Two-door fish tank bottom cabinet installation video (fish tank bottom cabinet assembly video tutorial)

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Two door fish tank bottom cabinet installation video

Two-door fish tank bottom cabinet installation video (fish tank bottom cabinet assembly video tutorial) Coarse Silver Plate

This article gives you a talk about the installation video of the two-door fish tank bottom cabinet, and the relevant information corresponding to the video tutorial of the Fish tank bottom cabinet assembly. I hope it will help you. Don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglong fish farm.

Contents of this article:

How to install an aquarium

How to install an Aquarium

First, the aquarium generally has a glass tank and a bottom cabinet, first put the bottom cabinet in a planned position, and ask for about 20 cm from the wall. II. Check the bottom cabinet again to see if there is any damage, if there is any missing parts, especially if the six support points at the bottom are firm. Third, and then to the bottom cabinet leveling, the simple way is to gently shake the bottom cabinet with your hand to see if there is any uneven situation; Fourth, the glass steel gently placed on the bottom cabinet, before and after adjustment, some people must only support the glass jar, so that there is no danger of adjusting to you. V. Cleaning glass fiber reinforced plastic. Six, the aquarium again leveling, the method is to add about 10 cm of water, observe whether the water level, to ensure that: the entire aquarium from one side to the other side, from the back to the front must be kept level, to adjust the bottom support point again, leveling with iron or plastic pieces.

How to install Sensen Aquarium?

The installation steps are as follows:

1. Put the bottom cabinet (if any) in a suitable position.

2. Put a soft cushion in the bottom cabinet (if any) or other place.

3. Place the master cylinder on the cushion.

4. Place filter tank (if any) in bottom cabinet (if any).

5. Install filters, lights and other self-contained equipment.

6, turn on the power, do not open.

7. Clean, disinfect and rinse.

8. Add water. Add other non-self-contained equipment.

9. Turn on the power supply. If the water pump is running normally, other equipment is normal. Installation complete.

How to install a split fish tank

Installation method is as follows,

1. Open the package. The tank is divided into two parts: tank body and cabinet. Do not lift the tank body onto the cabinet after opening the package. First use carton skin or foam evenly on the ground, and then put the cylinder on top, pay attention to the four corners of the fish tank, especially to have foam pads.

2. Install the upper and lower water pipes in the cylinder. Find the small black washer in the tank, pull out the black sleeve at the left rear corner of the tank by two-thirds, put the washer on the thread and wrap it with water tape. Then carefully twist the black thin upper pipe onto the thread. Tight enough, don't push too hard. (Because many fish tanks have brittle plastic joints, if you use too much force, you may break the joints.) Then push the black sleeve back to its original position and connect the elbow. The installation method of sewer pipe is the same as above, but there is no need to connect elbow. (Worried about joint leakage, you can directly apply glass glue at the threaded port) 3. Install the lamp tube. Lift the fish tank cover out smoothly and put it upside down. At the same time, rotate the lamp cap on the lamp cover and take it out. Put it on the lamp tube, then install the lamp tube on the lamp cover and tighten the lamp cap. 4. The test light is on. Turn on the lamp cover, turn on the power switch, and see if each lamp will light up. If not, please rotate the lamp under the premise of powering on and turning on the switch until the lamp lights up.

Living room has been buried into the drain pipe, custom-made bullet fish tank with bottom cabinet, this received fish tank found that the bottom cabinet is not perforated, there is no installation instructions, I do not know how to install?

1. How to install this fish tank?

Put the bottom cabinet in place and put it on the jar.

2. There is a big round hole at the top corner of the fish tank. Is this for water? Can we just place the fish tank hole directly at the tap?

See two big round holes, which are reserved holes for inlet and outlet pipes when installing filter bucket. The small hole is a grip for ventilation, heat dissipation and flip. Fish farming can not be directly with tap water, you stay on the wall faucet is a waste.

3. The bottom cabinet is not perforated. This drain pipe wants to hide in the bottom cabinet. What do I need to do?

The side of the bottom cabinet should have a blank or hole. No one drains water directly through sewers connected to fish tanks.

Take a look at my own design of the porch partition tank, I raised a tank of fresh water fish, a tank of sea fish also did not go to connect what water.

This is the end of the introduction to the two-door fish tank bottom cabinet installation video and fish tank bottom cabinet assembly video tutorial. Do you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to follow this site.


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