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How to use pictorial video of fish tank nano-brick

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There's a nano tank under the Fish tank. What's in it?

Filtering equipment. The nano-tank under the fish tank is used to hold filtering equipment, without which the Fish in the tank will often die. Fish tank, a kind of water tank containing live fish, the cylinder body is transparent, mostly glass texture, can also be used to raise tropical fish or goldfish to play an ornamental role.

Hello, I don't need it. Both filter materials are of the same nature and are conducive to the reproduction of nitrifying bacteria. The adsorbability of nanospheres is stronger than that of bacterial houses. You can use only one, or you can use both.

When the nano-bubble plate is blocked, the nano-gas plate can be removed from the fish tank and put into a small container, and the appropriate amount of water can be poured into the container, the water level is slightly higher than the surface of the nano-air disk, and a cleaning piece is put in. The cleaning film will dissolve into the water and decompose the algae and foreign bodies on the air plate.

Remove the nano-disk from the fish tank and put it into a small container, pour an appropriate amount of water into the container (the water level is slightly higher than the surface of the nano-disk), and put in a cleaning piece, which will dissolve into the water and decompose the algae and foreign bodies on the plate.

The biochemical ball can also be replaced regularly without the need for the whole biochemical ball area to be replaced. Biosphere-at least 5% of the total tank water volume, more than 10% is recommended. Generally, it is only suitable for tidal and dry (drip) filtration. If completely immersed in water, the biological treatment capacity will be greatly reduced because the amount of dissolved oxygen can not be effectively improved.

Solubility and metabolism, so that the smell can be removed. Inhibition of bacteria: the nanospheres contain passive zinc and silver ions, which do not dissociate into the water and are released only when the water passes through, thus entering the bacteria to kill them, killing many harmful bacteria, fungi, molds, spores and so on.

What's the use of bricks in fish tanks?

1, a small amount of red brick after full bubble, so that the red brick fully released its own various substances. The porous and hollow structure in red brick is used to provide sufficient bacterial bed for nitrifying bacteria to attach and reproduce and strengthen the nitrification system of fish.

2. The material of the brick itself has no effect on the fish tank. The advantages of the light brick as the filter material of the fish tank are as follows: first of all, its open pore structure can provide sufficient biological volume and increase the living space of beneficial bacteria, thus improving the purification efficiency of water quality.

3. Red bricks are filled with water in the fish tank. According to the public information related to the inquiry, because the red brick is a highly absorbent material, the moisture can easily infiltrate into the inside of the brick, so putting the red brick in the fish tank will absorb the water in the fish tank and increase the water level of the fish tank.

4. Mainly for the sake of beauty. Glue can be played or not, but if you don't fight, it will definitely hide fish droppings, and it's hard to get it out if you want to. Generally, if you want to glue, leave a gap between bricks and bricks and between bricks and four sides of glass, and fill the seams. You don't have to hit the bottom of the brick.

5. First soak and disinfect with potassium permanganate, add trapped water, leave it idle for 2 or 3 days, or expose the water for a day, turn on the filter, put the fish in the tank after 1 to 2 days, filter for 24 hours, and after 1 to 2 days, the fish will not get sick and die. You can buy the delicate fish you like. It is best to choose Matt or leather tiles.

6. First of all, the dust and impurities in the bricks may have a negative impact on the water quality, resulting in a decrease in the water quality of the fish tank, which will endanger the health of the fish. In addition, bricks are not as easy to clean and maintain as special filter equipment and may cause trouble for the maintenance of fish tanks.

Can no1 Nano-square Brick be used in seawater

1. Good. Nanometer square brick no1 super adsorption capacity mass lever drop, no1 small square brick filter material Taiwan fish tank filter material bacteria roof filter material nitrifying bacteria room. No1 small square brick particles thick or fine particles, distinguish between true and false, low density, infrared color is grayish black, full calcium beauty specification is larger than the authentic, rough workmanship.

2. Good. price. The Price of no1 generous brick filter material is cheap, only 200 yuan per model. In terms of service life. No1 generous brick filter material has a long service life, with a maximum service life of 10 years.

3. The nano-square brick filter material is easy to use. According to the information related to the query, the nano-square brick filter material is used to cultivate bacteria. They all have very rich holes inside, and these holes can provide a place for nitrifying bacteria to live and reproduce, and there is no difference in the process of use.

4. Engadget reported on July 5th that South Korean scientists recently demonstrated a desalination technology that can turn seawater into drinking water in a few minutes. They used a nanofiber film that filters out 99% of the salt in seawater and can be used for a month without regeneration.

Put the culture bricks directly into the cylinder.

Can the germ house be put directly in the fish tank? the germ house cannot be put directly in the fish tank. Because it is mainly used to cultivate nitrifying bacteria, this beneficial bacteria do not like light, directly put into the fish tank, the reproduction speed is slow, which will affect the establishment of nitrification system, which has a certain negative effect on the Ecological environment.

Putting the germ house directly into the fish tank is effective, but the effect is not very good. Because generally speaking, the bacterial house needs to be put in the filtration equipment, because the growth and reproduction of nitrifying bacteria need a dark environment. If you want to know more about the effect of throwing the germ house directly into the tank, you can read on.

Nitrifying bacteria can be placed in fish tanks. It is recommended that you put nitrifying bacteria directly into the filter box of the filter.

The culture ball is placed at the bottom (or last layer) of the filter. How much depends on the size of your cylinder and the design of the filter.

No, because if the culture house is put directly into the fish tank, the feces and food residue of the fish tank will plug the holes in the culture house and reduce the ability of the culture house to culture bacteria, so the culture house cannot put the fish tank directly.

Nitrifying bacteria can be placed directly in fish tanks. Nitrifying bacteria are beneficial bacteria and will not cause harm to the health of fish. But it is best to pour it into the filter box, nitrifying bacteria can better spread in the fish tank.



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