How big is the kissing fish? how much is the kissing fish?

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How big is the kissing fish?

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How big is the kissing Fish that can reproduce?

Counting from hatching.How big is the kissing fish?Kissing fish need to grow for about 15 monthsHow big is the kissing fish?It takes time to enter the stage of sexual maturity and have the ability to reproduce. However, its reproductive cycle is relatively short. If the living environment is more suitable, it can reproduce many times in a year.

Body lengthHow big is the kissing fish?Can reach 30cm. Feed: gluttonous, the main food is frozen Artemia, earthworms also like to eat. I'm especially interested in salmon and trout eggs. Reproduction: the way of reproduction of the same fighting fish is different. It does not spit to build a nest, but directly lays floating eggs, floating on the surface. The egg is amber, if white, it means that the egg is not fertilized.

However, newborn fish do not have the ability to reproduce. It takes them about 15 months to grow before they can enter the stage of sexual maturity and have the ability to reproduce. How to breed kissing fish to prepare for breeding environment: prepare a clean fish tank and inject some clean water with a water temperature of about 26 ℃.

Breeding methods of kissing fish

Make sure the water quality wants to raise the kissing fish well.How big is the kissing fish?Don't let them die, be sure to use the right temperature of water.How big is the kissing fish?To feed them with water. Because it belongs to tropical fish, it is necessary to control the water temperature at about 26 ℃. If the water temperature is too low, theyHow big is the kissing fish?The vitality will decline, the resistance will also be reduced, and it will become easy to get sick.

Control of water temperature of kissing fish: kissing fish can live in a water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, usually above 22 degrees Celsius, if raised in winter, ifHow big is the kissing fish?You don't have to install a heater if you have a heater in your house. Install a thermometer to observe the water temperature at any time. If the water temperature is about 25 degrees Celsius, you need to buy a thermostat.

feeding the kissing fish is simple, as long as the food is sprinkled on the surface of the water, and it will eat it itself. This kind of fish has a strong ability to Adapt to the environment and has no strict requirements for water quality. It can be cultured in tap water which has been dried in the sun for 2-3 days.

Finally, if we want to raise kissing fish well, we also need to control the amount of feed, kissing fish will eat a lot of feed, we do not keep feeding, basically a day to feed the right amount, do not let kissing fish belly bulging. We need to pay attention to this.

Easy to raise, kissing fish is a door fish for beginners. Kissing fish are easy to raise and have no special requirements for water quality. The water temperature is between 22 and 26 ℃.

Do you know why kissing fish kiss and how to raise them?

1. Collocation of kissing fish species: kissing fish swim slowly and are not suitable for raising with strong fish species, such as cannibal Pomfret, Luohan fish, Sanjie and so on. It is best to raise some species that are smaller and milder than kissing fish.

2. Easy to raise, kissing fish is the door fish for beginners. Kissing fish are easy to raise and have no special requirements for water quality. The water temperature is between 22 and 26 ℃.

3. Why don't kissing fish keep the density too low: if only a small number of kissing fish are raised in a large tank and each fish has enough room to grow, they will not fight for territory. So they don't kiss. Fish are underage: newborn fish have no habit of kissing.

4. Kissing fish can kiss like its name. they are not intimate with each other, but fighting and competing with each other. If you want to raise kissing fish, the water temperature of kissing fish should be kept between 18 and 30 ℃, and kissing fish eat almost everything.

5. Why do kissing fish kiss-- the way of eating and kissing the habit of kissing fish is very beneficial to the ecology of the Fish tank. Kissing fish often use their mouths to constantly eat algae and moss on the aquatic plants and the walls of the aquarium, which can make the aquatic plants fresh green and keep the walls clean, which plays an important role in cleaning the aquarium tank.

6. In fact, kissing fish is easy to raise because it has a wide range of food. it can eat general dry feed, as well as live feed such as fish, insects and earthworms. Many times you will find kissing fish eating the green moss on the wall of the tank.

How big can a kissing fish grow?

Kissing fish can grow up to about 17cm and 30cm, but generally artificial kissing fish can only grow to about 7cm and 8cm. There are many colors of kissing fish, such as white, pink, silver gray and so on, and it is very ornamental.

How big can kissing fish grow? kissing fish can grow to about 17cm and 30cm at most, but generally captive kissing fish can only grow to about 7cm and 8cm. If raised well in the aquarium, they can grow to 15-20cm. And its growth rate is very slow, so it takes a certain amount of patience to raise it.

The kissing fish in nature can be up to 30 murmurs 40 cm long, while the kissing fish raised in aquariums are generally only 15 murmurs 20 centimeters long, which is a larger species in the family Percidae. The Morphological Characteristics.of kissing fish the kissing fish is oval, flattened on the side, and the body surface is milky white and slightly reddish, hence the name peach blossom fish.

Fish tank: we all know that adult kissing fish can reach 20-30 cm in body length, and smaller kissing fish can reach more than 10 cm. According to the ratio of fish tank to fish body length: 3:1, the fish tank should be at least 90 cm long, but most people buy kissing fish about 10 cm long, so the fish tank can be 60 cm long at 40 mi.

The body of kissing fish is about 15cm long, usually brown or dark gray, with many dark spots. In addition, kissing fish have a very disgusting and interesting feature: they like to "kiss" together and stretch their fins.


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