How long is the longevity of the arowana? (is the arowana delicious?)


Does the Arowana live long? how old is it?

How long is the longevity of the arowana? (is the arowana delicious?) Albino ReArowanad Dragon Fish

This article tells you about the longevity of the arowana and the corresponding information about whether the arowana is delicious. I hope it will be helpful to you and don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglongyu Farm.

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How long is the longevity of arowana?

It is recorded in the Aquarium that wild arowana is said to live for hundreds of years. In theory, the lifespan of animals is generally eight to ten times that of maturity, so the theoretical lifespan of arowana should be between 50 and 60 years.

The arowana, which lived at the same time as the dinosaurs hundreds of millions of years ago, still retains the body characteristics of ancient times, so it is called "fish living fossil". Now this ancient relic species has becomeDoes the arowana live long? how old is it?A new favorite in the aquarium. Arowana is precious, but it is not "hypocritical". It only ensures that it can live well with good water quality, adequate oxygen, appropriate temperature and food, and there is no need to deliberately take care of the arowana raised in the aquarium. Its life span is not comparable to that of ordinary ornamental fish.

Subjectively, the lifespan of a Fish is closely related to its body size and mature age. The older the fish are, the later the mature age is, and the longer the life span is. However, the lifespan of fish is also different. the lifespan of most fish is between two and 20 years, of which 60% of fish live between five and twenty years, and very few fish can live for more than 30 years. Arowana is a large tropical fish, so its life span is longer. The life span of arowana can be as long as several decades, and that of red arowana can be as long as 40 to 50 years.Does the arowana live long? how old is it?Silver arowana is shorter and generally lives only 20 years.

How many years is the life span of golden arowana? thank you.

Golden arowana can live for decades.

Beautiful hard-boned hyoid fish: also known as Asian Arowana, golden arowana. It belongs to an ancient primitive freshwater fish. Originated from Malaysia, Indonesia, Sumatra and other rivers and lakes. Adult fish are 40-50 cm long and can live for decades.

It has been developed as an ornamental fish since the middle of the 20th century. it has attracted much attention for its shiny metallic scale quilt, bright light (gold, red, etc.) and majestic manner, and its value has risen to the level of tens of thousands of currencies. become one of the most valuable ornamental fish.

Extended data:

The Pearl River Fisheries Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Fisheries Sciences successfully bred beautiful hard-boned hyoid fish (green dragon fish) for the first time. This time, 14 Azure Dragon larvae were hatched.Does the arowana live long? how old is it?Green arowana was successfully bred for the first time in mainland China under the condition of artificial domestication.

Green arowana has stringent environmental requirements for mate selection and reproduction, and artificial reproduction has not been achieved outside the country of origin. the project team is carried out in mainland China.Does the arowana live long? how old is it?The artificial breeding technology of green arowana has been studied for more than ten years.Does the arowana live long? how old is it?It not only lays the foundation for the formation of a systematic breeding technology system in the future, but also provides technical support for the protection and rational development of varieties.

Reference: beautiful hard-boned hyoid fish can live for decades-Baidu encyclopedia

The Pearl River Institute of Chinese Academy of Water Sciences successfully bred beautiful hard-boned hyoid fish for the first time-China Science Daily

How many years can the dragon fish live?

Question 1: how long can arowana live? Golden arowana can live as long as several decades, red arowana can live as long as 40 to 50 years, while silver arowana can live only 20 years.

The family Osteohyoideae is a kind of ancient large freshwater fish that existed as early as the ancient Carboniferous period more than 300 million years ago. later, with the movement of the earth's crust, it gradually dispersed them to all continents of the world, and now it is widely distributed in Asia. South America, Australia and Africa can find them. Because of its dignified manner, long and bearded body, scales with metallic luster, good at jumping out of the water very high to prey on small insects, very similar to the dragon in Chinese mythology, it is commonly known as dragon fish.

Question 2: how long can the arowana live? about 15 or 20 years.

