The door under the fish tank is broken.

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The door under the fish tank is broken.

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What if the fish tank door is broken?

1. Change the door. If the damage to the door is too serious to repair, or the repair effect of the adhesive is not good, consider replacing the entire door and contact the fish tank manufacturer or the relevant service center to ask if there are any door accessories available for replacement.

2. Repair or replacement. The production of goldfish tank cabinets is generally divided into two kinds: one is pure solid wood bottom cabinet, which is expensive, and solid wood cabinets are generally made of mahogany carving, which is more suitable for the decoration style of Chinese families. But solid wood cabinets have both advantages and disadvantages.

3. Due to the poor humidity in different places, the solid wood itself belongs to the sponge, and any treatment can not absolutely kill the lumen cells in the solid wood. It is normal for the solid wood with different humidity to deform or rise and shrink. The general deformation is only reflected in the changing environment within one year. If the solid wood is still deformed after a year, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

4. First of all, wipe the cracked area with alcohol and keep it dry. Use transparent acid fish tank special glass glue to repair both sides of the glass. Wait until the glass glue is completely dry.

5, to consider the bad situation, if the light is bad, it can be replaced, if the power supply is bad, you can take the electrical maintenance point or the aquarium shop for maintenance; if the water pump is broken, you can replace a new one; if it is a leakage at the junction of the glass tank, you can fill the glass glue; if you break a corner of the hard object, it is best to replace it as a whole, because it is not beautiful.

6, it is best to disassemble together with the door frame, only the door leaves, the future reinstallation ~ there are bound to be unsafe hidden factors.

What if the solid wood door of Jiuding fish tank is deformed or cracked?

1, caused by moisture, the common way to solve this kind of deformed wooden door is to remove the deformed wooden door and put it flat, and under the condition of maintaining a certain degree of ventilation, adopt the way of stacking pressure in the opposite direction to correct its deformed position.

2. It can be treated with jigsaw glue, because the adhesive with the greatest bond strength between wood is still puzzle glue. First plug the cracked gap with sawdust and then put 502 glue, dry and grind the cracked place, put the polished ash on the upper 502 glue to avoid small gaps, and then grind it on the puzzle glue.

3. General cracking, shrinkage and bumping can be repaired by the merchant's own paint repair agent.

4, the surface of solid wood furniture is only slightly cracked, don't worry too much, you can use 502 glue to drip slowly along its gap, after the glue is dry, scrape off the glue on the surface. Of course, you can't destroy the surface of the furniture, so that no trace can be seen in the gap.

How to change the fish tank discharge valve if it is broken?

If the problem cannot be solved, then a new ball valve of the same specification can only be replaced directly. If the ball valve has been damaged, then only a new ball valve can be replaced directly. Before replacing the ball valve, you need to go to the hardware store or buy a new ball valve of the same size as the old one online.

If it is the dish basin mixing valve leakage, you can go to the market to buy two hoses and a sealing ring, and then use the appropriate wrench to remove the old hose and replace the newly bought hose. If you will not replace the sealing ring of the valve, find a plumbing maintenance company to replace it for you.

The steps to replace the water pipe valve are as follows: first buy the desired type of valve, then close the upper valve to close the water, then use the tool to screw out the nut that holds the valve, remove the old valve and replace the new valve, and finally tighten the nut. Water pipe valve replacement tools movable wrench, raw material belt, valve.


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