Where is the plug for the fish tank controller (illustration of the installation of the fish tank)

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Where is the plug for the fish tank controller?

Where is the plug for the fish tank controller (illustration of the installation of the fish tank) Butterfly carp

This site is a website about the aquarium industry. This article introduces where the plug of the controller of the fish tank is and the relevant information corresponding to the installation diagram of the Fish tank. I hope it will be helpful to the fishers. Thank you for following our Xianglong Fish Farm.

The contents of this article:

How to replace the temperature control.probe of Keli fish tank

Put your head down.Where is the plug for the fish tank controller?And then put it well.Where is the plug for the fish tank controller?Put it on.

Instructions for installation and use of sebo fish tank

1. The thickness of the fish tank should be less than that of 15mm.

2. The products in the package are composed of wave-making pump body, Intelligent Controller, adapter, adapter wire and double-sided glue.

3. Remove the rear magnetic sucker on the support of the wave-making pump body and install the pump body in the middle of the inner wall of the fish tank. Tighten the inner wall of the suction cylinder through a rubber sucker. Then move the rear magnetic sucker obliquely and absorb it on the outer wall of the cylinder. Because of the high magnetic force, be careful to clamp hands.

4. Remove the protective paper of the double-sided glue, stick it to the middle position of the back of the intelligent controller, then remove the protective paper of the other side of the double-sided glue, and paste the controller to the edge of the fish tank for easy operation. This step can be removed if you do not have to install it on the fish tank.

5. Connect the 3-pin fast connection cable between the pump body and the controller, then connect the dc plug of the adapter to the controller, and connect the adapter ac line.

The reason for the failure of Lighting Control in Keli's Aquarium

The reason for the failure of Lighting Control in Keli's AquariumWhere is the plug for the fish tank controller??

Hello, kiss.Where is the plug for the fish tank controller?The specific answers to your questions are as followsWhere is the plug for the fish tank controller?:

The reasons why the lights of aquarium boxes are not on are as follows:

1. Part of the external power supply is abnormal, the wiring is poor or the line is open.

2.led fish tank lamp itself failure, such as drive power damage, lamp strip damage and so on.

Generally speaking, the failure rate of drive power supply of LED is relatively high.

There is also a LED light in the fish tank, if the LED light is damaged, the first step is to power off the fish tank, so as to ensure personal safety, the second step is to discharge all the water in the fish tank, and then you can take off the damaged light bulb, and then replace the light bulb of the same specification, it is best to do the power test before adding water to see if the light bulb can be used normally.

The maintenance steps are very simple, and now many fish farmers will make a video of the specific maintenance steps and publish them on the Internet, we can learn according to the video.

First of all, check whether the power supply has 220V, look at whether the power plug of the LED lamp and the power outlet are plugged in, turn on the control switch of LED, if it is bright, it is good, if it is not bright, it means that the power circuit of the LED lamp, and there is a problem with the LED lamp, it is recommended to find a professional to help find the fault and help repair.

This is the end of the introduction of the plug for the controller and the installation diagram of the fish tank. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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