Can the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself? (how is the white spot disease of ornamental fish caused)

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Can the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?

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Does the white floc on the fish heal itself? why are there suddenly a lot of white floc in the fish tank? Baidu.

It's cool anyway.Can the white spot disease of ornamental Fish heal itself?The reasonCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?It's all caused by water mildew. Will the white floc on the fish heal itself. Once you find a goldfishCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?White floc, do not hesitate, do not panic, it must be water mildew (white disease). There are white floc on the dorsal fin of Goldfish.

The white floc on the black fish should be caused by water mildew. One: symptoms: the infection site forms a gray-white cotton cover. Water mildew will be cured when heated to 30 °C. The lesion was round at the beginning and irregular plaque at the later stage, and the skin was damaged in severe cases. Gills can also be infected, causing death.

The fish in the fish tank have white floc, mostly because of water mildew, mild water mildew only needs to heat up crude salt to rest for a few days. If the symptoms of water mildew are serious, penicillin should be used for treatment. In addition, if you want the fish to recover completely, you can use potassium permanganate or malachite green solution for medicine bath.

This situation can generally be seen from whether the fish have fallen scales. Most of them are water mildew. Water mildew often causes damage to the surface tissue of fish and forms a gray-white cotton floc-like cover in the water. The disease is easy to occur when the water temperature is low, so raising the water temperature is the key to the treatment of the disease.

The fish will be fine. Even those with good physique will recover automatically without any measures. Goldfish body appears white floc: goldfish body grew a lot of white floc, how to do this situation is to get water mildew, the most suitable is malachite green. Soaking for 5 minutes can generally be cured by repeated treatment.

How is the white spot on the ornamental fish going on? how to treat the white spot disease?

The cause of Baidianjing medicine bathCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?Goldfish may have white spotsCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?White spot diseaseCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?Causing this diseaseCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?The main reason is that the water temperature is too much or the temperature difference is too large. Most of this disease occurs in spring and autumn, when the temperature difference at this stage is too large, it is easy to cause white spot disease.

White spot disease is one of the most common parasitic diseases of fish. tropical fish of Cyprinidae and Sparidae are more susceptible to infection in late autumn and early spring. White spot disease is also called small melon disease, small melon insect body (lchthyophthiriusmultifiliis) is spherical, the whole body is covered with cilia, the diameter is about 0.8mm, for the naked eye visible small white spot.

The white spots on the ornamental fish may be suffering fromCan the white spot disease of ornamental fish heal itself?White spot disease, found that the fish sick, the need to raise the water temperature to 30 ℃, in order to speed up the metabolism of the fish. Then replace all the water in the tank three times a week to ensure good water quality in the tank.

White spot disease of ornamental fish is a relatively common fish disease, the so-called white spot disease is actually a parasite, if you want to eliminate the white spot disease of ornamental fish, it is very important to know how to use medicine blindly. It is not only bad for the white spot disease of ornamental fish, it may also cause more serious fish disease.

Can the fish still use the water in the fish tank when it gets sick? what if the fish get sick?

Fish with white spot disease, the fish tank can also be used, but it is best to sterilize it. The disease is caused by small melon worms, and if you want to treat it, you only need to raise the temperature and keep it at about 28 ℃ to eliminate it.

Can fish still use fish tank water with white spot disease: how to do when fish get white spot disease? Fish with white spot disease need to improve the living environment of the fish, increase the water temperature, and then soak in diluted salt water to buy the corresponding special fish medicine. A quick way to kill melon bugs.

Cannot, absolutely cannot continue to use this water to raise fish, because, this tank water has been infected with the white spot disease, the white spot disease is a kind of protozoan small melon worm invades the fish body parotid and the scale root to cause, causes the disease, the infectivity is extremely strong, the mortality rate is extremely high.

