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What antibiotics should be used for Arowana bacterial infection?

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How is golden arowana blindfolded treated?

If you want to quickly treat arowana blindfold, you must first raise the water temperature to 32 ℃, which can kill most bacteria. The second is to change the water, you can change 1/3 of the water for the first time. Also turn on the oxygen pump to ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water.

The treatment of arowana blindfold physiotherapy: in the early stage of arowana blindfold, basic physiotherapy can be used. Raising the water temperature to about 32 degrees can eliminate bacteria. In order to ensure that the bacteria are clear and thorough, it is also necessary to change the water every day for a week, changing 1/3 of the water every day.

Blindfold is caused by poor water quality, the old three samples can be used to treat water quality, the effect is very good. Change the water 1x3, according to the water area under the crude salt 0.3%, the temperature rises to 30 degrees to maintain a constant temperature, and then change the water 1pm 5 every day, at least for a week, pay attention to the amount of salt after changing the water. Reduce feeding or stop feeding during treatment.

How is the dragon fish concave eye to return a responsibility, how to treat

Bacterial infection: the sunken eyes of arowana may be caused by bacterial infection, such as the dirty and messy feeding environment, the breeding of a large number of bacteria in the fish tank, which infects the arowana eyes, or the arowana has not been treated in time after a fight with its companies. resulting in bacterial infection of the eyes, resulting in sunken eyes.

Cause of visceral inflammation: the concave eyes of arowana may be caused by visceral inflammation, such as swallowing sharp food, resulting in scratches on their intestines or stomach, infection and inflammation.

Oxytetracycline is generally used for treatment. Increasing the number of nitrifying bacteria in the water tank can also promote the recovery of its eyes. Be careful not to feed during the treatment.

The sunken eyes of the arowana can be saved. When the arowana eyes are found to be sunken, timely measures should be taken to treat them. Can be taken to change water, oxygen to increase the oxygen content of the water, so that the fish can breathe better, which is conducive to eye recovery. It is also necessary to appropriately increase the temperature of the water tank and control it above 30 ℃.

Common diseases of silver arowana

Although red spot disease is easier to raise, it does not mean that it will not get sick in aquaculture. What are the common diseases of silver arowana? Erythema is one of the most common diseases, which is a viral disease, also known as printing disease.

Silver arowana common diseases are turning belly concave eyes, enteritis, white spot disease, eyeball prolapse, Gill turning disease and so on, in fact, silver arowana is not as good as people think. Below, I have sorted out the common diseases and prevention measures of silver arowana. Let's take a look. Silver arowana disease and prevention and treatment measures turn belly concave eyes [symptoms] abdomen upward, the whole bent into a C shape.

Common disease of silver arowana caused by parasites 1 white spot disease of silver arowana white spot disease is caused by small melons of the phylum Cellulata, which is attached to the skin, fins and gills of arowana. (2) the causes of fish lice and anchor head lice are generally caused by feeding live bait of silver dragon fish.

Occasionally get sick, the above common diseases of silver arowana are generally caused by deterioration of water quality, bacterial infections, parasites, environmental mutations and feeding. Only by understanding the causes of common diseases of silver arowana can we come up with corresponding measures, and the most important thing is that we should always maintain the love of a master. If you decide to raise silver arowana, keep it well.

There are three common diseases that do not like to move at the bottom of the cylinder. Enteritis. Explosive scale disease. Tapeworm bacterial enteritis. The diseased fish are black, do not take bait, wander aimlessly, swim slowly, the abdomen is inflamed and swollen, and the intestines are often full of yellow mucus without food. The mortality rate is high, and the course of disease is not as long as vertical scale disease.

Common disease of silver arowana: ptosis: caused by long-term feeding of bottom food, it will recover if it is put back into the pond. Gill turning disease: due to unclean water quality, insufficient space, insufficient dissolved oxygen, sudden change of water temperature.

What if the golden arowana gets scaly and doesn't eat?

1. (1) due to commodity sales and player mentalityWhat antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?For the sake of profit and market morbidWhat antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?The influence ofWhat antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?Oh, in the store.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?All the fish are often not fed, cotton is not often washed, or drugs are used to speed up the fish.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?The purpose of the physiological time and deepening of body color is to make the fish perform well in small size. Therefore, the physique and immunity of fish are relatively poor.

2. Potassium permanganate is prepared in a basin of clear water, the preparation of dark water shall prevail, and the soaking time shall be based on the tolerance of fish. After washing, rinse the fish in clean water, and then smear the diseased area with furacilin dry powder. After several treatments, the loose scale area is gradually reduced, and finally it can be cured.

3. Question 10: what to do if the arowana does not eat when the arowana scales up? it should be standing scale disease. Quick treatment of the disease, also known as pineal disease, is a common disease of arowana in the period of young dragons. The obvious symptoms of standing scale disease are: in the early stage of the disease, the fish is black, the body surface is rough, the front scales of the diseased fish are erect, and the vertical scales open outward.

4. Reason: arowana suddenly do not eat, the environment may change too much, resulting in their discomfort. The more common ones are excessive water exchange, sudden changes in temperature, a large number of cleaning and filtration equipment, and so on.

Damage of Longyu No. 5 to fish

1. No harm will be caused. This drug is formulated to quickly and effectively deal with internal bacterial infections and organize its spread in a short period of time, which is safer and more effective than other drugs.

2. Aoshen No. 5 fried scales under control, but the scales on the back feel rotten a little bit.

3. Yes. If the dragon fish takes the medicine of Shuimaojing, it will cause injury to the body surface tissue, secrete and digest the yeast to decompose the surrounding tissue, and penetrate the mucous membrane, scale and dermis deep into the muscle, causing skin and muscle necrosis. Arowana is also known as Asian Arowana and golden arowana. It belongs to an ancient primitive freshwater fish.

4. Once careless, it will lead to organ failure and greater damage to arowana.

5. Methylene blue has no direct harm to arowana when used at an appropriate dose. However, if used excessively or improperly, it may cause damage to fish and even lead to death. Therefore, before using methylene blue or any other drug, be sure to use it in the correct dose and method, and closely observe the response of the fish.

What is the reason why arowana has white film in its eyes and how to deal with it?

1. The reason why the arowana eyes are covered with white film is caused by environmental factors.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?If the water quality of the arowana living environment is muddy, the hydrogen content is too high, or the water temperature is not within the appropriate range, etc.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?Will cause the arowana's eyes to be covered with a white membrane.

2. Poor water quality or hydrogen entering the fish.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?To make the arowana eyes white and cloudy. The arowana has an eye injury.What antibiotics should be used for arowana bacterial infection?It becomes white due to the erosion of bacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Vibrio, etc. Arowana blindfolded symptoms: in the initial stage of blindfold, arowana eyes have white fog, you can see a white film, eyeball turbidity.

3. If the arowana has a white film in its eyes, it may be blindfolded by water pollution. It is necessary to replace all the water in the fish tank, add an appropriate amount of salt to the water, and control the water temperature at about 30 ℃.

4. Change the water immediately: the white film in the Red Arowana eyes may be due to the poor water quality. Breeders need to change the water immediately to keep the water clean and fresh. Add crude salt: it may also be caused by bacterial infection, and breeders need to add some crude salt to the water they live in to inhibit the growth of bacteria.


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