Is it better to raise arowana mixed or monoculture (monoculture or monoculture?)


Is it better to raise Arowana mixed or monoculture?

Is it better to raise arowana mixed or monoculture (monoculture or monoculture?) Thick frame red dragon fish

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of whether mixed culture of arowana is better or monoculture, and it will also explain whether mixed culture of arowana is better or monoculture. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to Xianglongyu Farm, let's start now!

The contents of this article:

Arowana is better with odd number or even number, can it be mixed with other fish species?

Arowana has a good odd number and can be mixed with some species of fish. How can it be mixed with Baidu?

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What to do with three arowana mixed culture all the time? is arowana suitable for group culture?

If there is a serious fight among the three arowana, the breeders need to separate them, because the arowana has a strong sense of territory and combat effectiveness, and if the fight is more serious, the lost arowana may be killed. If the breeding space is large, you can first use the partition to isolate them. If the breeding space is small, you need to Fish them out and raise them in another fish tank. In this way, we can avoid fighting. What if one and three arowana are mixed and kept fighting?

If breeders mix three larger arowana, they will fight over the chassis. If the fighting is serious, the breeders need to isolate them. If it looks like a normal fight, the breeder can ignore it. If the breeding space is more sufficient, breeders can first use transparent partition to isolate them, and so they are familiar with each other's existence, and then remove the partition, can also avoid fighting.

Arowana is a large fish, their living space and oxygen are relatively large, and they have a strong sense of territory, if there are intruders, they will attack crazily until they defeat the invaders or are defeated by the invaders, so the breeders had better keep them alone.

Is the arowana suitable for group culture?

Arowana is not recommended to raise in groups, because they are relatively large, coupled with the speed of their development is relatively fast, can grow 60 centimeters a year, if there are multiple arowana in a Fish tank, for a long time, the space will be insufficient, and then change the fish tank. Arowana is prone to discomfort. In addition, the arowana has a strong sense of territory. if several adult arowana are raised together, they will keep fighting until they come up with a tank hegemony. In addition, the arowana demand for oxygen is also relatively large, group culture is easy to lack of oxygen. So breeders had better raise arowana alone.

How many golden arowana are good to raise?

In recent years, many families have begun to raise high-end ornamental fish, of which the arowana is the most representative. I suggest that you just keep one. If you want to raise as much as possible, please see the following.

Raise high-Quality products.alone: now most fish friends raise a goldfish in a fish tank or add some other matching fish to it, such as Tiger fish, rays and flying Phoenix, but there are relatively few players who raise more than one goldfish. I am an arowana enthusiast. At present, there are three fish tanks in my home and garage, each of which has an arowana, but I have never thought of putting them together, because high-quality arowana can only be raised alone.

The benefits of monoculture

Understanding: the arowana has a strong sense of territory, and the bigger it is, the stronger it will be. If there are other fish in its own territory, it will fight.

Stable water quality: if there is only one arowana in a fish tank, if you don't eat much, you won't have much feces, so the water quality will be more stable.

How many should be raised in mixed breeding?

Two are not allowed: there is no room for two tigers in one mountain unless there is a male and a female, and one of the golden arowana will be seriously injured and even raised.

Kowloon tank: the more mixed breeding standard, the better, because the probability of fighting is very low, even if the fight will not chase a fight, the damage can be evenly distributed can be ignored.

The disadvantages of mixed culture

Fish tank is too large: fish raise more fish tank will be larger, if the tank is small and raise more, the water quality will be unstable and the arowana can not grow to the standard scale.

High cost: the golden dragon fish eat a lot of feed and other live food, if the fish cost more is also very amazing.

Arowana is a relatively gentle fish, under normal circumstances will not fight with other kinds of fish in the tank, so you can match to raise, I personally raised arowana, there is a group of collocation, is also a very common collocation, recommended to you, I hope to help you. A dragon fish plus five yellowfin Pomfret plus two thick lines plus pig-nosed turtles or yellow-headed side-necked turtles, personally, it is not recommended to raise rays, which is too delicate.

This is the end of the introduction about whether mixed culture of arowana is better or monoculture is better than monoculture. I wonder if you have found the information you need. If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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