Red ascites tiger fish breeding method, red ascites tiger fish how to raise

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The bigger the red ascitic tiger, the uglier it gets.

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Ask ornamental fish expert: I kind of red ascites tiger fish (piranha).

water quality and temperature. The normal temperature for feeding red-bellied piranhas is between 22 and 28 degrees Celsius, and if it is necessary to promote Feeding and reproduction of red-bellied piranhas, the temperature can be controlled between 26 and 28 degrees Celsius. However, in hot summer areas, pay attention to temperature regulation.

Don't change the water frequently, and don't leave any bait in the tank. The fourth is red ascites tiger Fish have timid this characteristic, sometimes scared even lying flat at the bottom of the tank. But nothing will happen. Pay attention to the first three points. It will be fine soon.

Container: It is necessary to prepare containers according to the number of breeding, and it is best to use slightly larger containers. Feeding: Fish and meat can be fed. Young fish can be fed two or three times a day, adult fish can be fed once or twice a day. Don't feed too much.

How to raise red ascites Tiger fish

1. Water tigers try to feed and disinfect as much as possible in feedingThe bigger the red ascitic tiger, the uglier it gets.foodThe bigger the red ascitic tiger, the uglier it gets.Or frozen shrimp, red worms and other foodsThe bigger the red ascitic tiger, the uglier it gets.The nutrition is balanced, and the strength is not directly fed to live bait, because there are often many bacteria in the bait, which leads to water tiger infection diseases.

2, feeding red ascites Tiger fish to maintain stable Water quality. The water temperature should be between 22-28 degrees Celsius, and the water must be weakly acidic. The frequency of water change should not be too high. Feed bait can not be too big can not be blood, preferably small fish and shrimp.

3, very easy to raise, I have been raising, raised more than 20. Pay attention to the following questionsThe bigger the red ascitic tiger, the uglier it gets.Red belly is P attribute fish, P attribute is gregarious, so it is usually 8 to raise.

4, fish tank layout can choose Chen Mu plus sediment, weak acid water if you want to be fierce, it is recommended to feed live food from childhood, with red worms, nematodes.

5, red belly is P attribute fish, P attribute is gregarious, so generally 8 from breeding.

How do you raise piranhas?

Temperature. Although they can withstand a certain low temperature, it is recommended to control the temperature when raising them. Generally, they should not be lower than 20 degrees Celsius. It is best to maintain the temperature at about 24-26 degrees Celsius all year round. Feeding.

Raising any fish requires attention to water quality, temperature and food, and since most piranhas grow in the murky waters of the Amazon, it doesn't feel particularly difficult to raise.

Sharp-toothed, grumpy, and unfriendly to other fish, avoid breeding with other fish. They are not friendly to the same kind and ecological environment, and cannot be released directly. It is recommended that novices try not to breed them. Red ascites tiger how to raise water temperature must be maintained between 22-28 degrees Celsius, can not exceed 30 degrees.

Indian piranha how to raise water temperature: suitable for breeding Indian piranha water temperature is generally between 24-26°C. However, it cannot be lower than 20°C. This temperature range is very suitable for their survival and reproduction. The constancy of water temperature is extremely important to them.

Light. Light not only directly affects the growth and development of Garasin water tiger fry, but also the speed of sexual maturity and the effect of fry color are closely related to care. Sufficient light can accelerate the growth and development of the Galacine tiger, and the right color of light will promote the hair color of the Galacine tiger.

Red ascites tiger I have four, how to change true and false

Cold-water organisms are not as abundant as in the tropics, and there are insufficient food sources); there is no convincing comparable precedent.

Red ascites tiger's mouth is to cover the day, teeth are triangular, tail color is black, white, black. Red bellied silver pomfret mouth closed, rectangular teeth, tail color is black, white in turn.

Aquarium stores have sold, specifically feeding carnivorous fish), let it catch its own food, so that it can exercise its wildness. Finally, the red belly is timid, and the courage will gradually increase over time. There are also large fish tanks and more similar groups that will help it. After all, red belly is P genus piranha, P genus piranha need to be raised in groups.

Ground cover, small eyes, triangular teeth, black and white tail, black dots clear body. White pomfret small head, mouth general Qi, big eyes, door teeth, tail black and white, black dot is not clear.

First of all, you have to make sure that you buy red ascites tiger. Not red fish = =. Second is where you are. Jiangnan or North China. Temperature, room temperature, water temperature is not the right temperature. And then there's the water you use, the feeding container. There is no problem with the water quality. Note! Purified water is problematic fish water, limited to freshwater fish.


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