Why is the arowana hair golden yellow (why is the golden arowana hair golden yellow)

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How does the golden Arowana turn golden?

Why is the arowana hair golden yellow (why is the golden arowana hair golden yellow) Ibaka fish

This article tells you about how the arowana turns golden and how the golden arowana turns golden. I hope it will be helpful to you. Don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglongyu Farm.

The contents of this article:

Golden arowana! What do you eat? its gold will look better?

Jinlong usually takes shrimp and Loach as its staple food.How does the golden arowana turn golden?Shrimp meat is rich in astaxanthinHow does the golden arowana turn golden?It is very helpful to the hair color of arowana. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus is nutritious and can make dragon fish fat. Insects can be fed occasionally, do not Feed too much, otherwise arowana may refuse to eat. If you want to love the dragon glittering, adequate light is essential, at least 7 hours a day to ensure that the light on the line, choose a white lamp with high color temperature. It is suggested that your background should be changed to a white background. If the bottom can be covered with white tiles, the white environment is more conducive to the hair color of arowana.

Wait for the arowana to grow above 45cm and then change the black background and black background to increase the thickness of gold.

It is emphasized that live shrimp and Loach had better be frozen for three days before feeding, which can kill parasites and eggs, safe and hygienic.

The hair color principle of arowana

How to help arowana hair color

Arowana initial hair color, dominated by the environment, supplemented by hormones; arowana growth hair color, the influence of environmental and hormonal factors is equal; arowana breeding period hair color, dominated by the environment, supplemented by hormones. Thus it can be seen that in the primary stage of arowana hair color, environmental factors occupy a dominant position, and are mainly affected by the lighting factors in the breeding environment. Arowana hair color and lighting factors are inseparable, if you want arowana hair color, body color, must provide it with enough light, and this kind of light is not whitewash, but must be irradiated into the water to stimulate the production and accumulation of arowana pigment layer, of course, this also requires arowana to have enough blood as a guarantee.

First, for the hair color of red fish

When the Red Arowana is young, it can be illuminated mainly by white light tubes, which can accelerate the speed of the arowana out of the box and increase the size of the color area of its Gill cover. In the stage of transition from juvenile Fish to sub-adult fish, white light irradiation can be increased to promote its color speed, and one or two red light tubes can also be used to adjust the color effect of arowana and deepen its body surface color. To the stage of sub-adult fish to adult fish, that is, when the arowana is 8-20 months old, it is necessary to use white and red lights to promote the arowana hair color, as well as to expand the arowana hair color area and improve the color. When the arowana is about 20 months old, the hair color of the arowana is basically stable. if you want the arowana to make a sprint, you can continue to use a combination of white light and red light, and if you are satisfied with the hair color of the arowana, you can illuminate more red light to further consolidate the color and depth of its hair color. After that, in order to maintain the surface color of the arowana, it is necessary to continue to use red light and cooperate with a dark environment to deepen the color of the arowana.

Second, for the color of golden arowana

From juvenile fish to sub-adult fish, white light can be used to illuminate all fish. At the same time, the appropriate length and wattage light can be matched according to the size of the fish tank. If the light is not long enough, the lights can be spliced. This stage is mainly to promote Jinlong to climb scales and hair color.

In the golden arowana adult stage, that is, after the golden arowana 20 months old, its color is basically completed, this stage can give it a warm yellow light.

Dr. claw warmly suggests that when arowana grows in its native environment, it can be exposed to the sun every day. But the arowana raised in the Fish tank is very difficult to see the sun, so it can only choose the light closest to the sun. For example, nec lights can be used instead of sunlight. Exposure to a certain amount of light every day is very necessary for the healthy growth of arowana, lack of light exposure will not only affect its appearance, but also may seriously affect its health. I hope all arowana breeders will pay attention to this.

How to make arowana hair color detail "0" 3

1. There should be diversified and regular feeding. Feeding red arrows or shrimps to the dragon fish can play a certain role in increasing the color of the red dragon, because the red arrows and shrimps contain red pigment.

2. Let the dragon fish have a stable mood. The three sides of the dragon jar can be pasted with a black background to reduce shock.

3, to moderate plant lighting, moderate lighting is conducive to the hair color of arowana.

4. The constant temperature had better be set between 28 and 29 degrees. The arowana will fade if the temperature is too high or too low. If the temperature difference is too large, it will affect the eating of the arowana.

Extended data:

As the arowana is a large fish, the fish tank is at least 1.5 meters long, 0.5 meters wide and 0.7 meters high. Fish tank must be capped, arowana belongs to the upper swimming fish, like to jump, in order to avoid no one jumped out of the tank and suffocated to death.