Question 3: how many years can the golden arowana live? the length of the adult fish is 40cm to 50cm, and the life span can reach more than 20 years. If raised well, it can even reach 30 or 40 years. Golden dragon with back back is more powerful than red dragon fish. It mainly hunts live fish and shrimp, aquatic insects and even frogs and centipedes, especially cockroaches. Aquarium tank to raise small fish, shrimp (to cut off the xiphoid process), meat, bread worms, blood worms, etc., can also be fed artificial feed. Tap water with low pH6.5~7.5 requirements can be properly dechlorinated (exposure or increased soda), and soft water (boiling treatment) is better. The suitable water temperature is 23-29 ℃, which can be adjusted to 25 ℃ in winter. The general aquarium filtration device can meet the needs of raising golden arowana, and do not change water too frequently or too much, so as not to cause scales or fins to fall off (although it can be regenerated). It is appropriate to replace 1 stroke 4 each time. A submersible pump can be used to form a current in the fish tank to maintain the vitality of the golden arowana. The virus is less, generally not fatal, injury, infection can be treated with salt water, antibiotics.

This kind of fish is very sensitive to the sudden rise or decrease of water temperature, which can easily shock the nervous system, interrupt absorption and lead to death, so the constant water temperature must be strictly controlled. Especially when raising aquariums, the temperature difference between new and old water should not exceed 2 ℃ when changing water, and when new water is injected, it must be used to injection and spread out.

Question 4: how long can chili arowana live? Generally speaking, the lifespan of fish is related to its individual size and the age of sexual maturity. The larger the fish, the later the sexual maturity and the longer the life span. From this point of view, the whale, the largest fish in the world, should have the longest life span. Unfortunately, so far, people know nothing about its lifespan. The lifespan of fish varies greatly from species to species, but the lifespan of most fish is between 2 and 20 years, and 60% of them are concentrated in 5 to 20 years. Fish that can live for more than 30 years will not exceed 10%, and only 5% of fish can live less than 2 years. Golden dragon and red dragon have a long life. It can reach 40 won-50 years. Silver dragons are relatively short and generally live for only 20 years. For example, long-term high temperature feeding can easily accelerate the aging speed of arowana. It is said that there is a Malay family that has kept fish for more than 100 years, at least for decades. Of course, it depends on whether we have persistent love for them for such a long time.

Question 5: how long is the life span of arowana? The world's largest amphibian, the giant salamander, the world's largest animal is the blue whale.

The giant salamander, the largest amphibian in the world, lives in the mountains and streams of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and the middle and lower reaches of the Pearl River in China. Its appearance suddenly looks a bit like a child, and its cry is very similar to a child's cry, so it is generally called a baby fish. It is a precious animal unique to our country. As early as 2000 years ago, many books have mentioned that "salamanders have four feet, such as soft-shelled turtles and disease, fish body, and like feet, sound like a child's cry." Thus it can be seen that the giant salamander has long been known to people. Dollfish is not a fish, it belongs to amphibians. The body is flat and strong, the head is wide and round, the mouth is very large, and the eyes are very small. The limbs are short, especially the forelimbs look like a child's small arms, the tail is flat on the side, and the back is decorated with cloud spots of different sizes. An individual with a length of 2.1 meters and a weight of 65 kilograms was caught in Hunan. Baby fish generally live in mountain streams and rivers with swift currents, cool water quality, many stone cracks and caves at an altitude of 2000 meters. During the day, they often lurk in caves with flowing water, one at a time. They hunt mainly at night and often wait among the rocks at the mouth of the beach. They find that the food passes by, that is, they open their mouths and swallow them. Baby fish mainly feed on frogs, fish, snakes, shrimp and aquatic insects. It has strong hunger tolerance and will not starve to death if it is raised in cool water in 2023. The female salamander lays eggs in the rock cave and lays more than 300 eggs at a time. After laying eggs, she goes to play freely, and the rest of the task of raising the second generation is given to the male salamander. The male salamander curls his body into a semi-circumference and surrounds the eggs so as not to be washed away by running water or suffer enemy damage until the young salamander hatches. The lifespan of giant salamander is also the longest among amphibians and can live as long as 130 years under the condition of artificial breeding. The meat of giant salamander is white and tender and tastes delicious, so it is listed as a rare dish. As there were many people who did not know how to protect wild animals in the past, they were mercilessly overhunted, resulting in serious damage to resources in many areas, and some areas were on the verge of extinction. Now, our country has stipulated that baby fish must be protected.

