Red arowana how to raise hair color best picture, red arowana breeding has a knack

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The best picture of how the red dragon fish grows its hair color.

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The secret of Arowana hair color

1. Install fish tank lamp: when raising golden arowana, it is best to install a LED lamp in the Fish tank, which can also promote their hair color. At ordinary times, you can also supplement them with natural light and promote their hair color.

2. proper conditions for maintaining light and environment if the hair color of Red Arowana is bleak, in addition to water quality, it is likely to be caused by the improper collocation of environment and lighting. The hair color of arowana mainly depends on the pigment accumulation of scales, so it is necessary to use light to induce the hair color of arowana.

3. Feed. Arowana is a carnivorous fish, from juvenile to adult Fish, must be given animal bait, in order to feed small fish is the best. Animal viscera, easy to harm the digestive system, can not be fed. The artificial full-price compound feed is mostly fed with shrimp feed (floating).

What is the correct breeding method of red dragon fish and how to raise it well?

1. To raise red arowana, you must first prepare a fish tank, which also requires a variety of equipment, such as filters, heating rods and oxygen pumps. In the daily feeding process, the water is usually changed at regular intervals to keep the water quality clean and hygienic. At the same time, pay attention to feed, usually use small fish and shrimp as food.

2, arowana feeding, first of all to eat less and more meals, the owner can choose to feed 2-3 times a day, or once a day in the morning and evening. Red arowana food choice and other arowana bait choice is no different, to achieve nutritional balance, not too simple.

3. Prepare a large enough fish tank and keep the water well. The fish tank is at least 5 meters long, 0.6 meters wide and 0.6 meters high, in case the fish tank is too small to hinder the growth of red dragon fish. The tank must be capped, because the red arowana belongs to the upper fish, capping can prevent the arowana from jumping out of the tank, falling or suffocating to death.

4. The culture methods of red arowana include fish tank equipment, regular change of water, feed and so on. Fish tank equipment to raise red dragons, we first need to prepare all kinds of equipment. As a tropical fish, the red dragon has certain requirements for water temperature, which must be kept above 24 ℃, so heating rods are needed in the fish tank. In order to maintain water quality, filters need to be installed.

How does the red dragon fish turn red?

To moderate plant lighting (take the 120cm long jar as an example, the 40w plant lamp intensity is just right with the red arowana hair color), moderate lighting is helpful to the arowana hair color. To increase the color thickness of the fish, you can use a 40w three-wavelength solar lamp for 24 hours.

Want it to quickly color, in addition to the water temperature, but also to maintain a stable water quality, and provide a certain amount of light exposure. The best color temperature of red arowana is 28-29 ℃. It is a kind of tropical fish and likes relatively hot water.

I believe that the greatest pleasure of raising arowana is that we can see that it gives us different changes at each stage. Natural hair color and natural gradual change is what I want.

There are many reasons why red arowana is not red, it may be that it has not reached the age of development, or the environment is uncomfortable, or it may be lack of nutrition.

Malaysian red arowana can be red, but the hair color process will continue to fade and increase until the Malaysian red arowana turns red completely. During the feeding period, the owner needs to feed more food rich in astaxanthin and carotene, stabilize the water quality, reduce the PH value, and properly add soft light irradiation, which is more conducive to color.

Hormones secreted by the subcerebral glands control the physiological activity of red and yellow pigment cells through the blood, but the speed of their action is much slower than that of nerve control of melanocytes.


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