Arowana needs weakly acidic to neutral water for survival, and soft water is required for hardness. The pH value is between 6.57.5 and the DH value is 3-12. The water temperature is 24-28 degrees Celsius. The content of nitrite and chlorine had better be zero.

The arowana will hit an angle in the tank when eating too hard, resulting in injury. When feeding, it is best to feed in the middle of the tank. Arowana is a fleshy animal, most of the arowana diet is frog, Loach, cricket, goldfish, grasshopper, shrimp and so on.

Golden arowana eat what hair color is good, how to raise hair color

Golden dragon fish eat shrimp with high astaxanthin content, such as harvest shrimp, river shrimp and Kei Wai shrimp, which can help them synthesize pigments. You can also feed some animal offal or lean meat to ensure their comprehensive nutrition. In addition, you can also feed some centipedes, scorpions and so on, but also promote the role of hair color. But centipedes and scorpions are toxic, and breeders should not feed too much to avoid poisoning. What kind of hair color does golden arowana eat?

If you want to make golden lobster hair color, you should feed more foods containing astaxanthin. The more common shrimps are harvest shrimp, river shrimp, base shrimp and so on, which can help them synthesize pigment. Can also be fed to some animal offal and lean meat, but also to promote hair color. In addition, you can also feed some hyperchromic feed or carrots, which can also promote their pigment synthesis. Breeders can also feed some centipedes, scorpions and so on, which can promote the hair color of golden arowana. But centipedes and scorpions are toxic, and breeders need to clean them up before feeding, and don't feed too much to avoid poisoning.

Second, how to cultivate hair color of golden arowana

1. Appropriate background color: if you want to make golden arowana hair color, you can prepare a suitable background for them, so that their body color can be kept stable. Generally speaking, a white background can be used below 35cm, and a dark background can be used above 35cm, such as dark blue, black and so on.

2. Fish tank lights: fish tank lights should also be installed in the fish tank, which can also promote their color. Golden arowana can choose LED light or super light, which can deepen the background color of the scale.

3, comfortable environment: in order to make the golden arowana hair color, breeders should also ensure a comfortable breeding environment to avoid temperature differences or diseases, so that their body color will be more bright.

How to raise golden arowana before it can be colored.

From the aspect of arowana, if you want to increase the gold quality of arowana, the dragon tank background is also an important starting aspect. Practice shows that the golden arowana is raised in a light-transparent dragon jar on all sides, the color of its scales is relatively light, and the gold quality is relatively weak. The best way to increase the gold quality of the arowana is to use a white background in the dragon stage (before 30 cm), change the background and bottom to dark blue in the dragon stage (30 cm to 40 cm), and change the background to black in the Jackie Chan stage (more than 40 cm). Increase the gold and increase the metallic feeling at the bottom of the arowana scale. Adjusting the background of raising Jinlong at different stages can maximize the role of environmental color guidance.

When it comes to the gold quality of arowana, we must talk about the effect of light on the gold quality of arowana. The growth environment of the original golden arowana is exposed to natural sunlight, so choose to use a simulated sunlight supertube or tricolor to ensure 8 hours of light guidance every day, so that the arowana can be more golden.

Slow-raised and fast-raised arowana are very different in gold performance, scale frame to body shape, fast-raised arowana is domineering, gold is not thick, while slow-raised golden arowana is thick and dense. Therefore, how to raise the arowana, let the arowana increase gold quality, recommend slow cultivation.

To increase the gold quality of arowana, you can also start from the aspect of eating arowana. If you want golden arowana to be more golden, you must feed nutritious and targeted bait. The gold in the golden arowana is mainly phosphorus and is composed of a variety of trace elements. Phosphorus is obtained by feeding small fish, while trace elements are obtained from all kinds of insects, but insects can only be fed less as a "snack". In addition, providing a quiet environment for arowana and keeping an exuberant appetite can also help arowana to increase its gold quality.

Is the color of domestic arowana born or artificially fed? How can we make it bright and golden? Thank you for your advice!

If in a white environmentHow does the golden arowana turn golden?The golden dragon evolved the platinum system in the environment, which is very thin but looks goldenHow does the golden arowana turn golden?Of. Usually raise the black tank first, wait for the gold to strengthen, and then put it in the transparent tank, with the light on, it will be very beautiful. Blue dragon, dark color is recommended.How does the golden arowana turn golden?Because in this way, the lamp can better maintain its original blue, and not only turn blue to gold after adulthood, but in fact, many male fish are very blue when they are young, but the adult fish become golden, and the female fish can basically keep the obvious blue. If the blue bottom is in a transparent cylinder, or a white cylinder, it is not obvious. In fact, you think it is good gold, in fact, the most fundamental is the blood.

This is the end of the introduction about how the arowana turns golden and how the golden arowana turns golden. I don't know if you found the information you need. If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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