Fish white spot disease fish tank can still be used? fish white spot disease, fish tank can be used, but it is best to disinfect it. This kind of disease is caused by small melon worms, and if you want to treat it, you only need to raise the temperature and maintain it at about 28 ℃ to eliminate it.

What if there are white spots on the Phoenix tail of ornamental fish?

1. Peacock fish with white spots on their tails may be suffering from white spot disease. The following drugs are needed for treatment: if the water temperature is raised to more than 28 degrees, it is not easy for melon insects to reproduce. If they last for more than three days, they will die on their own. Soak in 2ppm mercurous acetate or 0.5ppm mercurous nitrate solution.

2. The local method is to soak the fish in 1% salt water, which can also be cured. Anti-Ziling, a medicine specializing in white spot disease, is also fine. The disease is a parasite of caterpillars that absorbs body fluids from fish on the skin of fish and propagates quickly. So it takes about 10 days to treat the disease thoroughly.

3, for the fish tank equipped with heating rod (1L of water 1W), set the temperature to the hottest day, about 25 degrees is more appropriate. Treatment.

4, white spot disease do not stop eating ah, otherwise there is no resistance treatment A, raise the water temperature to 28 degrees Celsius, a few days later, melon insects break down. At this time, change the new water, keep the water temperature, and the sick fish will basically recover. B. Choose 0.05-0.07 concentration of red mercury solution, water fish diseased fish 5-15 minutes, lasting 2-3 days, the effect is good.

Can goldfish white spot disease heal itself?

Can fish's white spot disease heal itself? fish's white spot disease can not be cured if left alone, but as long as the water temperature is raised properly, the disease can be cured even without medicine.

White spot disease cannot be cured and must be treated with medicine. If not, the goldfish will die eventually. Changing salt for water under heating is what is often called the old three, which has a certain effect. But the effect is slow. And in general, goldfish are not equipped with heating rods, so it is difficult to heat up. If there is, you can try.

Soak in%-5% salt water for 30 minutes, put the medicine for white spot disease on the market, and put it according to the indicated amount. Formalin was administered at a concentration of 30-40 mg / L and was administered every three or four days until the disease was cured. Potassium permanganate 20 mg / L, medicine bath for 10 minutes, go back to the tank and wait for it to recover.

It is found that some ornamental fish are infected with water mildew in the fish tank, the hyphae is exposed, and other ornamental fish also have symptoms such as dull body color, extended fins, lying in the tank, and so on, and it may also be accompanied by blindfolded and white spot disease. Goldfish have white floc on their bodies.

Stop for a moment, and then go, so that neither the ornamental fish nor the water quality of the fish tank will be harmed, and there will not be any adhesive debris on the wall of the fish tank. Compare the photos of water mold and white spots.

What if tropical fish have white spots?

Increase the oxygen in the fish tank or ventilate the fish tank to enhance the fish's immunity. Part 3: with the help of media to treat white spot disease, use aquarium special salt to treat white spot disease of freshwater fish. Change 25% of the water in the fish tank every day. Part 4: the more complex treatment of white spot disease uses drugs to treat fish tanks.

Change the water in time if the tropical fish suffers from white spot disease, it needs to change the water in time. There are two functions of changing water. One is to improve the water quality and reduce the content of harmful substances in the water to prevent the disease from getting worse. The other is to stimulate the fish, and appropriate stimulation is of great help to their recovery.

If you want to treat the white spot disease of tropical fish, you must first stop feeding, which can avoid the deterioration of water quality and prepare for follow-up treatment. Then according to the condition to choose the corresponding treatment, if the disease is mild, you can take the old three ways of treatment, first change the water, and then appropriately increase the water temperature and put salt into the water.

When tropical fish suffer from white spot disease, it is best to isolate it from other fish, wash it with formalin or potassium permanganate and treat it with salt in the water.

Therefore, it is necessary to observe calmly for a period of time, and only after it is certain that it is a white spot disease can appropriate arrangements be made in the light of the environment.


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