Can pearl fire mouth (fish) and dark cloud (fish) be raised together (how to raise tropical fish? )

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Pearl fire mouth

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What large tropical fish are easy to raise and look good?

Zebrafish, tiger skin Fish, Baiyun gold tropical fish are good-looking and easy to raise. Zebrafish, zebrafish, no matter how difficult the transportation, are very adaptable. This kind of fish does not have high requirements for temperature and water quality. But it is also necessary to ensure the survival temperature of general tropical fish, zebrafish and human genes have a high degree of homology of 87%.

Generally speaking, if you are a novice, you can raise some starting-level American sea bream. That is, map fish, jade face crown (this is a little more ferocious), flower tiger. These prices are probably only a few dozen yuan. Better can raise Dow fire mouth, as well as some other pineapple, pig Bali.

Blind fish are native to Mexico. It is a very beautiful ornamental fish, about 8 centimeters long, covered with bright silver scales, and all its fins are creamy. Glass cats are native to Thailand, Java, Sumatra, Malaysia, Borneo and Indonesia.

Warship: warship fish, native to the rivers and lakes of the Grand Pattah Islands in Southeast Asia. However, because this kind of fish is an extremely important edible fish species in Southeast Asia, it is widely cultivated. It can be said that it is extremely easy to raise this kind of fish. There is hardly any difficulty. Weakly acidic, neutral and weakly alkaline water quality can be adapted.

Blue Samsung is a kind of tropical fish with light blue and black spots all over the body. After being raised for a period of time, the color of this fish will change, resulting in different shades of cyan, blue or green, which is of great ornamental value and easy to raise. Tang fish, also known as red-tailed fish, is a kind of fish with high ornamental value.

Easy to raise tropical fish are as follows: the first is moonlight fish, strong adaptability is better to feed, reproduction is also very good, more resistant to hunger, half a month without feeding will not affect growth. The second is the Golden Triangle Lamp, which is an egg-laying fish that keeps the water temperature at 22-26 ℃ and is fed with a little flake feed and small active bait.

How big can the blood parrot fish grow?

1. The blood red parrot fish is gentle and can be raised with large fish. The blood red parrot fish is 10 centimeters long and 15 centimeters long, which is made from the cross between the red devil and the purple red fire fish. The male fish has a blood-red body color and a longer tip of the dorsal and anal fins; the female fish has a fatter belly than the male fish. The breeding water temperature is 26-28 ℃, weak acid soft water.

2. The largest individual of red parrot fish can grow to 25-35 cm and weigh 2-8 kg. General parrot fish grow to about 15 centimeters, if it is macaws, can be longer, up to 18 centimeters or so.

3, parrot fish can grow how big ordinary species of parrot fish can normally grow to about 15 centimeters, if it is macaws, raised properly can grow to about 20 centimeters, the god of wealth parrot fish may grow to about 30 centimeters. But like ordinary blood parrot fish or mini parrot fish, the maximum can grow to 10-15 centimeters.

Can pearl fire mouth (fish) and black cloud (fish) be raised together?

Fish from South America and Central and North America are collectively called "soil-eating sea bream" because of their habit of eating mud and sand and then spitting out. The body color of the earth-eating sea bream is noble bright green, the length of the ventral fin extends to the tail end of the anal fin, and the fins of the male fish extend significantly as they grow. There is an obvious black spot fish in the middle of the fish.

Ha ha, pearl vest belongs to small tropical fish, it is not recommended to mix with medium and large fish such as map and top bird, and it is also very dangerous to raise fairy fish with parrot and map. After all, parrots and maps are very fierce, fairy fish are more docile, not suitable for mixed culture.

Crayfish and parrot fish can be mixed together. First of all, the living environment of parrot fish and crayfish is similar, and both can live at a temperature of 25 ℃. And both of them do not have strict requirements on water quality, and their food choices are relatively similar, both of which can be fed to red worms, earthworms and so on.

Similar species of crayfish

The swimming posture is active and cheerful, very lovely. Such as peacock fish, snakeskin fish, torch fish, longfin fish, blue tail fish, yellowfin fish, swordfish red swordfish, yellow swordfish, mandarin duck swordfish, cinnabar swordfish and zebrafish, goldfish, beautiful fish, red moonlight fish, silver bottle electric lamp fish and so on.

There are two species: tropical marine fish and tropical freshwater fish. The more common species of tropical marine ornamental fish are: Sparidae, Phalaenidae, Phalaenidae, Sparidae and so on. Its famous species are Queen Immortals, Empress Immortals, Emperor Immortals, Moonlight Butterflies, Moonbrow Butterflies, herringbone Butterflies, seahorses, Red clowns, Blue Devil and so on.

The body shape and habit of the crayfish are large, spindle-shaped, up to 10-15 cm long, with a large head, a slightly higher body and a slightly flat body, fat and strong. The biggest feature is to open a big mouth, a blood-red, hence the name crater fish. Huokou fish is not demanding on water quality, can live in the water temperature of 20: 30, and the optimum growth temperature is 23-25 degrees.

I know clown fish, grass carp, silver carp, fat head fish, seahorse, sea dragon, rice field eel, carp, crucian carp, Sturgeon, cod, shark, whale, peacock, devil fish, squid, squid, octopus, starfish, jellyfish, sponge, amphioxus, Pomfret, butterfly fish, carp, carp, swallow, eel, river squid, flounder, box fish.

Crayfish, Cichlasoma meeki, of the genus Sparidae, is native to Central America, with a length of more than 15 cm, a large head and a small body, a cyan upper body and a fiery red lower body from chin to abdomen. Adult fish are more eye-catching.

It's called golden turnip. In addition, there are black turnip, coffee pineapple and so on. Crayfish is also known as red-breasted sea bass. Native to the waters of Yucatan and Guatemala in Central America and Mexico. The body of the fire mouth fish is about 10 centimeters long. The body is slightly longer and slightly flattened. The body is very fat and strong, the head is big, the lips are thick and prominent, and it gets its name because of the bright red mouth when it opens its mouth.


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