What's the name of the small white ornamental fish?

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Small white ornamental fish

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What kind of white ornamental fish is easy to feed?

1. Peacock fish for many fish farmersSmall white ornamental fishAs a novice,Small white ornamental fishThe most recommended fish should be peacock fish.Small white ornamental fishYes. This is a small tropical fish, very adaptable to the environment, and can tolerate dirty water, so it is very easy to raise.

2, roughly like this, although goldfish can meet the conditions of white ornamental fish and low water temperature, but the vitality is not tenacious, easy to die.

3. Which white ornamental fish are the most profitable in ornamental fish culture, but because they are cultured in small waters, it requires good farming experience and meticulous and patient work.Small white ornamental fishIn the culture of ornamental fish in China, except Goldfish and koi, most tropical ornamental fish and marine ornamental fish are introduced species.

4. What is the white ornamental fish all over the body? what are the ten best ornamental fish? goldfish goldfish are relatively easy to feed and have low requirements for water quality. as long as there is sufficient dissolved oxygen in the water, it can avoid hypoxia.

5, pure white ornamental fish 3 the top ten most popular ornamental fish, these are especially suitable for beginners, easy to feed and beautiful first place-grass goldfish. It is the ancestor of goldfish, and no one to artificially change its genes, in the physique is closer to the original fish, than ordinary goldfish are much more solid, much happier.

Ten best to raise small ornamental fish

Red swordfish are not very picky eaters.Small white ornamental fishA lot of feed can be fed, the requirement of water quality is relatively low, and the whole is quite leather and easy to raise, so it is successfully on the list of the top ten suitable for new hands.Small white ornamental fishIt's a fish. Tiger skin fish is a kind of tropical fish that likes high temperature, and it is also successfully on the list of the best tropical fish.

Red swordfish red swordfish is not very picky, a lot of feed can be fed, water quality requirements are relatively low, the overall skin is quite easy to raise, so successfully listed as one of the top ten fish suitable for novice farming. Tiger skin fish is a kind of tropical fish that likes high temperature, and it is also successfully on the list of the best tropical fish.

The top ten best small cold water ornamental fish are: goldfish, medaka, rock-climbing dolphin, koi, Chinese Douyu, lion head, dragon eye, butterfly tail, orchid, pearl scale goldfish.

What's the name of this little white fish?

White mouse fish: milky white body surface, red eyes clearly visible, mild temperament, can be raised in groups; white peacock fish: the albino species of peacock fish, the eyes are red, the color of the body is transparent and white; platinum arowana: the whole body is snow white and slightly transparent, the whole body is clean, without the slightest melanin, appears particularly elegant.

Reference: agri.ac/...isease question 8: what kind of fish is this, how to treat crucian carp with white body, the full name is golden crucian carp, skin solid ornamental fish, especially common, is a cold water fish. My family also has a few fish tanks, but they are big and 30CM is about long. This fish generally does not get sick and has good disease resistance.

Kissing fish is also called kissing fish, kissing fish, peach blossom fish, kissing Douyu and so on. It is famous for fish like to "kiss" each other. Not only heterosexual fish, even homosexual fish also have "kissing" movements, kissing fish "kissing" is not an expression of friendship, but a struggle.

Long mouth white is the unique appearance of the fish, this ornamental fish is called albino ghost bazooka. Albino ghost rocket fish, both the albino variant individual of the ghost rocket, the scientific name crocodile eel, for Finch eel order, Finch eel family, bone sparrow eel is a kind of freshwater fish, albino alligator has beautiful color and large size, is a very advanced ornamental fish.

There are many white fish, such as goldfish, koi, arowana, kiss perch, wealth fish and so on. There are many kinds of goldfish, the most common is red grass gold, in addition to white and black. Koi are more complex colors, but there are also white ones. The dragon fish is divided into silver dragon, golden dragon, red dragon and so on, of which the silver dragon is white.

The white fish with skirt is called peacock fish. The name of this fish comes from its beautiful tail decoration, similar to the skirt. The peacock fish usually has a white or silver body, and its tail unfolds with bright blue-green spots, which are as beautiful and magnificent as the feathers of a peacock.

Which small ornamental fish are easy to raise

Goldfish is a tradition.Small white ornamental fishOne of the ornamental fishSmall white ornamental fishIt has been cultivated for more than 1700 years in our countrySmall white ornamental fishBecause of its small size and easy to raise, there is no problem with keeping it in a small fish tank. It should be noted that there are also many species of this kind of fish, of which grass species are relatively easy to raise, while others are difficult.

Mackerel: mackerel is a kind of native cold-water fish. Many people should have seen this kind of flat mackerel when they were young. it has a gorgeous color and a strong sense of metal. this kind of fish is very easy to raise and is very ornamental in group culture.

The fish that are easy to feed in a small fish tank are moonlight fish, peacock fish, red swordfish, Douyu and goldfish.


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