How many jin does one side of arowana feed weigh, and how many arowana feed grains are fed at a time?

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How much weight does one side of arowana Feed weigh?

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How many jin of feed is equal to one ton? 40 jin of feed in a pack.

Bag 100 jinHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?The feed is 4000 jin.How much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?, equal to 2000 kilogramsHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?Which is equal to 2 tons.

The conversion relationship between tons and jin is 1 ton = 2000 jin. Because 1 kilogram equals 2 jin equals 1000 gramsHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?1 jin equals 500g, 1 ton equals 1000 kg equals 1000000 g, so the conversion relationship between ton and jin is 1 ton = 2000 jin.

T (T) = 1000 kg (Kg) = 2000 jin. TonsHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?Often used as a mathematical unit of quality. The quantifier ton (ton or t) is also used in English. It is often used to measure the weight of larger objects in daily life. Kilogram generally refers to kilogram.

I want to buy a golden arowana. In which season should I buy it? What are the size requirements for the fish tank?

What is the minimum size of the arowana tank? the length, width and height of the fish tank of cultured golden arowana should not be lower than 150cm, 60cm and 80cm. When raising only one golden arowana, at least choose a 1506060cm fish tank.

If there are conditions, it is recommended to choose acrylic fish tank to raise golden arowana.

It takes a tank of 1-2 meters to raise arowana. This kind of fish is an ancient primitive freshwater fish with a body length of about 50-65 cm and a life span of up to 10 years. As a Carnivorous Fish. it is ferocious and feeds on fish, shrimp and insects, so it is rarely mixed with other small fish.

If you raise less golden arowana or less than 35cm, you can temporarily keep it in a smaller fish tank, but I am afraid there will be no room for it in less than half a year. At that time, you have to find a bigger space for it.

Feed the dragon fish what?

1. What is the best animal feed for arowana: arowana is very suitable for feeding animal feed.How much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?OfHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?Because they like it bestHow much weight does one side of arowana feed weigh?It is animal feed. When artificial breeding, you can choose to feed them some small fish, shrimp, cockroaches, centipedes, Loach and other live bait.

2. More than centimeters of arowana can be fed with larger fish, shrimp, Loach, meat and other bait. Can also feed a variety of insects and other live bait, these are arowana's favorite food, but be careful not to let these baits be contaminated.

3. Bread worm is one of the favorite foods of arowana. In the wild, insects are an important part of the arowana diet. Artificial feeding of bread worms makes the arowana return to its natural habits. However, bread worms should not be used as a staple food for arowana, lest arowana overeat due to preference and affect their health.

4. Common foods that can be fed are bugs, insects, small fish, shrimp and so on. The nutritional requirements of arowana mainly include protein, fat and vitamins. When feeding, you need to pay attention to ensuring that the protein content of the food is adequate, the fat content should also be appropriate, and vitamin intake should be ensured at the same time.

How many beef heart burgers do you put in a kilo of 21 gold?

1. Add 1 kilogram of hamburger and 1 Murray 2 vitamins, and I'll use 21 gold vitamins. Add about 5 pieces of dry yeast. When frozen, install a small self-sealing tape about 2 taels, then flatten it, and break it after freezing, it is best not to be more than 0.5 cm thick.

2). Taiwan Tai Hong Company colorful hamburger formula: 1kg beef heart, 25g Sera vegetable slices, 50g Sera flakes, 100g frozen shrimp eggs, 100g shrimp meat, 100g frozen red worms and 5mg multivitamins.

3. Wheezing mother tablets are suitable and nutritious vitamins (I use the "growing Happy" that children eat, and the fish that children eat are easier to absorb. You can also use Jin Shierkang, 21 Jin Vita, etc.) 12 tablets will first remove the fat, blood vessels and tendons of the cow heart. Cut it into inch sections.

What kind of sauce, baked, tipsy, a lot of it. And if you like ketchup, you can get some, but not too much. By the way, friends who like to eat cheese can also put one in.

5. There are people who buy that kind of hamburger bread in the supermarket.\ x0d\ x0a vegetable markets and supermarkets have semi-finished products to buy chicken wings and drumsticks. When they come back, they deep-fry them in a frying pan and OK them.

6. Put the chopped beef heart shrimp in a large basin, grind the spirulina and Jin Shierkang into powder, and dry the carrots in microwave to make mud.


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