Where is Baotou arowana Wholesale Market (how much is Baotou Fish Market per jin)


Where is the Baotou arowana wholesale market?

Where is Baotou arowana Wholesale Market (how much is Baotou Fish Market per jin) GOLDEN AROWANA Food for Sianlon Fish Farm

This article tells you about the Baotou arowana wholesale market where to sell, and Baotou fish market how much per jin of the corresponding information, hope to be helpful to you, do not forget to pay attention to our Xianglongyu Farm.

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Where is Baotou ornamental Fish Wholesale Market?

Li Yang Aquarium is wholesale.Where is the Baotou arowana Wholesale Market?Walk dozens of meters south at the intersection of Friendship Street and Boulevard Road.

Where is the Qingshan District Food Wholesale Market in Baotou

At the intersection of Culture Road and Hudermulin Street in Qingshan District (Castle Peak Food World)Where is the Baotou arowana Wholesale Market?Take buses no. 2, 10, 11, 22, 25, 131 and 134 in the cityWhere is the Baotou arowana Wholesale Market?Get off at the Castle Peak Mall.

Where is the aquatic product market in Baotou?

The Friendship vegetable Market in Kunming District of Baotou is the largest wholesale aquatic product market in Baotou.

Address: the intersection of Friendship Street and Democratic West Road!

It's full of things!

Where is the dragon fish wholesale market?

Guangzhou Qi Jutang.

Guangzhou Qijutang is a fishing ground with a good reputation. You can wholesale arowana here. The goldfish here are all imported from abroad. I personally went to Indonesia to choose them. They are sold directly in fishing grounds. They can be shipped, transported by air or by express all over the country, with good quality and many varieties.

Golden arowana is a kind of freshwater fish, at the same time, it is also a kind of fish of the genus osteoglossus, the volume of golden arowana is relatively large, the length of adult golden arowana is usually about 40 to 50 centimeters, golden arowana is ferocious, like to eat fish, shrimp and some aquatic insects, raise goldfish must use a larger fish tank, so that they can have enough room for activity.

Address of the largest live fish wholesale market in Baotou

Friendship Street, Kunming District, Baotou City. Friendship seafood wholesale market is now the largest live fish market in Baotou, which is located in Friendship Street, Kun District, Baotou City.

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