Koi small fish pond design drawing (small koi pond design construction drawing)

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Koi small fish pond design

Koi small fish pond design drawing (small koi pond design construction drawing) Blood Red Arowana

Today, I will share with you the knowledge of the design drawing of the koi small Fish pond, which will also explain the design and construction drawing of the small koi pond. If you happen to solve the problem you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to Xianglong Fish Farm. Let's start now!

Contents of this article:

Fish pond landscape design pictures, outdoor fish pond design

Mention fish pond landscape design pictures, we all know, some people ask outdoor fish pond design, in addition, there are people want to ask indoor settled garden do rockery fish pond good feng shui sir, you know what's going on? In fact, outdoor koi fish pond design map, let's take a look at the outdoor fish pond design together, I hope to help everyone!

Fish pond landscape design

Outdoor Koi Fish Pond Design

1. Fish pond landscape design picture: outdoor fish pond design

I think your fish pond does not have a fish pond filtration system. That's not good. Fish farming needs a fish pond filtration system.

2, fish pond landscape design picture: indoor settled garden to do rockery fish pond good Feng Shui Mr.

Bad, have the effect of the courtyard fish pond pavilion design.

Should be placed on the left side of the house family pavilion design picture book.

Very good, now many people like that kind of landscape courtyard fish pond design renderings.

Yes, I do garden landscape design and construction all year round. From the perspective of feng shui, I will do one in the settled garden forest.

Rockery fish pond

It has the function of connecting the preceding and the following, which is the key to connecting the home and the living room, and also satisfies the idea that people want to have their own small garden or courtyard garden. We, more rockery fish pond pictures can refer to: Shiyan Tianyi garden landscape indoor ornamental fish pond design pictures.

3. Fish pond landscape design picture: outdoor koi fish pond design picture

First of all, if there are conditions, of course, the bigger the fish pond, the better. The more water, the richer the dissolved oxygen in the water, the slower the change of water temperature, and the more difficult it is to pollute the water quality. But even if it is the same amount of water, it is recommended to make a round pool. When the wind blows over the water, there will be small waves and some oxygen will be incorporated. If you take about three actors as an example, the water depth is about 1/4 of the water will be replaced from the bottom of the pool every week. A pool like this can raise about 10 young fish. After one or two years, difficulties will come. When the koi grow up, they will exceed the bearing capacity of the pool in any respect. If the density is too high, the health of the koi will be a big problem. We'll have to expand the filters and fish ponds. Therefore, it is necessary to build a koi fish pond.

General court pool, also want left and right. In the wider open space, try to reach 1--1.5m, the water depth is, and then consider the koi may jump into the pool, but also reserve a height of 20--, together the depth of the fish pond is about--.

If the ornamental pond, do not put the Feed all over the pond, to bring koi to feed, so some people will fish pond depth built 50-, fish conditions can be observed every day. How much fish food is left can also be clearly seen. Families with children should also pay attention to fencing around the fish pond, which can also prevent koi from jumping into the pool. To sum up, the depth of outdoor koi fish pond should be at least about 1 meter. When constructing koi fish pond, pay attention to the precautions of koi fish pond construction. In case there's a loophole.

Koi feeding precautions:

Water quality regulation: after spring, when the pond water temperature rises to about 10℃ or above, appropriate amount of new water should be added to the overwintering carp pond, which can not only supplement the fish pond water quantity, desalinate the matter, increase dissolved oxygen, but also increase the water temperature, promote the early activity, early feeding and early growth of the pond koi. Early spring water temperature is low, koi activity is less, eat less, pool water should not be too deep, but new fish pond or need spring stocking carp pond, should add enough water. As the water temperature rises, the koi fish eat more and more, and the water level can be gradually deepened. Generally, new water is injected once every 7~10 days, and the water level can be gradually increased to more than 1 meter in April. If the water quality is found to be aging and acidic, change the water once and deepen the water level in time. When adding new water, do not inject a large amount each time to prevent the water temperature from dropping sharply. If it is necessary to raise in separate ponds, it should be carried out at about 8℃. At this time, the activity of koi is weak, the scales are tight, the koi is not easy to be injured when fishing or transporting, and the water temperature is low, so the chance of infection is also less.

Increase water temperature: In the appropriate temperature range, koi fish will increase food intake as water temperature rises and accelerate growth. Therefore, in early spring, the water level of fish pond should be controlled at 0.6 m ~0.8 m, so that the water temperature can rise faster, so that koi can eat early. In case of continuous rainy weather, it is necessary to appropriately increase the depth of the pool water to prevent excessive changes in the water temperature in the pool.

Early feeding: According to the physiological characteristics of koi carp, spring carp pond feeding should master the principle of less to more. When the water temperature of carp pond rises to 8~10℃, koi carp begins to feed a little, at this time, feeding should be carried out to strengthen the physique of overwintering koi carp and accelerate its growth. Feeding should be timed, feeding amount should be determined according to the weather, water temperature and feeding intensity of koi, feed should be clean, fresh and delicious. When the surface water temperature of carp pond reaches 8~10℃, feed once a week; in sunny and warm weather, feed once a day or every other day when the surface water temperature of carp pond rises above 10℃. In the early stages, the daily feeding amount is about 0.5%-1.5% of the total body weight. After 15 - 20 days, gradually change to once a day in the morning and afternoon, and increase the daily feeding amount to about 1%-2% of the total body weight. At the beginning of spring, artificial compound feed with comprehensive nutrition should be fed, and high-energy feed should be given priority to. When there is cold air influence, the water temperature drops, to suspend feeding.

