How much does an Indonesian red arowana cost?


How much does an Indonesian Red Arowana cost?

How much does an Indonesian red arowana cost? Indonesian Tiger(4)

This site is a website about the aquarium industry, this article gives you an introduction to the price of Indonesian red Arowana how much money a ah, and Indonesian red arowana how to raise red corresponding information, hope to help fish friends, thank you for paying attention to our Xianglong Fish farm.

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How much is the Price of red arowana?

Prices vary from 2000- 20000 depending on the appearance, genes, etc.

The price difference of red arowana is relatively large, mainly depending on the variety of red arowana. Under normal circumstances, the same red arowana, but different varieties, red arowana prices may differ tens of thousands of yuan. Red arowana, according to color can be divided into orange, pink, deep red and blood red four kinds, the darker the color, the more expensive its price, especially the blood red dragon is the most expensive.

However, the price of red arowana depends on whether its back is glowing and whether it is over the back. Generally speaking, the price of a red arowana that is both glowing and over the back is more expensive than a red arowana that is not glowing but over the back, about two to three thousand yuan higher.

Again, the price of red arowana also has a lot to do with its feeding costs. Red dragon fish is carnivorous fish, mainly feeding loach and grass carp meat bait, feed cost is about 3 yuan a day.

In addition, red arowana on the water quality requirements are relatively high, suitable water temperature should be at 28 degrees Celsius, so you need to buy the best temperature control effect of the fish tank, the market price is usually around 5,000 yuan. In daily feeding, feed fee, water fee plus electricity fee, the daily cost price is almost 10 yuan, 3650 yuan a year, calculated down to the first year of raising red dragon fish costs 8650 yuan.

Life span of red arowans:

Red arowans are large, generally growing to 40 - 50 cm, and some can grow to 70 cm, some red arowans can live more than ten years, while some red arowans can live to 40 - 50 years. However, the life span of the red arowana is not absolute, which is closely related to the water quality environment in which it lives, the breeding methods and habits of the breeder, just like the life span of people or other pets is not absolute, which is affected by their own physical conditions and many external factors.

Finally, of course, do not rule out the price of red arowana and business speculation, so when buying red arowana must have the eyes to identify the red arowana, do not believe in other people's rhetoric!

Arowana is the most expensive tropical fish.

At the International Fish Show in Singapore, a wealthy Japanese businessman bought a blood-red arowana for 600,000 US dollars, which is equivalent to nearly 5 million yuan, so this fish has become the most expensive ornamental fish in the world. It is said that the original owner spent a full four years to cultivate this blood-red arowana.

The most expensive ornamental fish in the world

Generally speaking, Indonesia is the best origin of red arowana, but modern artificial breeding technology is very developed, so in Malaysia and Singapore also appeared a lot of high-quality red arowana figure, gradually Singapore has also become a distribution center of high-quality red arowana, just in 2004 held here in the international fish exhibition appeared such a price of 5 million yuan red arowana, a new ornamental fish industry record.

This red arowana was the most expensive of the species. Although it weighed less than 2 kilograms, it could be said that it had dominated the exhibition. Everyone's attention was on it because this red arowana was of very rare quality and had fully matured. According to the original owner, it took him 4 years to cultivate it, and now this fish had a beautiful purple color.

Moreover, the head of this Blood Arowana was in excellent condition. It was slightly raised and looked like a king. Therefore, it could be said to be the best of the best Arowana. Therefore, the competition during the auction was very fierce. In the end, it was bought by a Japanese businessman for an astronomical price of 5 million yuan. It was also considered very valuable. After all, this fish was almost as precious as the most expensive turtle in the world.

The most expensive food fish in the world

In fact, in addition to ornamental fish, there is also a kind of edible fish, among which there are also high-priced, the most expensive kind of edible fish is a 160 jin money fish, finally sold to fish dealers at a sky-high price of 3 million yuan, which means that the unit price of this kind of money fish reached 18,000 yuan per catty, can be called Hermes in fish ah!

How much is the price of red fish?

Hello, red dragon price must buy at least 1W above (ten thousand is a hurdle to buy red dragon, step through this hurdle, basically can pursue to the quality of the red dragon), correct its reason red dragon relative to the golden dragon growth and development period is longer, 3-5 years after at least 2 rounds of development will gradually enter the good state, if the price is too low, not only a waste of money, but also a waste of your most precious time.

How should red arowana be classified and how much should the market price be?

The red arowana is called Schleropages formosus and its English name is Red Arowana. The red arowana is native to Kalimantan in western Indonesia. Kapuas River and Sentarum Lake in Kalimantan are the main producing areas of wild red arowana. The red arowana is an ancient fish. It is a very special way of reproduction by laying eggs by female fish and incubating and nurturing in male fish mouth. The red arowana is not able to reproduce in China now, and the red arowana in each aquarium is also imported, so the price of red arowana is relatively expensive.

The shape of the red arowana is similar to that of the golden arowana, but what is more prominent is the red print block on its operculum, embedded in the pointed head of the red arowana. The hair color time, speed and depth of the print block also reflect the overall hair color of the red arowana to a certain extent. Each fin and scale frame also have orange, pink, red, red different colors, anal fin has 9-12 small spacing of the peduncle, caudal fin has 5 peduncle bones, the same spacing is also small, the rear three fins are uniform red. The red arowana will also appear unusual red under the light due to the superposition and reflection of pigment cells on the scales. The red is attractive, the red is transparent, and the red makes people unable to move their eyes away. This is also the charm of red arowans. A tail shape domineering hair color perfect red dragon fish is very rare, there were 2.68 million worth of red dragon fish sold. Excellent red arowans not only had to have a very pure bloodline but also had a certain amount of cultivation. They had strict requirements in terms of growth environment, feeding, water quality, etc. Generally speaking, Red Dragons were 80 to 90 centimeters long. It was not easy to raise Red Dragons. Only some experienced players would raise Red Dragons to this length in the aquarium. There are many red arowans in the market, such as chili red arowans, red arowans, orange red arowans (No.2 red arowans), purple red arowans, including No.1 and semi-arowans, etc.

Red arowans were divided into chili red arowans, red arowans, and orange red arowans. There were grades. The higher the grade, the higher the natural price. Among the red arowans, chili red arowans were the best, because they were not ordinary red and because they were rare, the number was also small.

According to the background color and scale frame of red dragon fish, there are blue bottom red dragon fish, green bottom red dragon fish, red bottom red dragon fish, Thick frame red dragon fish and Thin frame red dragon fish.

Market prices are different, mainly by looking at the appearance, from thousands to tens of thousands. Brands are also more, such as Boga, etc. Recently Boga also has activities in the fish neighborhood, 50% off it, you can go to the dragon top fish neighborhood to see.

About the price of Indonesian red arowana how much money a ah and how to raise Indonesian red arowana red introduction to the end of this, do not know you find the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to follow this site.


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