The disadvantage of ultra-white glass as fish tank (the disadvantage of ultra-white glass as fish tank)

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The disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glass

The disadvantage of ultra-white glass as fish tank (the disadvantage of ultra-white glass as fish tank) Little fish

This site is a website about aquarium industry, this article introduces the shortcomings of ultra-white glass fish tank, and the shortcomings of ultra-white glass Fish tank is the corresponding relevant information, hope to be helpful to fish friends, thank you for your attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

The contents of this article:

Ultra-white glass and volt glass to make fish tank

Both ultra-white glass and ordinary volt glass are currently used to make fish tanks.The disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glassThe mainstream ofThe disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glassEach has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Super white glassThe disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glassThe advantage is high transparency.The disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glassThe loss of the color change of the scene is small. The disadvantage is that the price is high. Generally used for water grass tank, sea water tank. The advantage of ordinary volt glass is its low price. The disadvantage is that it is a little light green (the thicker the glass is, the more obvious it is). Generally used for ordinary fish tanks or filter tanks.

There are also people who combine these two kinds of glass to make cylinders.The disadvantage of making fish tank with ultra-white glassFor example, ultra-white glass is used for subjective appreciation, and ordinary volt (floating) glass is used for back, bottom and so on. Ultra-white glass refers to the material of glass, and volt (floating) glass refers to the processing method of flat glass. In fact, the flat ultra-white glass used in fish tanks is also produced by float.

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Advantages of ultra-white glass

1. The self-explosion rate of glass is low because the raw materials of ultra-white glass generally contain less impurities such as NiS, and the fine control in the melting process of the raw materials makes ultra-white glass have a more uniform composition than ordinary glass, and its internal impurities are less, thus greatly reducing the probability of self-explosion after tempering.

two。 Color consistency because the iron content in the raw material is only 1 / 10 or even lower than that of ordinary glass, ultra-white glass absorbs less green band in visible light than ordinary glass, which ensures the consistency of glass color.

3. The visible light transmittance is high, the permeability is better than 91.5%, and it has a crystal-like quality, which makes the exhibits clearer and more able to highlight the true appearance of the exhibits.

For float glass, because the thickness uniformity is better, the transparency of the product is also stronger, because after the treatment of tin surface, it is relatively smooth, and under the action of surface tension, a kind of glass with neat surface and good flatness is formed. the glass with strong optical properties, the decorative properties of this kind of float glass are particularly good.

It not only has the characteristics of good transparency, brightness, purity, bright indoor light, broad field of vision, but also the best choice for building doors and windows and natural lighting materials, which is one of the most applied building materials.

It can be said that in many kinds of architectural glass, this kind of float glass is the most widely used, and it is one of the most important original pieces for glass deep processing. The ultra-white float glass is characterized by the best transparency and purity.

What are the disadvantages of glass fish tanks?

1-ultra-white float glass: ultra-white glass is a kind of ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass, high transparent glass. It is a new type of high-grade glass with high quality and multi-function, with a light transmittance of more than 91.5%. It has the characteristics of crystal clear, high-grade and elegant, and has a glass family.

Known as the "Prince of Crystal".

2-float glass: strong shockproof and explosion-proof ability, the highest degree of safety, and good thermal insulation performance and plasticity.

3-ordinary glass

4-plexiglass: acrylic, which has the advantages of high transparency and resistance to water pressure. The main disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch.

5-Crystal glass: the composition of crystal glass is the same as that of ordinary glass, the only difference is that the higher the lead content is, the more transparent the glass is and the clearer the percussion sound is. The biggest disadvantage is brittleness, which is easy to make the cylinder block brittle because of a slight impact. The advantage is a high degree of transparency.

6-reinforced glass: reinforced glass, also known as toughened glass, this kind of glass is in the stress state of internal tension and external compression. Once the part is damaged, the stress will be released, and the glass will be broken into countless small pieces. These small fragments do not have sharp edges and corners. It's not easy to hurt. Toughened glass has high strength, its compressive strength can reach more than 125mpa, which is 4 / 5 times higher than that of ordinary glass, and its impact strength is also very high.

Why is the fish tank made of white glass?


1. Light transmittance

The biggest difference between the ultra-white fish tank and the ordinary glass fish tank is the light transmittance. The light transmittance of the super-white fish tank can be as high as 91.5%, while the light transmittance of the ordinary glass fish tank is about 89%. The high light transmittance allows us to better appreciate the ornamental fish in the water.

2. Self-explosion rate

Secondly, the self-explosion rate of ultra-white fish tank is low, because the internal impurities of ultra-white glass are less than ordinary glass, so the possible self-explosion rate of ultra-white glass toughened is greatly reduced.

Extended data:

The materials commonly used in aquarium manufacturing are plastic, glass, toughened glass, plexiglass, special plexiglass and so on.

Few people use plastic to make aquariums, because long-term immersion of plastic in water will produce chemical changes that affect the growth of fish. At present, ordinary float glass is the most commonly used material for making aquariums, which has the advantages of hard surface, smooth and smooth surface and low price, but it is only suitable for small and medium-sized fish tanks.

Toughened glass is made by carbonization of ordinary glass, which has the advantages of ordinary glass, but has higher strength. Because after carbonization heating treatment, its impact strength is about 4-5 times that of ordinary glass; after the toughened glass is broken, it presents uniform obtuse particles, which reduces the damage to the human body.

This is the end of the introduction of the shortcomings of ultra-white glass as a fish tank. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. More information about the shortcomings of ultra-white glass as a fish tank and the shortcomings of ultra-white glass as a fish tank do not forget to look up on this site.


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