What kind of size koi can grow up (how big the koi is)

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What size of koi can grow up?

What kind of size koi can grow up (how big the koi is) Snow dragon

This site is a website about the aquarium industry. This article introduces what kind of koi can grow up, and how big the koi is. I hope it will be helpful to the fishers. Thank you for your attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

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Brocade carp can grow up in a few years, feed what grows fast

Koi usually takes two years to grow up, during which time the size of the carp will gradually get bigger. The growth rate of koi is not fast. Varieties with good genes can grow 10 to 20 centimeters a year. The fastest can grow 30 centimeters. Brocade carp can reach 1 to 1.5 meters in length. The koi for ornamental use may not be so large, but you should choose at least 80 centimeters of fish tanks for them to leave enough room for their growth. 1. Koi can grow up in a few years

Koi usually grow up in two years, and the koi can grow about 10 to 20 centimeters in a year. If the feeding conditions are good, the koi can grow 30 centimeters. After two years, the koi will almost be in a state of adult fish. At this time, its size will gradually become larger, the body length can reach 1-1.5 meters. Koi must choose a place with large space, and it is best to use a fish tank of more than 80 centimeters, so that there is no need to change the fish tank in the later stage, and there is plenty of room for koi to grow.

2. What do koi feed to grow fast

1. Koi eat red earthworms, dried shrimp and cooked meat to grow fast because they are rich in protein and nutrients.

2. Special koi feed is also beneficial to the growth of koi. Because this kind of feed is specially prepared for koi. In the selection and purchase of feed to choose a reliable brand, can not be bought at will, can not be cheap, choose low-quality feed. Remember to feed koi with special hyperchromic feed, so that it can grow beautifully if it grows fast. A kilogram of koi had better be fed with 30 grams of feed every day and fed in batches 3-4 times.

If you want koi to grow fast, you must ensure the hygiene of the food and the reasonable collocation between the food. In this way, koi will not be anorexic, nor will there be nutritional imbalance.

What kind of koi can grow big?

Almost all species of koi can.

Brocade carp can generally grow to more than 1 meter under normal breeding environment, but fish friends need to raise them carefully for many years before they can grow so big. Brocade carp can grow to about 0.5 meters if raised in a daily fish tank. At the beginning, most of the koi are relatively small. If you want the koi to grow to more than 0.5 meters, you need to raise 4mi for at least five years.

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If the weather is very hot, feed less food, clean more fish tanks, and change more water. When changing water, pay attention to the water temperature. if the koi is suddenly put into cold water, it will be difficult to adapt, so it is necessary to put the water in a basin to cool for a while, so that when the Water temperature is similar to the temperature, it will be poured into the fish tank.

Koi is an omnivore, crickets, earthworms and other insects can eat, bread crumbs, steamed bread and other vegetarian food is also no problem. Koi does not need special lighting, but in order to sterilize, you can also buy those lamps with germicidal effect and turn on them for an hour or two at night.

Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Koi

How to choose brocade carp how to choose brocade carp that can grow up

1. First of all, healthy fish. Sick fish will make you very worried, unless you want to do an experiment.

2. Pick the posture first. The fish is big and strong. When the fish is 25 cm old, the fish is 2 years old, 40 cm old and 55 cm old. The fish is over 3 years old with 75cm. Neither fat nor thin. The head plate is wide, the mouth is thick, the shoulder is wide and thick, the hand shape is suitable, and the tail handle is strong.

3. The color quality is bright and thick. The white matter is like porcelain, the scarlet plate is like blood and silky, and the ink is as black as splashing ink.

4. The pattern is beautiful. Red and white, Taisho and Showa all have the standard of pattern, such as the nose is not lower than the eye, the ink of Dazheng is not above the head, and Showa must have noodle cut ~ many different strains have different standards.

5. Swimming posture. Leisurely and complacent.

As for Xiao Miao, he is more fastidious.

How big can 10cm koi grow in a year, and how can it be raised?

10cm koi can grow about 20-30 cm a year. Koi is a large ornamental fish.What size of koi can grow up?The maximum can grow to about 1 meter, so the fish tank is also larger. If the fish tank is too small, it is often impossible for adult fish to swim. Although the smaller fish can swim away, it can not grow up because of environmental restrictions. This kind of fish has a strong ability to adapt to temperature and has miscellaneous eating habits, so it is not difficult to raise it. 1. How old can 10cm koi grow in a year

10cm koi can grow about 20-30 cm a year. Koi is a large ornamental fish, the largest can grow to about 1 meter, so the fish tank is also larger, if the fish tank is too small, it is often unable to swim for adults, although smaller fish can swim away, but also because of environmental restrictions, so that it can not grow up. This kind of fish has a strong ability to adapt to temperature and has miscellaneous eating habits, so it is not difficult to raise it.

2. How to raise koi

1. Water temperatureWhat size of koi can grow up?Don't ignore the water temperature just because it is a cold-water fish and adapts to a wide range of water temperature. If you want the koi to grow big, the water temperature must be stable at 20-25 ℃. In winter and spring, when the temperature is low, turn on the heating rod in time to increase the temperature. As the temperature rises, its metabolism speeds up and naturally grows faster.

2. water quality: good Water quality, koi will not get sick, grow faster and grow bigger. Therefore, it must be provided with a good Water quality environment every day. It is best to change the water every 3-5 days, each time, change 1/3, so that it will not destroy the stability of the system in the fish tank.

3. Food: koi, as an omnivorous animal, can eat a lot of things. You can usually feed coarse grains, such as soybean milk and soybean cakes. You can feed small fish, shrimp and lean meat. You can also feed apples, cabbages and other vegetables. In this way, koi is nutritious so that they can grow bigger.

How long will it take the brocade carp to grow up?

Brocade carp will reach adulthood in about 2 years, when its body will gradually grow up, its body length can reach 1-1.5 meters.

Brocade carp, the original breed is red carp (Cyprinus carpio). Red carp, as an ornamental fish, was very popular in Ming Dynasty. It is said that koi originated from Longzhou koi in Guangxi, Xingguo red carp in Jiangxi, and golden carp in Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

It was introduced into Japan in the early stage, and now there are more than 100 varieties after long-term manual breeding by the Japanese people. according to literature records, the Japanese aristocracy first put koi in ponds for viewing, and it was rare for ordinary people to see them. At the initial stage, they were called red carp, color carp and flower carp. it was renamed Koi after World War II.

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Management of the four seasons of koi.

1. Spring: when the weather starts to warm, the koi will recover from hibernation and need to be transferred from indoor to outdoor for breeding, but be careful that the temperature suddenly drops, and when the temperature falls, it needs to be covered with a transparent film to keep the water warm. When feeding, first use plant bait to feed, and then slowly add some other bait.

2. Summer: in hot weather, it is necessary to cover a sunshade net to prevent the water temperature from getting too high and the koi from dying of heat. The most suitable illuminance is 5500lux-5800lux.

3. Autumn: this period is the most suitable for the growth of koi, so feed them some high-protein bait to speed up the growth rate.

4. Winter: when the temperature drops to 0 degrees, the koi should be moved to the indoor pool and the water temperature should be kept at 2-10 degrees, so that they can survive the winter safely. During this period, attention should be paid to heat preservation and proper feeding.

Source of reference; Baidu Encyclopedia-Koi

This is the end of the introduction about what kind of size koi can grow up and how big the koi is. I wonder if you have found the information you need. If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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