.

If you do not buy a finished product box, you should also buy filtering facilities, heating facilities, thermometers, lamps and other essential items separately. If you are going to grow aquatic plants, you should also buy bottom sand, aquatic plants, grass-based fertilizers and so on. If necessary, you can buy carbon dioxide supply system, sunk wood and some accessories at the same time. But you should be careful not to buy fish in a hurry.

The advantage of customized fish tank is that the bonding of fish tank is all done by hand, which is much better than the mass production quality of assembly line finished tank, so friends who need it may wish to have a look.

This is the end of the introduction of Zhoushan fish tank customization.and Anshan fish tank customization. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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