Question 6: how long can fish live? The lifespan of goldfish is related to its feeding conditions and body physique. It is generally believed that the lifespan of goldfish is only 7 years old, but it has been observed that goldfish can live for more than 10 years or more under good feeding conditions. When the goldfish appears to be old, the ornamental value is getting lower and lower and there is no breeding value. Koi live a long life and are said to have an average age of 70. Among them, the oldest has a record of more than 200 years old. Because of its long life span, it is regarded as a symbol of good luck, so it is also known as Zhu Yu.

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Question 7: how many years can hexagonal arowana live Mexican blunt salamander is a very popular pet in the international market. They have an interesting name-"hexagonal dragon". Spotted salamanders and Mexican salamanders can live for 25 years.

Question 8: how big the golden arowana can grow in a year depends on how old you start to raise. In addition, the size of the fish tank is usually about 20CM. If the fish tank is larger than 1.8, 0.6, 0.7, you can go to 45CM a year later.

Question 9: how many years is the lifespan of silver arowana? the longevity of the arowana we have studied can generally reach 60-80 years. However, the life span of silver arowana is not so long. Silver arowana is also known as osseohyoid fish. dragon spit bead fish. Sclera fish. ribbon fish, found in Southeast Asia and the southern Amazon. This kind of fish's body is long band shape, the length can be up to 1 meter, generally speaking, its life span can be 6-7 years, of course, there are longer-lived silver arowana, can live up to 18 years.

The silver arowana is very agile, but its character is fierce and should not be mixed with any small fish. Silver arowana likes to choose a mate, so it should be raised in small groups. After five or six years of sexual maturity, it is easy to pair up and swim together. They like to live in weakly acidic soft water with high oxygen content and a temperature of 24-28 degrees.

But after more than 6-7 years, the silver arowana becomes slow to react when it is young, just like an old man, losing its ornamental ability. The long-term shock of the silver arowana does not necessarily affect its longevity, but it is easy to damage the dragon beard on its mouth and sometimes lose its scales. affect the viewing, so usually try not to let the silver arowana be frightened.

How long is the life span of golden arowana?

Golden arowana can live for decades.

Golden arowana, also known as Asian Arowana. Fierce temperament, mainly hunting live fish and shrimp, aquatic insects, frogs and so on. The golden arowana is covered in gold and has five layers of scales, similar to gold bars. It is very popular with Chinese businessmen and mainly takes its good fortune. In addition, there are several varieties of arowana in different colors: "red arowana", "green arowana", "yellow-tailed arowana" and so on. The golden arowana series is close to extinction and is a protected species.

Depending on the quality of a golden arowana, bead scales are also very important. Compared with a fish with bright pearl scales and low climbing back, and another fish with half bright pearl scales and six rows of all bright fish, it is a wise choice to choose the fish with all bright pearl scales, and the development of the fish in the later stage will definitely not be bad; if you choose six rows of all bright fish, it is very likely that anti-scaling will occur in the later stage.

Extended data:

The golden arowana, the young fish is characterized by a blue background with a light red band with a golden frame in the dot. after growing, the scale frame of the shallow menstruation will turn into golden yellow, and the golden blue or green scale will reach the fifth row of the scales, across the whole dark green back. the difference with red hair and angry gold is the difference between the angry part and the anal fin, while the back and the upper half of the caudal fin should be dark blue.

Source: Baidu encyclopedia-goldfish (beautiful hard-boned hyoid)

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