It is suitable for ornamental fish raised in small fish tanks, and the top ten are best to raise small cold water ornamental fish.

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What are the kinds of small ornamental fish

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Ten best to raise small cold water Ornamental fish

The top ten best small cold water ornamental fish are: goldfish, medaka, rock-climbing dolphin, koi, Chinese Douyu, lion head, dragon eye, butterfly tail, orchid, pearl scale goldFish.

The top ten best to raise small cold water ornamental fish are as follows: Chinese Douyu is also known as Chinese grouper, this kind of fish is both beautiful and adaptable, has strong tolerance, and is also our native fish. It can be said that most of the aquariums can raise Douyu of China.

Lion head is a very beautiful goldfish, this encounter forehead shape is unique and temperament is more docile. Many people like to raise lion-headed goldfish. A small ornamental fish with a brightly colored body.

Grass goldfish is the easiest to raise cold water fish. Because of its strong adaptability and disease resistance, grass goldfish is regarded as the first choice for most novice friends to cultivate ornamental fish. Paradise Fish the scientific name of Paradise Fish is the crosstail betta, which is similar in shape to Douyu with round tail.

The top ten undead cold water fish 1 goldfish that can live without oxygen, the first thing that comes to mind is goldfish.

What are the small ornamental fish that are easy to cultivate?

1, easy to raise small ornamental fish 2 peacock fish, also known as anchovies, body length of 3-4 cm, adult female body length of about 5 cm, its colorful body color, beautiful figure.

2. Moonlight fish small tank is suitable for breeding moonlight fish, moonlight fish is also known as crescent fish, spotted swordtail fish, its body length is between five centimeters and six centimeters, the abdomen is slightly round, the color is brown or black, and there are blue spots on both sides of the body and black spots on the tail. Peacock fish is petite and suitable for fish tank culture.

3. Red swordfish red swordfish is not very picky, a lot of feed can be fed, water quality requirements are relatively low, and the whole is quite leather and easy to raise, so it has been successfully listed as one of the top 10 fish suitable for newcomers. Tiger skin fish is a kind of tropical fish that likes high temperature, and it is also successfully on the list of the best tropical fish.

4. Traffic lights the list of this kind of fish is relatively small, but it looks very beautiful. They have two beautiful scales of red and green, like rosy clouds and blue sky. Although the traffic light fish is small, but its vitality is still very strong, it can be regarded as a more suitable ornamental fish for beginners.

5. Mackerel: the mackerel is a kind of native cold-water fish. Many people should have seen this kind of flat mackerel after childhood. It has a gorgeous color and a strong sense of metal. This kind of fish is very easy to raise, and the group culture is very ornamental.

Ornamental fish suitable for small fish tank

1. Moonlight fish is an important species of tropical fish, its size is small, about 5 cm long, suitable for breeding in a small fish tank, and the body color of moonlight fish is colorful, has a very high ornamental value, and is suitable to grow in the water temperature of 18-28 degrees Celsius. And the common species of moonlight fish are blue moonlight fish and golden head moonlight fish.

2. The ornamental fish suitable for small fish tank are as follows: traffic light: traffic light is a kind of very skinny small ornamental fish, which is super easy to feed, and the good feeding index can be comparable to that of peacock fish. As small ornamental fish, they like to swim in groups, so their ornamental quality is no worse than that of single large ornamental fish.

3. Small fish tanks are suitable for raising smaller fish, such as goldfish, moonlight fish, spotted swordtail fish, black Mary, peacock fish, red cross, zebra, red sword and so on. Small fish tank culture needs to pay special attention to culture density. Make sure the fish have enough space and oxygen.


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