What is the principle of the fish tank water purification agent (what is the effect of the fish tank water purification agent)

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What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?

What is the principle of the fish tank water purification agent (what is the effect of the fish tank water purification agent) Slicefish

This article gives you the relevant information about the principle of the Fish tank water purifier and the role of the fish tank water purification agent. I hope it will be helpful to you and don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

The contents of this article:

Is fish tank water purifier harmful to fish?

Fish tank water purifier is always a chemical, if you useWhat is the principle of fish tank water purifier?If it is not good, it will hurt the fish. The function of water purifying agent is to make the fine suspended particles in the cylinder which can not be solved by filtration make use of the attraction principle of positive and negative charge to make the coagulation larger so as to achieve effective filtration or sedimentation. BenefitsWhat is the principle of fish tank water purifier?The removal of suspended impurities, including some harmful bacteria, is beneficial to the water quality, prolongs the water exchange time, and is beneficial to viewing. After adding water purifying agent (high-grade fish should choose high-grade water purifying agent, with instructions for use), you will usually see that it is more mixed than when it is not added, which is its function. It is necessary to strengthen the filtration (the water in the tank must be circulating), change the filter cotton frequently (the condensate product is sticky, easy to block the filter cotton, and change it in time), it will become clear gradually after about 4 hours, and the water will be very clear after 24 hours, that is, to achieve the goal.What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?! If the filtration is not enough, the cleaning time may be longer, and the condensed bacteria may have some effects on the fish. If there is no filtration or the water is motionless (that is, the so-called stagnant), no water purifying agent can be used, and a large amount of its deposition will seriously affect the water quality, and it is easy to be swallowed by the fish, which will cause serious consequences.What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?! This is the disadvantage of bad use!

What brand of water purifier should be used in the fish tank?

Fish tank water purifying agent water purifying king has a good brand.

The main ingredient of water purifier commonly used in fish tanks is alum. The principle of water purification is that the impurities in the water can be glued together, and then precipitated to the bottom of the fish tank, and finally through the fish tank filter, the impurities precipitated to the bottom of the fish tank are removed, and then physically filtered on the filter cotton. finally achieve the effect of purifying the water quality of the fish tank.

Although it shows that the toxic amount of alum is very small, but once the amount of any small thing accumulates, it also has an impact to a certain extent, so it can not be used often.

Precautions for clean water in fish tank:

1. Stable pH

Anyone who has raised marine ornamental fish knows that it is extremely important to maintain a stable pH in the aquarium. Because the pH of the water in the aquarium will decrease due to the residue of nitrite and nitrate, it must be tested regularly to prevent the water quality from getting worse, resulting in fish discomfort and infection.

We should know that most of the common large and small white spot diseases of marine ornamental fish are infected because of excessive changes in pH. Special attention should be paid to: during drug treatment, we should adjust pH and correctly monitor its changes, so that it will be easier to control the white spot disease of marine fish.

Generally speaking, the concentrations of pH, nitrite and nitrate should be tested in the aquarium every two weeks, and the pH should be maintained between 7.9 and 8.3. If it is a newly established seawater aquarium, it is best to test pH more times.

When the pH of the water in the aquarium rises or decreases, it can be adjusted by alkalinizing agent (increasing pH) or acidifying agent (lowering pH), but it should be carried out slowly, not rising or decreasing too much at once, generally not more than 0.1. if the adjustment exceeds 0.1, it can be carried out many times and gradually adjusted to the required pH. However, if the pH comes down soon after the aquarium water is adjusted, it will remind you that the water cluster tank needs to be changed.

2. Regular partial change of water

Nitrate can not be decomposed by nitrifying bacteria, and some removal methods are too expensive. When nitrate accumulates to a certain extent, it will lead to a large number of algae such as Phaeophyta, hairy algae, filamentous algae, brown algae and even red algae. This not only affects the beauty of the aquarium, but also causes certain damage to fish or organisms, and then destroys the ecological balance of the aquarium, leading to flooding, which must be said to be serious.

Therefore, in the daily management, it is necessary to change the water regularly and replace 10% of the sea water every month (using a sand and gravel suction to pump the dirty water under the sand). Pay attention to adding new sea water slowly and pumping it in with a thin tube to avoid changing the water quality too quickly and stimulating the fish.

Is the effect of fish tank water purifying agent good?

A few days ago, a friend happened to catch up with the sales promotion, bought a box of fish tank water purifier, and told me that it was very good, so he hoarded more goods because of the low price. Fish tank water purifier does play a great role in restoring clarity to water quality, and can even make the water clear directly, but is it really not harmful to the ornamental fish in the fish tank? What is the ingredient in the fish tank water purifier that can quickly make the water clear?

The composition of fish tank water purifier is relatively simple, and the main ingredient of most fish tank water purifier is alum. This thing is very common, and there is even such a process in the treatment of tap water. The biggest function of alum is that it can glue the impurities in the water together and turn it into a large substance, which can precipitate directly.

Therefore, when the water purifier is put into the fish tank, the alum will work quickly to glue the impurities in the fish tank together, so that there will be less impurities floating in the water, so the water will be clear. When the precipitated impurities are precipitated, they can be filtered through the filter of the water tank, so that the water tank is very clear and clean.

In a word, the principle of fish tank water purifying agent is very simple, but the effect is very good. Judging from the sales of fish tank water purifiers, we can see their popularity. However, I would like to remind you that although the effect of fish tank water purifier is good, it is not recommended that you use it frequently.