Comprehensive elimination: can use chlorine content of 30% after full dissolution, the whole pond evenly splashed, so that the pool water concentration of 1ppm, can prevent bacterial fish disease, twice a month. Dibromine, strong chlorine essence, fish disinfectant, etc. are chlorine-containing disinfectant, with, fast, strong sterilization and other characteristics. Due to instability, storage is more troublesome, easy to appear insufficient chlorine content, large-scale carp farms to use more stable dibromine, strong chlorine powder and fish disinfectant is more appropriate. Other iodine disinfectants, currently listed products are also many, more convenient to use, but also can choose to use.

Comprehensive insecticide: To kill parasites, the policy of "prevention first, combination of prevention and control" should be implemented, and more mature insecticide drugs should be used to kill them according to specific conditions. Insecticides should not only consider killing parasites on fish, but also consider killing parasites and larvae existing in water. It is necessary to prevent the behavior that only individual fish body is treated with insecticide bath and the insect killing work in water body is neglected. Otherwise, it would be easy to have frequent killings. Insecticides thrown into fish ponds should be arranged according to the fatness of water, weather, water temperature and fish activities. The weather is normal, the water temperature is normal, and the fish can be splashed at 3-4 pm without obvious abnormality; if there is heavy rain, low air pressure, low water temperature, hypoxia floating head and abnormal conditions caused by parasites, the pest control operation cannot be carried out, otherwise the water environment will deteriorate and the fish will be seriously ill, resulting in losses. Special attention should be paid to observe the performance of koi carp when killing insects. If abnormal conditions such as crazy swimming, shaking, flanging and floating head occur, 50% water should be changed immediately and observed again. Special attention should be paid to the use of the combination immediately after the end of the pest control. The specific methods and contents of insecticide are discussed separately from the prevention and control of fish diseases because of many aspects involved. Private courtyard fish pond landscape design.

Prevention and treatment of fish diseases: In winter, koi carp raised in the pond are in a state of hunger for a long time, growth stagnation, poor physique, and before eating in spring, the physique status drops to a point. As the water temperature rises, the bacteria multiply faster and the possibility of disease increases greatly. Therefore, strengthening culture management of koi carp in spring is one of the effective ways to enhance disease resistance of koi carp. Spring carp pond easy to occur in fish diseases are water mold, rot gills disease, enteritis disease, parasitic diseases and so on. For bacterial diseases caused by various pathogenic bacteria, similar drugs should be used. In prevention, Chinese herbal medicine is suitable for use at this stage because of its characteristics of no residue and small side effects. Specific prevention and control of fish diseases will be discussed separately.

The above is related to outdoor fish pond design, is about outdoor fish pond design sharing. After reading the fish pond landscape design pictures, I hope this is helpful to everyone!

Indoor how to do a good 10 square meters of koi fish pond, to beautiful and good quality, professionals give more advice ah!!! Hurry!

Indoor koi fish pond is not recommended, fish pond will make the house damp, can not solve; At the same time, the lack of lighting in the house, will also affect the koi hair color

A few key points of koi fish pond:

1, the depth should be more than 0.6 meters, at the same time do a good job of waterproofing, if you are not the first floor, then also consider the load-bearing problem of the house.

2. Design the filtration system before construction. Koi is a highly polluted fish species. It eats more than one person. If there is no good filtration water quality, it is meaningless to see Koi swimming. As for the design of the filtration system, you'd better find some design examples, or experienced masters to do it, which are critical to the design of various filter materials and water flows. The most important thing here is the design of the water outlet and drain, so that the BB of the koi can be washed away naturally as much as possible.

What practical experience do you have?

Mention rural courtyard fish pond design, we all know, someone asked courtyard fish pond design what practical experience do you have? In addition, there are people who want to ask the courtyard fish pond, hydropower design scheme? You know what this is about? In fact, if you want to build a pond in your yard, how do you design it to look good? Let's take a look at the courtyard fish pond design. What practical experience do you have? Hope to help everyone!

Design of fish pond in rural courtyard

1. Rural courtyard fish pond design: What practical experience do you have in courtyard fish pond design?

Decoration and utility can be combined into one, a small pond, pouring into a steady stream of living water, water over the edge, then obediently go to the next stop, artistic conception leisurely, really enjoy, surrounded by green shade winding, as if in the pool for the people to cover, wonderful and interesting courtyard to do pool, to do a good job of import and export water replacement. It can make living water. Otherwise, in summer, it will be a place to produce mosquitoes and flies. The key is to filter well. Rural courtyard 2 meters long fish pond.

