A brief introduction to the filter material of Aquarium equipment in Laiwu

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Filter material for aquarium equipment in Laiwu

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The working principle of Aquarium filter material is different, the effect is different, how to choose?

Glass ring is a derivative of ceramic ring. The main component of the glass ring is alumina. As an economical and efficient filter material, the advantage of glass ring compared with ceramic ring is that it is not easy to change color, and ceramic ring is easy to turn yellow and green after 2-3 months of use.

If you only look at the effect and price, it is recommended to use two-color cotton or white cotton. They have good filtering effect, but they are easy to deform and need to be replaced regularly. If you only see if it is convenient for cleaning, it is recommended to use a sponge. Although they are less effective in filtering, they do not need to be replaced frequently.

If the filter space is small, the upper filter, the side filter or the filter bucket should choose the filter material with large unit filtration area and small volume, and the bottom filtration with large filtration space can be more selective.

Top filtration: the filter placed on the top of the fish tank has a very small filter tank, as well as trickle boxes and filter boxes stacked with several boxes.

What filter material is used in the aquarium shop?

Bioceramic filter material bioceramic filter material is generally made of ceramic, quartz and other materials, the surface texture is rough, there are many small holes and micropores, providing a good adhesion area, which is conducive to the Reproduction and growth of bacteria.

Coral filter material is composed of coral, the main component is calcium carbonate, which can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of water through certain chemical reactions. The ingredients contained in coral filter media can also absorb impurities in water and play a filtering role.

The upper filter is placed in the upper part of the aquarium, and the water is pumped into the upper filter tank through a submersible pump, and the water flows back into the aquarium tank through the filter cotton, biochemical cotton and various filter materials, and then back to the aquarium tank by the outlet pipe at the bottom. Advantages: low price, simple structure, convenient cleaning and maintenance.

As an economical and efficient filter material, the advantage of glass ring compared with ceramic ring is that it is not easy to change color, and ceramic ring is easy to turn yellow and green after 2-3 months of use. The glass ring has the characteristics of ceramic ring, which can purify the water body, absorb the odor in the water and filter the water body. But the glass rings need to be cleaned, soaked and sterilized when they are bought back.

fish pond filter materials: brush, volcanic stone, oyster shell, coral sand, activated carbon, ceramic ring, biochemical cotton and so on. Matters needing attention in the selection of filter materials in Fish ponds should be selected according to their own conditions (Fish tank size, fish species, filtration methods, filter space, economic conditions, etc.).

Its distance is the same as the ceramic ring. It's just that the internal pores are much more than the ceramic ring, so the effect is a little better than the ceramic ring. Quartz sand is a kind of aquarium at the bottom, but it can also have a certain filtering effect. For the selection of filter materials, the use of multi-dimensions has the best effect.

On the selection of fish tank filter

Trickle filter (trickle filter) trickle filter is an integrated filter. To put it bluntly, it is the upper filter of the advanced extended version. It uses the same submersible pump and has nothing special.

Filter material choice physical filter cotton: like this kind of filter material, there are many kinds, and the hydrophilicity is also very good. They are mainly used in physical filtration. Biochemical filter cotton: generally have larger holes than filter cotton, they are hotbeds of nitrifying bacteria, with a good nitrifying bacteria system, the ecology of the fish tank can be balanced.

Family fish tank generally choose bottom filtration, water purification effect is good, but also can stabilize the water quality, no matter raising small fish or big fish is not a problem. In addition to the bottom filter, there are some filtering equipment, the common is the upper filter, which is simple to install and easy to maintain, but will occupy the upper space.

Choose the style with more power. The fish tank filter is the heart of a fish tank, and the quality of the fish tank filter is directly related to the result of the whole fish tank filter. If the filter power of the fish tank is not strong enough, the water in the fish tank will be very turbid. Among them, the general power of the fish tank filter selected by the side filter can not be less than 30W.

Which kind of aquarium filter is better?

1. Fish tank filter chooses bottom filter and plug-in filter for better filtering effect. The bottom filtration generally places the pump directly at the bottom of the cylinder, which can directly suck out the dirt in the bottom sand. In addition, it can also form a flow in the sand, so that the bottom sand is not deprived of oxygen. When the bottom sand has enough oxygen, it can make the aquatic plants grow more luxuriantly.

2. And the waterfall filter is relatively small and only needs to be hung on the cylinder wall, unlike the external bucket taking up space. The waterfall filter works well when it is first used, but the waterfall filter also has its drawbacks. Its drainage pipe is particularly easy to clog and needs to be cleaned from time to time. The external bucket occupies a large area, but the filtering effect is better.

3. There are many filters that can be used in a small fish tank, and the best one is the back filter. The back filter is installed on the back of the fish tank, which will not affect its appreciation, and the filtration space is sufficient, so it can put a lot of filter material, which plays a very positive role in maintaining the water quality.

4, fish tank wall hanging filter Jin Lijia, Sen good: Jin Lijia: filter oxygen output is large, the sound is very low, the quality is very good, it can remove the oil film on the water surface, make the water cleaner, and give the fish a healthier living environment. It's worth buying.

5. Jialushui is the product of Guangzhou Jialu Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2005. The company is committed to the R & D and production of aquarium products, including aquarium, aquarium equipment and landscape architecture.

What is the best filter material for aquarium?

1. Filter cotton. Cotton filter is also the most basic and primitive fish tank filter material, which can no longer be primitive. The function is very simple, that is, physical filtration, filter some of the food residue and fish dung at the bottom of the fish tank, and then clean it when it is dirty. Clean to can no longer clean, clean to this piece of filter cotton rotten, then replace it with a new one, very simple, easy to use and effective.

2, filter cotton: filter cotton is one of the most basic fish tank filtration equipment, it is generally used as a physical filter. It can filter out the residue of food and the feces of fish. In general, these things will be on the surface of the filter material, and so this kind of filter material can be used for cleaning, it is necessary to replace the new filter cotton.

3. Filter cotton: a kind of filter material of physical filtration, which can block the coarse impurities and feces in the water body, so that the water body can be filtered in the next step, and the filter cotton is a fiber body at the same time. Each fiber of it can also cultivate a certain number of nitrifying bacteria.


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