Because the accumulation of any slightly toxic substances can lead to serious consequences, especially in the small area of the aquarium, the impact will be multiplied. Alum is not a toxic substance, but it is slightly toxic after all. This micro-poison is nothing to our size, but it may be a little more toxic when it is infinitely reduced to the size of ornamental fish.

If people think that the fish tank has become muddy, it can be improved by changing water or exploding oxygen to make it safer and more reliable. It is better to purify water in a more natural way than with various additives, don't you think? What method do you usually choose to improve the muddy water quality of the fish tank?

Can I put water purifier in the fish tank?

Water purifying agent uses ion complexation.What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?The chemical principle ofWhat is the principle of fish tank water purifier?, complexing and precipitating organic matter in water. This is a chemical way to raise ornamental fish. No one uses water purifier among all old fish friends, and this kind of product has appeal only among new fish friends. Your fish tank has a filter, if the feeding density is OK, why will the fish tank become muddy after a few days? because you have to feed, the fish have to excrete, breathe and secrete, so the fish tank is mixed.What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?Yes, but why didn't you solve the problem with a filter? Because it is a new filtration system, it has not yet entered the best state of physical filtration and ecological filtration. You put the water purifier has a little effect, because, chemical ions complex with organic matter, precipitate, be absorbed by the filter, the filtration system may not be very good and re-enter part of the complex in the water. Do not put water purifying agent in the future, because that is not the right way to solve the problems faced by fish farming. It is not good for fish, but also has an impact on the environment, the key is that it is wrong in theory. In fish culture, the filter is the key to raise water, maintain water quality, ensure the balance of dissolved oxygen and water temperature during heating. Filtering system to solve the problem. First of all, there should be a high-quality muted XXXX [L] hourly flow filter that matches the size and density of the fish tank. Secondly, it is necessary to establish a filtration system, which is divided into physical filtration and ecological filtration. Physical filtration is the performance of your filter cotton to intercept dirt. Ecological filtration is the growth of bacteria on the pores of your filter cotton, magnetic rings and biochemical balls. These bacteria decompose the organic matter in the fish tank step by step, and eventually become the process of nitrogen volatilization. Your filter cotton should have many layers, and it is the kind of filter cotton that is very fluffy, thick and properly stiff. Don't put the kind of filter cotton that is soft, dense and delicate. Because it is easy to paste to death, it is necessary to always wash, and it is not easy to wash, which is disadvantageous to the growth of bacteria. Below you can put some magnetic rings, biological beads, biochemical balls, coral sand, and other filter materials that can guide water and grow bacteria, which means that your filter is very large, if it is very small and not deep, you do not need to put these things, why? Because the selling point of these so-called good things on filtration is that there are gaps for a large number of bacteria to grow, but filter cotton also has a large number of pores for bacteria to attach and grow. It can still be cleaned when it is burned to death, so there is no need for the small filter to put these things, just put it.What is the principle of fish tank water purifier?The kind of cotton I'm talking about is fine. Why do large filters, such as side filters, have to be put? because these things conduct water very well and can grow certain bacteria. Easy fish farming, you usually feed some reliable fish food, at first, feed less, if the fish is healthy (usually we can't raise live fish because the fish we bought are unhealthy) you use the kind of fluffy, thick and stiff filter cotton I'm talking about, put a few more layers, but don't squeeze it hard, the water quality will slowly clear after two days, and the fish that just came in the first place can be fished out with medicine bath to control diseases. And draw out part of the water, and then according to their own experience, wash cotton, add water, and partially or completely change the water. The situation is good generally can last a few months, wash cotton, the kind of cotton I said sometimes doesn't have to be washed even if you see it dirty, as long as you don't have to wash it, you don't have to wash it, thinking that there are bacteria growing inside, and at this time, the surface is no longer a smooth filament. there are things attached to it, and the filtering effect is better, which is why new cotton often doesn't work well. When washing cotton, the dirty surface should be washed, you can leave a relatively clean one on the bottom layer, and put it on the surface, or you can wash this cleaner cotton quickly, wash it lightly, simply rinse it, and put it on the surface, because you need to leave a kind of bacteria to save time for re-growth. You can also buy some dried nitrifying bacteria powder to put in it, but the fish tank without disease has not used medicine, the water is very clear, and this dry powder does not always need to be put, because there are already living bacteria, but for the first time and the first two times, it should be particularly sufficient for rapid reproduction and foothold. the key is to overwhelm the harmful bacteria. The filter pump can be larger than small while reducing the noise as much as possible. many pumps have oxygen vents, which is the source of noise, and affects the power, reducing the amount of water passed by the filter matrix and bacteria, and smashing fish dung and organic matter to increase the difficulty of filtration. The fish tank should have a continuous supply of fully dissolved oxygen, which can be solved by the flow of water driven by the filter and the bubbles that rush into the water, so open the top cover of the fish tank filter to facilitate the intake of the fish tank without spraying oxygen and buckle the lid. The old tank can go back to the fish shop to buy a lid or burn a section of the tube to press and block the nozzle, or you can buy a two-watt mute pump for additional oxygen. But this is not suitable for arowana tank, please don't get me wrong, because it is necessary to create fluid to exercise, keep in shape, increase charm, and dexterity, increase transparency and safety of large fish. Therefore, the dragon cylinder can also put one to several flow pumps. ] In short, your fish tank will be clear in a few days, and it will be green in a few days on the windowsill. Don't put water purifier in the future.

This is the end of the introduction about the principle of fish tank water purification agent and the function of fish tank water purification agent. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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