A brief introduction to how to deal with abnormal alarm of Chuangning heating rod e2

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Chuangning heating rod abnormal alarm how to deal with e2

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How to solve the trouble of fish tank heating rod E1

Fish tank temperature shows that E1 may be a built-in off-water power-off function of the heating rod. When the heater leaves the water, the LED screen displays E1, and the two lights keep flashing and stop heating. In addition, the display E1 also indicates a drive protection failure, which may be due to thermocouple overheating or circuit breakage. You can follow this information to exclude.

The fish tank heating rod E1 indicates a heating failure because the electric water heater has been in use for a long time and the new heating rod can be replaced. Heating rod is the most commonly used aquarium hardware, which is used for heating water in Fish tank. According to its principle and structure, heating rod can be divided into two types, one is electronic, the other is bimetal mechanical temperature control.heating rod.

The heating rod has a built-in function of disconnecting water and power off. When the heater leaves the water, the LED screen displays E1, and the two lights keep flashing and stop heating. The internal overtemperature protection system is set up. When the overtemperature is 36 ℃, the LED screen displays E2, the two lights keep flashing, and the heating stops.

The heating rod shows what to do with e2.

1. E2 is an error code indicating a failure of the water heater. When a user reports to repair E2, he or she is asked to turn off the machine, do not do anything else, and wait for master to repair it.

2. The method of eliminating the E2 fault of the electric water heater during the heating process of the water heater, the water droplets drop from the small hole of the safety valve. Close the intake valve and adjust the mixing valve knob to high temperature to avoid leakage of the one-way safety valve and make the water drip out of the shower.

3. Check whether the power cord and plug of the induction cooker are normal. Check the heater and sensor of the induction cooker for damage or rupture. Inspect the control panel and circuit board of the induction cooker for damage or rupture.

The wattage of Chuangning heating rod can not go up.

1. Poor contact of heating rod. The real-time power of the Chuangning heating rod can not go up because of the poor contact of the heating rod, which leads to the reduction of the heating power of the heating rod. The Chuangning heating rod is better than the innovative one, because the Chuangning heating rod works by electrifying the resistance wire in the heating tube, and the heat generated by the resistance wire passes through magnesium oxide powder and protective casing.

2. The reason why Chuangning frequency conversion heating rod can not work with high power is that it can not work with high power because of its small power. With high power, you can start high-power work.

3. It belongs to the self-protection of electrical appliances. Electric power refers to the work done by the current in unit time. Is used to represent the speed of electricity consumption of the physical quantity, expressed by P, its unit is Watt, referred to as watts, the symbol is W. The electric power of common electrical appliances can be used to calculate the power consumption of household appliances.

4. First check the inlet pipe of the water heater to see if it is installed upside down or there is no outlet pipe installed. Secondly, to see if there is anything wrong with the waterway installation, and finally to see if the water heater control board is damaged, if it is a problem with the control board, it should be replaced in time.

5. Normal. The work of the heating rod is directly related to the room temperature. In theory alone, the actual working power of a 300w rod is about 330w. If it works continuously for 9 hours, it will consume about 3 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Water heater e2, what's going on?

1. The water heater shows that e2 is the fault of the wind pressure or the fan, which may be caused by the following reasons: the air inlet is blocked by foreign bodies, resulting in a decrease in air intake. The smoke pipe windshield is stuck and the smoke exhaust is not smooth. After the fan or fan start-up capacitance is damaged, the wind speed does not turn, causing the flame to go out.

2. E2 is an error code indicating a failure of the water heater. Possible reasons: 1, the fan itself failure, can not operate. 2, the wind pressure switch or flue is blocked. 3. There is a problem with the fan circuit. The gas water heater generally means that the dry burning is overheated, there is no water dry burning, the water pressure of water flow detection is low, and the filter screen is blocked.

3. The e2 fault of gas water heater refers to the failure of wind pressure or fan. There are many reasons for this kind of malfunction, the air volume of the air inlet will be reduced because of the blockage of the foreign body, and it is also possible that the smoke pipe windshield is stuck and the smoke exhaust is not smooth.

4. The E2 code is an ignition failure. It should be solved according to the cause of e2. The solution to the excessive length of the smoke pipe: the long pipe of the wall-mounted furnace will lead to the internal exhaust gas can not be discharged normally, and the overheating inside the wall-mounted furnace will start the overheating protection of the system. As long as the length of the pipe is reduced.


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