What are the fish that like to fight (fish that can fight)

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What kind of fish like to fight?

What are the fish that like to fight (fish that can fight) Siamese Tigerfish

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of the Fish that like to fight, and we will also explain the fish that can fight. If you happen to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglong Fish Farm. Let's start now!

A list of the contents of this article:

What kind of fish loves to fight? other fish are bitten by it.

Always bite other fish, is the fish king in your tank, just like to bully other fish, my way is to isolate that fish king directly. Make a glass, make a partition. Oh yeah, solve it thoroughly, or you can only raise fish that are tired of catfish. These fish don't fight with each other, because they have no teeth and their mouths are too wide to peck other fish. Such as Wealth Cat, Genghis Khan Shark. All are fine.

What kind of fish is this, caught in the river, can fight?

This is Geely sea bream. Commonly known as Geely tilapia or Qi's tilapiaWhat kind of fish like to fight?, belonging to SparidaeWhat kind of fish like to fight?The country of origin is Algeria The fish is endangered, but not on the IUCN endangered list.

Geely Sparus macrocephalus originated in Africa and Eurasia, but has been introduced to many countries and regions in the world (including Taiwan Province of China) due to artificial culture and other factors. This species is not easy to cross with other species, so purebred fish can also be found in the wild. Geely Sparus macrocephalus likes to live in low-altitude rivers, ponds, ditches and other freshwater waters. They're flowing gently.What kind of fish like to fight?Can survive in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, wild ponds and ditches, even in low-salt waters along the coast. They usually live in a water layer within 10 meters. Geely Sparus macrocephalus is ferocious and territorial, which will cause harm to the native fish species in China. However, Geely sea bream is actually omnivorous fish, which mainly eat plankton, algae, aquatic plant debris, humus and small animals.

The body color of Geely sea bream varies with the environment, generally dark brown, dark green on the back and silvery white on the abdomen. They have a blue-gray spot on the upper edge of the operculum, 8-12 dark transverse bands on the side of the body, many gray spots on the back, buttocks and caudal fin, and many vertical transverse striations on the caudal fin.

During reproduction, the dark transverse band on the side of the body of the mature male Sparus macrocephalus disappears, and the back and caudal fin have dark red fin edges, which are especially bright during reproduction. The most obvious feature of Geely Sparus is an eye-shaped pattern on the back of the dorsal fin, which is the most obvious difference between it and other tilapia.

At present, the largest Geely Sparus macrocephalus known to be about 40 cm long, and the common individuals of this species are all about 20 cm. Because Geely Sparus macrocephalus is not easy to cross with other fish species, so the economic benefit is poor, but they have strong adaptability to the environment, can withstand pollution and hypoxia environment, and have strong reproductive ability, rapid growth and relatively strong resistance to diseases. Therefore, it has been widely introduced and propagated in our country.

The overlord of the fish tank, lively and lovely, but what kind of fish is fierce and loves to fight?

Tiger skin fish is very common in flower, bird, fish and insect markets, and many stalls sell this "small and lively" fish. Yes, tiger skin fish are very good-looking and cute, and they can also travel in groups. Basically, they can be seen swimming in groups all the time in the process of buying and abandoning. Wait, some careful fish friends will find that there seems to be something wrong with the above sentence. Why did you abandon such a cute Little fish? Fish friends who have never raised tiger skin fish may have such a question: why is tiger skin fish often abandoned by fish friends from a state of high spirits to a look of disgust? There is a reason for this.

The king of Fish tank destruction!

In fact, the mouth of tiger skin fish is notoriously cheap, and it must be that the mouth of tiger skin fish is not as cheap as that of tiger skin fish. How cheap is the mouth of tiger skin fish? If you keep it in a grass tank, you can realize how destructive the tiger skin fish can be.

The sprouts and old branches of aquatic plants will be gnawed away by tiger skin fish. Alas, maybe the healthy body of tiger skin fish comes from grabbing fodder and eating aquatic plants. In addition to eating grass, tiger skin fish has another hidden skill: pulling grass! Even if the leaves are too hard water plants, can not gnaw tiger skin fish will be angry, all the gas on the water plants, every grass in the tank, all pulled up, all the water plants in the grass tank into duckweed. In addition to taking it out on the grass, the shrimps can not escape their claws.

Tiger skin fish are omnivorous fish, they have a penchant for grazing, but they even like to eat shrimp! One mouthful at a time, like a tall mackerel, crushing a shrimp one by one, the picture is simply too cruel! If there is tiger skin fish in the shrimp jar, within five days, the shrimps may all go into the tiger's mouth!

Fish tank bully!

The fact that tiger skin fish have a cheap mouth has been certified. They, who have a fondness for aquatic plants, will also show no mercy to other fish. Tiger skin fish have the characteristics of group swimming, if you only buy one or two, you may not see anything, buy a group, then the group tour effect is still very good. But unity is strength, and tiger skin fish will bully other fish with the help of their companions. Tiger skin fish is actually a very ferocious small fish, but also omnivorous, they will also eat fish. It is absolutely inevitable that all smaller lanterns will be bitten to death or bitten by tiger skin.

Do you think tiger skin only bullies fish smaller than it? No, if you mix it with the fairy fish, even if the size of the fairy fish is several times or more times larger than the tiger skin, the tiger skin is not afraid at all, and occasionally nibble on the elegant fins of the fairy fish when the mouth itches. It seems that eating fins is a game. Most of the fish mixed with tiger skin can not escape injury. Mixed with some large carnivorous fish? As long as the large fish do not eat them or chase them, the tiger skin will start to eat the fins of the large fish. If they annoy the large fish, fate may have to be eaten, which will damage the appearance of the fish and waste the money to buy the tiger skin.

Yes, many people love tiger skin from love to hate, and have experienced numerous ups and downs during this period. The main reason is that you don't know the ornamental fish before you buy the fish. Tiger skin is actually a very playable fish with good interaction. It is best to raise tiger skin alone, do not use water plants to create scenery, and do not mix culture at random. Tiger skin fish is actually not as bad as you think.

This is the end of the introduction of the fish that like to fight. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. Don't forget to look for more information about the fish that can fight and what kind of fish you like to fight.


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