The rockery and fish pond in the courtyard layout are to reflect the agility of the courtyard style, so the proportion of rockery should not be too large, reflecting the ethereal of "distant mountains", fish pond needs to ensure the vitality of water, need to have flowing water echo, fish should not be too many, pay attention to the color matching.

If you want to build a pond in your yard, how do you design it to look good?

Many friends have the idea of building a fish pond in the yard, planting flowers after work, raising fish, and living Tao Yuanming's life. However, to build a traditional pond, in addition to digging the main body of the pond, it is also necessary to solidify the bottom of the pond with cement to ensure that the water will not leak out, which is not only time-consuming but also costly. Now there's finally a new solution, and that's pond lining, where you don't have to use any cement at all, dig the body of the pond, lay the lining, fill it with water, and you have a pond, fast and beautiful.

What to do when winter freezes

The south is OK, but the northeast is not so good. Courtyard 3 small fish pond.

2. Rural courtyard fish pond design: courtyard fish pond, hydropower design scheme?

1: The depth shall not be less than 1.2 meters.

2: Main tank and filter tank need to be set.

3: At least four filter tanks are needed, namely sewage tank, biochemical tank, filter tank and clean water tank. Outdoor fish pond design.

4: Two pumps are required, one circulating pump and one sewage pump. How to design a courtyard fish pond.

5: The inlet pipe is connected to the clean water tank, and the power line is connected to the clean water tank and the sewage tank. Design of fish pond in rural self-built houses.

6: The above is the simplest circulating pool. Family fish pond size.

3, rural courtyard fish pond design: want to build a pond in the yard, how to design it to look good?

Always wanted a fish pond in the yard to be tall. I don't like artificial brick-built fish ponds with a huge exaggerated rockery, and then put Leifeng Pagoda here and ginger there on the rockery…It's too ugly. I think many people's aesthetics are still at the level of the office of the head of a township enterprise in a third-tier city. The scene must be natural. There were rocks, weeds, heavy trees with huge floating surfaces, extremely ordinary aquatic plants, extremely ordinary grass goldfish, extremely ordinary shrimp soldiers and crabs, and small frogs and turtles growing together. It's cheap. Because... It's one. Find a few less sophisticated landscape design firms and ask them if they can build the pond I want. And most of the answers were: We have a lot of experience in koi ponds.

Type in the image search to see what foreign ponds look like. If there is a pond that falls, use pondwaterfall to search, and then you can see a variety of well-designed courtyard ponds. However, if you go to the designer with these beautiful pictures, in most cases they will hesitate to say that they can do it, but the effect will almost certainly differ by 108000 li, because the methods of building ponds at home and abroad are essentially completely different. So, in order to figure out how ponds are generally built abroad, I found the simplest steps in the following figure.

What practical experience do you have in the design of courtyard fish ponds? The relevant content is about the design of courtyard fish ponds. What practical experience do you have? Share. After watching the design of the fish pond in the rural courtyard, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

How to build a fish pond and show the complete construction process

First of all, we should choose a good place, close to the current but not close to it, and there should be enough space to build a pool. If you just want to build an ornamental pool, and the water source is stream water, a reservoir should be built upstream of the main pool, and a filter tank should be built next to the main pool, which includes a sedimentation tank.

Physical filter pool

Biochemical pool

Clear water pool, there are many related design drawings online, which can be used as a reference. As for the size of koi, since it is a fish pond to raise koi, we can look at it for a long time, according to the plan that we can raise to 60-80 carps in the future, one for every cubic meter, aquatic plants can be put into the filter pond, or you can choose to put some sturdy skin into the main pond as embellishment, and do not put small aquatic phytoplankton, koi omnivorous, meat-and-vegetarian. These are just an overview, there are a lot of details to pay attention to, step by step.

Design drawings and principle of koi pond

How big are you going to be?Design drawing of small fish pond of koiDonovan's pond?

If it's courtyard style, it's best to make it round or oval, which is good for the fish.Design drawing of small fish pond of koiCruising, and beautiful.

If you open a big pond, there won't be too much.Design drawing of small fish pond of koiFastidiousDesign drawing of small fish pond of koiYes.

How are Western-style koi ponds generally designed?

Western gardens pay attention to the art of gardeningDesign drawing of small fish pond of koiRepel natureDesign drawing of small fish pond of koiStrive to show rigorDesign drawing of small fish pond of koiThe rationality, the pursuit of a pure, artificially carved beauty of dress

Yangfeng Pool pays attention to geometric shape, such as circle, rectangle, square, oval, etc., concise and generous. There are phased flow structures such as wall springs, water sprays and small waterfalls, as well as ditches equivalent to the waterway function of the wind pool, and there are also design styles that use ditches to connect the pool to the pool. Its material utilizationDesign drawing of small fish pond of koiDecorated with tiles, cement, stones, bricks, ironstone, valley stone, marble and so on, the vastness around the pool brings a cheerful and bright feeling. In Western-style wind ponds, fish ponds are often combined with sculptures, or flowerpots and vases with shapes are arranged in the garden.

This is the end of the introduction of koi small pond design drawings and small koi pond design and construction drawings. I wonder if you have found the information you need? If you want to know more about this, remember to collect and follow this site.


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