Does the Luohan eat the snail? does the Luohan eat the field snail?

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Luohan fish eats snails

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What can Luohan fish eat?

Luohan fish can eat plankton, aquatic plants, algae, aquatic insects and so on, as well as some fish. The eating habits of Luohan fish are diversified, and the eating habits of different types and different body types are also different.

Bait because Luohan fish is omnivorous fish, in artificial culture, generally use some cereal, small fish, snails and other bait to feed Luohan fish. Among them, coarse grains such as wheat, corn and bean cakes are the main sources of feed.

Plant foods include vegetables, aquatic plants, water moss and so on, which are rich in vitamins and minerals and are very important for the healthy growth of Luohan fish. Animal foods include shrimp, fish, insects, etc., which can provide the protein needed by Luohan fish. It can be matched reasonably according to the individual size and quantity of Luohan fish to meet its food needs.

Animal feed: suitable for Luohan fish to eat animal feed are red worms, harvest shrimp, bread insects, water fleas and so on, these foods are rich in nutrition, and Luohan fish like it, breeders can be used as supplementary food to feed.

The feeding habit of Luohan fish is a kind of herbivorous fish whose main food is aquatic plants. In the natural environment, the Luohan fish will eat the leaves, stems, roots and flowers of all kinds of aquatic plants. In aquaculture, the main food is some green vegetables and plant feed, such as spinach, rape and so on.

What if the Luohan fish eats the field snail without spitting its shell?

1, the adult fish period, the body length is more than 20cm, this stage is full of vitality, the state is relatively stable, but the development of the forehead beads will have some ups and downs, this is a normal situation, the temperature can be maintained at 28 ℃, feeding twice a day, mainly formula feed, can be matched with a meal of fresh shrimp every week.

Second, the fourth is to use a mirror to look at your Luohan fish outside, and the consequence is the same as above. The fifth method of changing water. 1/3 a week, 2/3 in two weeks.

3. Bait because Luohan fish is omnivorous fish, in artificial culture, some food such as cereal, small fish and shrimp, field snail and so on will be used to feed Luohan fish. Among them, coarse grains such as wheat, corn and bean cakes are the main sources of feed.

4. Treat them in time. Environmental problems for Luohan fish that have just entered the tank, it takes a while to adapt to the new environment and usually does not eat in the first week. Don't change the water during this period of time. You can feed it slowly after you Adapt to the environment. In addition, if the water quality is not good, it will also affect its eating.

5. The first kind does not adapt to the changes of the environment. Just like us, it is easy to be unaccustomed to a new environment, so our newly bought Luohan fish have to stop eating for two days first, just to give it time to Adapt to the environment. At this time, Rohan should not eat, there is no need to worry; the second kind: indigestion.

What does Luohan fish eat?

1. Bait because Luohan is an omnivorous fishLuohan fish eats snailsIn artificial cultureLuohan fish eats snailsGenerally, some baits such as cereal, small fish and shrimp, field snails are used to feed the Luohan fish. Among them, in the grainLuohan fish eats snailsCoarse grains such as wheat, corn and bean cakes are the main.Luohan fish eats snailsThe source of feed.

2. The taste of Luohan fish prefers to eat foods rich in high-quality protein, such as shrimp, fish, insects and so on. They also prefer some soft and digestible foods, such as earthworms and water fleas. However, it should be noted that Luohan fish are herbivorous fish and do not like foods that are too rich in fat and salt.

3. Botanical bait Luohan fish is omnivorous fish, in which botanical bait is one of its essential foods. In the process of feeding, an appropriate amount of vegetables, fruits or fish grains can be used as the main food. There are many choices for vegetables and fruits, such as shredded radish, cucumber, celery, lotus root, watermelon peel and so on.

How much is appropriate to feed the Luohan fish at a time?

Generally speaking, the fish should be fed 2-3 times a day, each time 1-2% of the fish's body weight. Specifically, the appropriate feeding amount of Luohan fish can be determined by referring to the following factors: fish size: smaller Luohan fish are fed a small amount at a time, while larger Luohan fish are fed a moderate amount at a time.

Luohan fish need to be fed more in the fry stage, 4 times a day, can be fed to the stomach slightly bulging state. After the sub-adult period, you can reduce the amount of feeding, feeding 3 times a day, each time to 70% full.

The amount of feeding is generally according to the situation of the fish, the fish will not eat when they are full. You can try this. My Luohan fish is not big now, no more than 20 centimeters. I feed it three times a day, each time it can feed 20-30 tablets, and if it exceeds these, it will not eat. But remember, the excess bait should be fished out, or the ecology in the tank will be affected.

Usually, Rohan fish are fed twice a day, so it is very important to feed them regularly. The use of regular feeding can greatly improve the relationship between Luohan fish and breeders, and breeders can also judge the health of the fish by observing the activities of the fish every day.


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