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How to Feed Arowana to small fish

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Can arowana 18CM eat small Fish?

1. Yes. First of all, arowana feeding is usually divided into juvenile, middle and adult fish, with a juvenile length of less than 15 cm, a middle fish of 20-35 cm, and an adult of more than 35 centimeters. The number and quantity of feeding varies from period to period.

2. Fish fry should be removed if they are too big, and those with too sharp thorns or legs should be removed. About 15 centimeters of small goldfish can be fed with normal bread worms and shrimps (shrimp had better get rid of shrimp swords), or 5 centimeters of small fish. At this time, the arowana grows rapidly and eats an astonishing amount.

3. Arowana will eat small fish, so arowana can not be cultivated with small fish for a long time. Arowana can be farmed with medium and large fish, such as Devil Fish. The arowana usually swims in the upper layer of the fish tank, and the devil fish often moves in the lower layer of the fish tank. The mixed culture of the two can improve the viewing degree of the fish tank and reduce the sense of loneliness.

4. It should be possible. It mainly depends on whether the silver arowana is full. Another one, you'd better feed the fish a little smaller and buy that kind of small fry. If it is to buy Loach to feed, it is much better. You had a good meal.

5. About 15cm arowana can eat 2-3cm 2-4 small fish, 20cm arowana can eat 2-4cm 3-5 small fish, 30cm arowana can eat 3-4cm or even 5-6cm small fish, small can eat 6, big 4. However, it is not recommended to keep the arowana full for a long time.

How to raise silver arowana and its feeding skills

Feeding method: stabilize the water temperature, put a heating rod in the tank during the feeding period, stabilize the water temperature between 25-28 ℃; for water quality, you can choose weakly acidic water, the ph value of the water body should be stable between 0-5, and install a filtration system in the tank to reduce the frequency of water exchange.

In autumn, winter and summer, appropriate heat preservation or cooling measures should be taken to maintain the balance of water temperature in the fish tank. No matter how the seasons change, the breeding of silver arowana should pay attention to keeping the water temperature at 25-28 degrees.

Raise silver arowana should pay attention to: water temperature, Water quality, feeding, tank selection. The feeding skills of silver arowana are as follows: floating feed and meat matching. Silver arowana is tropical fish, they prefer to grow in a warm environment. Breeders can keep the water temperature between 25 and 28 ℃.

Water quality management. it is very important to keep the water quality clean. Change the water source regularly to avoid the accumulation of sewage and keep the water temperature appropriate. Using the right amount of water quality regulator can help control the water quality in the fish tank. Feed selection: provide high-quality feed for silver arowana, such as pellet feed specially designed for ornamental fish.

The feeding methods of silver arowana include water quality, water temperature, food, changing water and so on. The water quality of silver arowana is suitable to live in weakly acidic water, the PH value of water is 5 Mel 5, the content of nitrite and chlorine is basically 0, establish a good digestive system, oxygen supply and circulatory system, and maintain water quality. When opening the cylinder and changing the water each time, you need to trap the water first.

The following is an introduction to how to raise arowana and feeding skills. In the breeding environment of silver arowana, the water temperature should be between 25 and 28 ℃, the water quality should be kept clean, the pH value should be kept between 0 and 0, the oxygen content in the water must be sufficient, and the water flow rate should be appropriate.

Feeding methods of arowana

The best way to feed arowana: arowana prefer animal feed, in their infancy, breeders can feed them more animal feed. This can ensure their adequate nutrition and speed up their growth.

Animal feed: dragon fish eat animal feed is the best, more suitable for dragon fish to eat animal feed are small fish, shrimp, Loach, earthworms, cockroaches, centipedes and so on. You can also feed some red insects, protein insects, yellow powder insects, bread worms, lean meat, animal offal and so on.

For the more expensive arowana species, it is recommended to buy fish tanks to raise them separately, and it is best to buy intelligent fish tanks, try not to choose ordinary fish tanks.

How to feed the arowana?

1. What is the best animal feed for arowana: arowana is very suitable for feeding animal feed, because what they like most is animal feed. When artificial breeding, you can choose to feed them some small fish, shrimp, cockroaches, centipedes, Loach and other live bait.

2. The purpose of mixed breeding of one or more warm tropical fish, such as spray pineapple, blood parrot, etc., is to stimulate its competitive domineering and usually egotistical personality.

3. In family culture, we can use worms, shrimp, fish and vegetables as feeding food, and add appropriate amount of fish food and food to enhance the color of the fish, so as to better meet the nutritional needs of arowana. When raising arowana, we should pay attention not to overfeed, to avoid the deterioration of the water quality of the fish tank, and to control the amount of feeding each time.

How to feed the arowana to eat small fish?

1. Arowana is a carnivorous fish. from juvenile fish to adult fish, animal bait must be fed, and live food is the best. It is best not to feed a single bait. A nutritious menu should be developed to ensure its nutritional balance.

2. Arowana is a carnivorous fish. from juvenile fish to adult fish, it is best to feed live food, and it is best not to feed a single bait. A nutritious menu should be developed to ensure its nutritional balance. Small fish, shrimp, fish meat, sausages, fish rolls, artificial feed and so on can be fed.

3, how to feed silver arowana like animal feed, artificial breeding, need to feed them some highly nutritious food. Such as small fish, shrimp, Loach, tadpoles, water fleas, water earthworms, lean meat, animal offal and so on.

4. When feeding medium and large shrimp to the arowana, you should pay attention to cutting off the shrimp sword before feeding to prevent stabbing the larynx and stomach. Bait such as small fish or shrimp should be sterilized before feeding. It is appropriate to control the amount of feeding each time until the arowana is full.

5, arowana eat live fish is best, because they can enjoy the fun of hunting, but also can eat fresh food. More suitable for arowana to eat small fish have small goldfish, red swordfish, Zhu Wen Jin fish. Breeders can put live fish directly into the tank, and the arowana will hunt itself.

6, first of all, is the staple food of arowana: fish: newly bought small live fish, my method is to use dilute potassium permanganate blisters for 30 minutes, change water, clear water for 2 days, let the fish spit out dirty things. Or after treatment, put it directly into the refrigerator, melt it when used, and feed it to arowana.


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