How do you see the age of the arowana (how to see the arowana)

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How do you see the age of the goldfish?

How do you see the age of the arowana (how to see the arowana) Aquaculture Forum

This article tells you how to look at the age diagram video of the goldfish, and how to look at the relevant information of the goldfish over the back. I hope it will help you. Don't forget to pay attention to our Xianglong Fish Farm.

Contents of this article:

How do you know if this fish is on the back?

The picture is not clear. I cannot reply to you directly.

Arowana quality distinction as long as you look at pearl scales and climbing row

Gem: climb to row 4, pearl scale is not bright

High back: climb to row 5, pearl scales are not bright

B pass: climb 5 rows and a half, pearl scale part bright

Over the back: climb 6 rows, pearl scales are all bright

The row with holes in the scales is the third row, and the number up is four or five or six rows.

Nucellar scales are small scales at the base of the dorsal fin.

Self-contrast to see, really do not understand, go to fish neighborhood to see posts and encyclopedias

What do you think of the back goldfish?

The meaning of the Golden Dragon was:

The Arowana had five rows of large scales on its body. Simply put, an ordinary golden dragon only had four rows of golden scales from the bottom up, and the fifth row near its back was black. There was also gold in the fifth row across the back, but there were usually some black ones directly above the back. As long as the fifth row of scales is bright (gold), it becomes a back. Because the baby dragon stage, there is no gold, but the color will be bright.

It was not that they could not reproduce artificially, but their offspring were not necessarily all over-back, and only a small part of them were over-back, so they were rare and the price was naturally very high.

At present, there is a male overback gold and female redtail gold breeding offspring, the fifth row of scales can be half bright, not as bright as the overback, called high-back golden dragon or high-back gemstone. It looks very similar to the back. But at a much lower price. 20cm gold, half the price of 1w or so, high back gemstones 3000-5000.

Azure Dragon is another kind of arowana, and golden dragon, red dragon, belong to the Asian Arowana. However, Qinglong, whether wild or artificially bred, has no back. About 18cm, the price is only 300-500


How to determine the age of arowana

Take a scale of a fish that has grown for many years and observe it under a microscope or magnifying glass. You will see black and white circular stripes on the surface of the scale, quite like the annual rings on the cross section of a tree. At this time, as long as carefully count the number of rings of black ring stripes on the scales, plus one, that is the actual age of the fish. For example, if there are four black circles on the scales, the actual age of the fish is 5 years.

How to know the age of goldfish

Most of the best dragons are sold as adults. There's a chip inside it. You can check the account. A tank can be one or more. The price of the best is a bit expensive. Hehe, you have to think about it.

This is the end of the introduction to how to look at the age of the goldfish. Do you know if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to follow this site.


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