Can zebra dog head be mixed with arowana (can zebra dog head fish be mixed with silver arowana)

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Can zebra dog head be mixed with arowana? photo album

Can zebra dog head be mixed with arowana (can zebra dog head fish be mixed with silver arowana) 24k Golden Arowana

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of whether zebra dog head can be mixed with arowana. It will also explain whether zebra dog head fish can be mixed with silver arowana. If you happen to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to Xianglongyu Farm. Let's start now!

The contents of this article:

For advice, can zebra dog heads be mixed with small tropical fish?

SureCan zebra dog head be mixed with arowana? photo albumOfCan zebra dog head be mixed with arowana? photo albumIt won't matter, but zebra snails like hard water, and patterns will fall in soft water, so it is not recommended to keep them in water grass tanks. If you want to raise, you should adjust the water quality to hard water, but considering that you have traffic lights (traffic lights like soft water), it is not recommended that you mix in this way.

What kind of Fish is mixed with kennel?

Although there are many species of kennel, it has always been a firm belief that there are always mixed breeds. Many people would suggest that the kennel should be raised alone. I think this is the score:

Zebra pike, although this personality is very friendly, but still very ferocious, not like other looks very ferocious, in fact, it is easy to mix. Early monoculture of zebra kennel is to avoid bites, but it is observed that it is interesting to mix zebra kitten fish when they are young. (zebra dogfish didn't have teeth at that time)

Crown pike, this expensive, must be abandoned at first glance, but this is the so-called appearance looks very ferocious, in fact, it is very easy to mix with large fish, meet the size of the same can be mixed. But for this kind of childhood, it is best not to carry on mixed culture, big to carry on mixed culture.

Fear of mixed breeding of kennel, bite other small fish, or bite fins. If you can, try a school of small Feed fish, it is estimated that it can still be mixed culture. As for why zebra kitten-headed fish can not be mixed, it is not only these small fish that zebra dog-headed fish are fed when they are young, and the habit is also one aspect.

Dog-headed fish can be mixed with other small fish, the conclusion is definitely not, if mixed culture, one is divided into kennel species, the other is divided into mixed fish species, definitely not small fish, at least about the same size of large fish.

What is the breeding method of zebra dog head? what are the common diseases?

Zebra dog head belongs to the family Tetraodontidae, a pure freshwater puffer with lively personality. However, people do not know much about the method of raising zebra dog heads. The following is the content of how to raise the zebra dog head by me. I hope you like it!

The method of raising zebra dog head

Difficulty of comprehensive feeding: difficult

Zebra kennel is not a difficult fish to raise, but only if you can meet all their needs. Zebra dog head is a very aggressive fish and usually cannot be mixed with other fish.

Feeding water body: adult puffer is about 450L

fish tank filter: 6-10 times per hour

Water change cycle: 30% per week or depending on the actual situation

Cold resistance: intermediate

Manager experience level: intermediate

Food and feeding

The zebra dog head is a predator called molluscivore. The wild environment includes insects, molluscs and crustaceans, so snail, crab, lobster and shrimp food will be a good choice. In captivity, they also eat small fish and are sometimes trained to eat frozen dried krill.

It can be fed once or twice a day in infancy and down to two or three times a week in adulthood. The head of a zebra dog has strong teeth growing throughout its life. They need to provide live food with shells to make it difficult to keep their teeth worn. Acceptable foods including shellfish, crustaceans and live food with shells such as snails will help wear teeth. If the teeth are too long, they will not be able to eat and ask the owner to clip the teeth.

The food demand of zebra dog head varies with age and growth. Small zebra dog head can be fed with frozen red worms, small fish, small snails, krill, black shell shrimp and so on. When the zebra dog's head grows to more than 15cm, it can feed shrimp, lobster and crab legs, mussels and clams, giant krill, Loach, Zhu Wenjin and so on.

Type of food: carnivorous

Flaky feed: not accepted

Pellet feed: not accepted

Feeding frequency: every day

Matters needing attention in zebra dog head Fish tank

Zebra dog heads are not growing particularly fast, and smaller zebra dog heads can be kept temporarily in relatively small fish tanks. But eventually you will need an aquarium with a minimum of 400L to give it the best living environment. And the zebra dog head belongs to the fish that is easy to jump out of the tank, so the fish tank must be capped. Zebra kennel is a fish that can eat and pull, so a strong filtration system is needed to maintain good water quality.

Water change frequency: 30% to 50% water per week is recommended (depending on the actual situation)

Filter: more than 6-10 times per hour is recommended

Fish tank volume: 450L and above

Types of bottom sand: rat sand, river sand, gravel

Lighting requirements: mild, normal lighting

Temperature: 23.9 °C-27.8 °C (75.0 to 82.0 °F)

Hardness range: 10-12 dGH

Salt water: sometimes, although it is a freshwater fish, it can be preserved in a slightly salty condition.

Current intensity: weak

The habit of zebra dog head

Zebra kennel is very aggressive and can not tolerate other fish, so it should be kept alone. Fast fish can be mixed in large fish tanks so that zebra dogs can't catch them. They can only be in a big enough tank with their own species, and each of them has their own domain, with few cross-paths. I hope every time they see each other fighting. You can mix zebra dog heads, but only if the fish tank is big enough and each zebra dog head has its own.

So it is common to mix zebra dog head and zebra dog head to fight.

However, zebra dog heads are very friendly and personable pets. They will communicate with their owners with unique facial expressions. A large number of fishermen react to the behavior of zebra dog heads.

Whether it is poisonous or not: yes (wild puffer fish eat toxic substances and cause physical toxicity)

Aggressiveness: large-scale aggression-predation

Mixed culture: fast swimming fish, the same kind of fish tank is large enough.

Common diseases of zebra dog head

Zebra dog heads are more likely to suffer from disease because they are not covered with fish scales. Zebra dogs usually twitch and rub their heads when they get sick. Most of them respond well to their drugs and usually heal quickly.

The zebra dog head is generally captured in the wild and may carry internal parasites if it is not finished yet. Heteroplankton infection is also common, the disease can occur throughout the year, harming river fish at all growth stages, and often complicated with ciliosis, rotifer and bacterial diseases. Formaldehyde baths can help with treatment. For more information about zebra kennel fish diseases and diseases, see other freshwater fish diseases and treatments.

The food of zebra dog's head

Frozen shrimp, Zhu Wenjin, live shrimp, small snail, small fish, Loach, frozen red worm, etc., have high acceptance to raw bait.

Personal feeding experience: both Crown Dog head and Crown Dog head are large African puffer with a slightly rough personality and need to be raised in a fish tank of sufficient size. One of the dog heads that is very easy to raise is not picky about food and is extremely adaptable to water quality. In the early stage of breeding, you can put some cheap lantern fish as feed fish.

Other precautions: Taiwan's breeding farms are said to have been able to breed artificially. Compared with other freshwater fugu, it is easy to grow big, so we should pay attention to the need to expand the cylinder (it is better to cover it so as not to jump out of the cylinder).

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Can zebra dog head be mixed with arowana? picture Daquan and zebra dog head fish can be mixed with silver arowana. This is the end of the introduction. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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