Why does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water (does the fish tank oxygen pump use much electricity)


Why does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?

Why does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water (does the fish tank oxygen pump use much electricity) Albino Great White Shark

This site is a website about the aquarium industry. This article introduces why the motor of the Fish tank oxygenation pump needs to soak water, and the corresponding information about how much electricity the fish tank oxygen pump uses. I hope it will be helpful to the Fishers. Thank you for following our Xianglong Fish Farm.

The contents of this article:

The problem of fish tank oxygenation pump

Can you cheer me up before? Then check that there is a small branch on the outlet of the pump, which is the air intake. There is an adjusting knob at the other end of the plastic pipe connected to it, which can adjust the size of the air intake. Is it closed now? In particular, it is necessary to check that the small plastic pipe at the air intake should be exposed above the water surface. If it is accidentally immersed in the water, there will be no air blowing.

What's going on with the water in the oxygen pipe of the fish tank pump?

If the pump is put deep, there will be water, and if the nozzle is blocked, it will come in. Turn off the pump for a while, otherwise it will only be ventilated.

Outlet pipeWhy does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?Because the outlet pipe is not smooth and the pressure is too high, it leads to the outlet of the air inlet. First, the power outage of the pump, pull out the intake pipe, blow out the water in the pipe, then lift the pump out of the water surface, insert it into the intake pipe above the water surface, and then put the pump back into the water, and the pump is electrified.

Extended dataWhy does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?:

The oxygen pipe of the fish tank filter pump is inserted into the filter pump and the other end is out of the water to provide oxygen. There is no need to buy oxygen stone.

The filter pump forms a negative pressure when the oxygen pipe is inserted into the path of the filter pump during the water cycle. under the force of the negative pressure, the air is pumped into the jet flow of the circulating pump, and the oxygen is dissolved into the water in this process.

It should be noted that the shallower the filter pump is from the water surface, the greater the suction to the air, and the deeper the filter pump is from the water surface, the smaller the suction to the air. If the filter pump is too deep from the water surface or the oxygen pipe is not clean enough to cause blockage, the air entering the water will disappear. Observing the jet flow of the filter pump can directly judge the amount of air flow.

Air flow for a long time filter pump jet water is full of bubbles, clearly visible. The smaller the air flow, the fewer bubbles in the flow, and if there are no bubbles, the jet flow of the filter pump is no longer visible.

Precautions for using oxygen tube:

1. It can be used when the normal voltage is greater than or less than 15%.

2. If the power cord is damaged, please disconnect the power immediately.

3. Please clean the rotor and water blade regularly.

4. Before using it, the user must check whether the rated voltage of the pump is consistent with the actual voltage.

5. When installing or removing and cleaning the water pump, you must first unplug the power supply and cut off the power supply to ensure safety.

6. filter baskets and filter cotton should be cleaned frequently to ensure normal water intake and good filtration effect.

7. to protect the pump body, if there is any rupture, please stop using it immediately.

8. The maximum immersion depth of the pump into the water is 0.4 meters.

As soon as the oxygen pump in the fish tank starts to work, there are a lot of bubbles in the water.

The problem of water quality, if we say that the bubbles are small and will disappear soon, it proves that the water quality is not bad! If there are big bubbles and do not disappear soon, then it proves that the water quality has been polluted and needs to be changed!

The change of water must be trapped for more than three days, longer in winter, and the temperature difference between the water and the fish tank should not exceed one degree.

Usually change 1/3, no more than half at most. Skin rot and gentamicin, if the tropical fish water temperature raised to 28 degrees, slowly will be effective. When the symptoms disappear, slowly change the water, change a small part at a time, the water temperature drops to the normal temperature at the rate of one degree every two days.

Extended data

Fish tank oxygen pump and filter are integrated, called three-in-one built-in filtration, but because of more consideration, the filtering effect is very limited.

Fish tank filter is a device for purifying water and replenishing oxygen in fish culture utensils. Its purpose is to remove feces and other dirt in the water, keep the water clear, oxygen sufficient, no harmful substances, no pollution, and suitable for the growth of fish. Only when there is a good filter in the fish tank, can we raise the fish well and change less water.

The fish tank oxygen pump is an air pump that compresses the air into the water and passes through the windpipe and air stone to form bubbles in the lower layer of the water body and then automatically float to the surface of the water. In this process, more water and air contact surfaces are greatly increased to improve the dissolved oxygen in the water. And in this process, it can effectively promote the flow circulation during the exchange of the upper and lower layers of the water.

If you want to combine the fish tank oxygen pump and the fish tank filter into one, there are only two kinds on the market at present, one is the three-in-one fish tank filter with internal circulation and weak filtration function, and the other is that an air tube is installed in the pump of the finished drip filter box to use water flow to drive air into the water.

Fish tank oxygenation pump intake

As long as the oxygenation pump is not in water.Why does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?The kind of submersible pumpWhy does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?As long as the coil inside is not burnt outWhy does the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump soak in water?It can be dried and reused.

If it is a submersible pump, never use it again.

For insurance, it is recommended that you buy another oxygenation pump, fish adapt to the high oxygen environment, once no longer add oxygen, will soon show discomfort.

This is the end of the introduction of why the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump is soaked in water. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about whether the fish tank oxygen pump uses much electricity and why the motor of the fish tank oxygen pump is soaked in water, don't forget to look for it in this site.


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