There are pictures of sunken wood in the arowana tank, and the pictures are real in the arowana tank.

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Pictures of sunken wood in dragon fish tank

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of putting sunken wood in fish tank? is it good to put sunken wood?

Regulate water quality: sunken wood can affect water quality and provide some benefits. For example, they can release organic matter, help cultivate beneficial bacteria and microorganisms, and maintain the stability of water quality. In addition, sunken wood can also absorb some harmful substances, such as heavy metal ions, which plays a certain role in water purification.

Putting sunken wood in the fish tank can not only reduce the hardness of the water, adjust the acidity and basicity of the water, but also improve the overall ornamental value of the fish tank. Sunken wood placed in a fish tank can become a refuge for fish when they are frightened or disturbed.

The sunken wood in the fish tank can not only provide shelter for some fish, but also improve the water quality and make it show weak acidity. It should be noted that sunken wood can not be put in directly, otherwise it will be yellow water, although yellow water is not harmful to fish and shrimp, and it can even adjust the water quality and reduce the hardness of the water body, which is also very beneficial to the health of fish.

Self-made method of sunken wood in fish tank

The steps of making ordinary wood into sunken woodPictures of sunken wood in dragon fish tankChoose graceful rootsPictures of sunken wood in dragon fish tankIt is better to have the kind of tree root with high wood density, which is easier to sink into water. Preferably not fresh roots, which are dry for a long time or still in the soil but have been dead for a long time and have not rotted.

Roughly wash the sunken wood with a brushPictures of sunken wood in dragon fish tankBake the sunken wood on the surface with a gas stove, but do not bake it black to become carbon, otherwise you will lose the original color and burn the surface evenly.Pictures of sunken wood in dragon fish tankAfter natural cooling, boil in a larger pot, add white vinegar, preferably vinegar essence, and 200ML below 9 degrees.

Step 3: immediately find a bucket, cover the bottom with sand, put the "sunken wood" into the sand, soak for about a month, to tie the stone, sink in the underwater bubble. Step 4: endure until a month has passed, take it out, wash it, boil it in the pot for half an hour, and brush off the dirt on the surface.

Question 7: how to make your own sunken wood? The sunken wood in the fish tank doesn't need to be carbonized. Boil it in water and soak it. First tie it to the wood with stones. It may sink after soaking for half a month.

Can I put sunk wood in the Arowana tank? what should be prepared in the tank?

You can't put sunken wood in the arowana tank, because the arowana is relatively large, so it is easy to hit the sunken wood when hunting, and it is best not to put other large decorations. In addition, sunken wood soaked in the tank for a long time will release lignin, causing water pollution, which will be harmful to arowana for a long time.

Can be put, the survival of Red Arowana needs weak acid to neutral water quality, hardness requires soft water, sunken wood is appropriate.

You can't put sunken wood in an arowana tank. Arowana is easy to be frightened, jump, hit the tank, is a frequent occurrence, if frightened, the speed of the arowana is very fast, even if you are a 2-meter tank, there is no guarantee that the arowana will not be hurt.

You can put sunken wood. Most fish can be made of sunken wood. Sunken wood tied to water banyan, a simple landscape is very good. The effect of rhododendron root in dragon vat is better than that of sunken wood.

The original ecological environment of the arowana is the Amazon River Basin, and the remnant branches and leaves at the bottom of the river are piled up like a forest, so putting a few pieces of sunken wood in the fish tank has nothing to do with it. As long as it does not affect the outlook, the sunken wood can also fine-tune (reduce) the PH value of the water in the fish tank to help purify the toxic substances in the water.

You can as long as your fish tank big sunken wood is not too high, choose a shorter one, the golden dragon will be fine upstream of the water, you can remove the place with sunken wood edges and corners manually, and you can also put it in the tank. It's better to raise a pot of water plants in the water, but not too much is interesting.


How to use the arowana panacea?

Make do with it.

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