A brief introduction to the price of large fish tank cleaning equipment

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How much is the price of large fish tank cleaning equipment

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How to choose the right koi Fish tank

1. Choose the appropriate oneHow much is the price of large fish tank cleaning equipmentfiltration system is an important part of fish tank maintenanceHow much is the price of large Fish tank cleaning equipmentTo keep the water clean For koiHow much is the price of large fish tank cleaning equipmentIt is recommended to choose a more powerful filtration systemHow much is the price of large fish tank cleaning equipmentTo make the water body healthy and stable, and the fish can grow up healthily.

2. The finished cylinder is suitable for raising koi of different sizes, this kind of glass cylinder has good light transmittance, good filtration system, and low noise pollution of the water pump, which can provide a good living environment for koi.

3. To raise koi, you need to use a tank with good transmittance. The finished cylinder can be used, the light transmittance of the finished cylinder is good, and there is a good filtration system, which is suitable for breeding koi. If the length of koi is more than one meter, you can consider using an underground tank. The safety of the vat is high, and it is suitable for breeding large-scale koi. If the koi is relatively small, you can use a round cylinder.

4. The fish tank should be safe, and the load-bearing and pressure-bearing capacity of the fish tank itself should be good. Second, the depth of the fish tank should ensure that the koi will not jump into the tank. The fish tank should have enough space, the koi is lively and active, and the daily oxygen consumption is very large, so it is necessary to choose a larger fish tank.

The method of cleaning range hood for fish tank

Step 1: turn off the range hood and disconnect the power supply. Then remove the filter of the range hood. Step 2: put the filter into hot water, add an appropriate amount of alkaline cleaning agent, and then wash the filter thoroughly with a brush. When brushing, a soft brush can be used to avoid damaging the filter.

Alkali water and vinegar water are also very good cleaners, which can effectively remove the oil dirt adhered to the range hood. Usage: soak the oil stain with alkali water for a period of time, and then wipe it clean with vinegar water. It is easier to clean in this way, but be careful not to let lye and vinegar come into direct contact so as to avoid reaction.

Clean the oil: find a basin, put water, put some detergent, and then put enzymes, and then soak some oily things in it, and it will be easy to wash the next morning. As an air freshener: dilution ratio: 1: 1 000. Wash the range hood: press 1 part of enzyme: 1 part of washing liquid: 10 parts of water.

How to clean the fish tank? detailed explanation of fish tank cleaning steps

When changing water, pump half of the water out of the fish tank, and then wipe the four sides of the fish tank with a dishcloth. The moss on the side of the fish tank can be scraped off with an algae scraper. Then siphon the tire to suck out, so as to complete a simple cleaning.

There are many ways to clean a newly bought fish tank: using a scavenger to clean it, something yellow will be produced over time, but for the scavenger, he will stick his mouth on the glass and move to eat the dirt from some corners and dead corners. to make the fish tank clean.

How to clean the fish tank? Fish tank cleaning step: turn on the lighting system, check whether the biology and facilities in the fish tank are working properly, and check the turbidity and dirty condition of the fish tank. The fish tank cleaning step turns off the power and removes ornamental fish and other organisms such as aquatic plants.


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