How does Douyu change the fish tank? how does Douyu change the fish tank?

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How does Douyu change the fish tank?

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How to change water for Douyu

1. Take some water from the Fish tank containing Douyu. Part of the water change rule is to scoop some water out of the betta tank and then replace it with fresh and disposed water. Use a neat ladle or other similar special tool to scoop 25% to 50% of the water from the fish tank.

2. Douyu can change the water every 3-4 days or 1-2 weeks, depending on whether there is a filtration system in the Fish tank. If there is a filtration system in the fish tank, change the water once a week or two. If there is no filtration system in the fish tank, you need to change the water more frequently and change the water every 3-4 days.

3. When changing water for them, first take a part of tap water or well water and put it in a clean container. If it's tap water, you need to expose it to the sun for a few days or use baking soda to remove chlorine.

4. How can Douyu change the water? there is no sun here. Tap water can be used at rest for a day. Change 1x3 at a time, not all of it. Even if you clean it up when there is poop at the bottom, Douyu likes the acid water quality of Gong. If he changes more water each time, it will make him uncomfortable, so 1gam3 is enough.

I just bought Douyu in Thailand. How should I change his water when I get home? I bought one before. I'm not used to it. I'm dead in the water. Please.

First change the water in the fish tank at home before you buy the fish. don't rush to pour the fish into the fish tank after buying it, first tie up the mouth of the bag containing the fish, leave some air inside, and then put the fish into the tank with water. Half an hour later, open the mouth of the bag and put the fish out of the tank, then you don't want the water in the bag.

Put aside the fish tank containing Douyu. Using water improvers to remove ammonia and other harmful substances from the water, water improvers are generally available in small pet stores. Read the instructions on the use of water improvers and apply the total number of water improvers according to the size of the fish tank. 2 make the water warm.

Tap water can be used at rest for a day. Change 1x3 at a time, not all of it. Even if you clean it up when there is poop at the bottom, Douyu likes the acid water quality of Gong. If he changes more water each time, it will make him uncomfortable, so 1gam3 is enough.

How to put Thailand Douyu's small fish fry into a big tank?

1. There is no conflict in raising small fish in large tanks. If you are worried about the filter sucking away the small fish, block it with a water leprechaun or water flower basket at the inlet to prevent the small fish from being sucked away. Besides, the fish will not be sucked if they are in good condition.

2. Now the small cylinder can add at most one bubble stone to increase oxygen, and the filter will not fit. If you change the big cylinder, you can buy a filter with the function of increasing oxygen. The filter is very important for fish culture. If the tank is 50-60, buy a filter of about 8 watts.

3. Clean the fish tank, put Douyu in the container containing the water in the old fish tank, and then start washing the fish tank. Test the water quality every week. Method 7: then enjoy the happy time with Douyu and get along happily with Douyu. Play with Douyu.

4. The fact is that if we want to raise them out of shape, the water temperature should be at least above 20 degrees, otherwise their hair color and condition would not be very good. Whether it is Thailand's Douyu or China's Douyu, the single-cylinder feeding method is the best.

5. When raising Douyu in Thailand, first of all, the water of new fish into the tank cannot be avoided. It is necessary to prepare a variety of bait and keep the fish tank clean every day.

6. The small fish in separate tanks can look at and look in the mirror every day to expand the tail and promote the growth. at the same time, maintaining weak acidity and softening water quality also has a significant effect on the growth of small fish.

... If I want to change it to a plant tank, how can I change it? Just put the fish in?

1. The fish tanks you just bought generally need to go through certain procedures to release the fish. It's usually like this.How does Douyu change the fish tank?Because the fish tank is newHow does Douyu change the fish tank?So pay attention to a few points.

2. Sand planting first spread about 3 centimeters of washed and sterilized fine river sand on the bottom of the fish tank, then plant the water plants into the sand and press the roots with pebbles to prevent the water plants from being washed up by changing water. Floating planting is to put the aquatic plants directly into the fish tank and let them float and grow. After the aquatic plants are planted in the tank, the management should be strengthened.

Question 1: how to raise the aquatic plants in the fish tank 1: most aquatic plants need bottom sand to take root, and they can not survive and reproduce without bottom sand, so choosing a good bottom sand can greatly reduce the difficulty of aquaculture.

4. This method of changing water should pay special attention to the water temperature. and it is best to choose a sunny day before 9: 00 in the morning. However, this method is generally only applicable to adult fish or older young fish, and larvae are not suitable for use. If conditions permit, before thoroughly changing the water, fill the spare pool (tank) with volt water, and then fish the fish directly into the spare pool (tank).

5. If the water is muddy, or if the goldfish is lack of oxygen, it should be changed immediately. Usually, it is changed every three or four days in summer, once a week in spring and autumn, and 1/3 of the original water body every half a month in winter. Fish tank goldfish water requirements. 1, change the water once a week, do not change the water too often. 2. Keep some aquatic plants in the fish tank.

How to reverse the cylinder for Douyu

1. Yes. Just put the fish in. Better put an oxygen stick. But Douyu won't live long. I can't keep a few of them. Maybe Douyu fights with each other because he has a lot of squares. He has a problem in his heart and slowly dies.

2. Soak the new fish together with the bag in the aquarium or fish tank for 15 minutes so that the fish can adapt to the water temperature of the fish tank. Open the bag after 15 minutes and use a thermometer to measure the water temperature in the bag to see if the two water temperatures are the same.

Prepare a container, such as a bowl or ladle. Put the prepared container into a large tank and use the power of the current to put the small fish fry from the original container into a bowl or ladle. Slowly move the bowl or ladle containing the small fish fry to the inside of the large tank and let it gradually adapt to the new environment.


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