Jialu fish tank instruction manual (Jialu fish tank display display manual)

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Jialu fish tank instruction manual

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How to disassemble Jialu 1.2m fish tank floor cabinet

1. Find a suitable inner hexagon wrench and remove it from the hinge joint. You can take off the whole lid. When the fish tank lid is removed, first lift the fish tank lid. At the place where it is connected to the fish tank, there is a small bulging bag on both sides. Press hard on both sides at the same time, and the fish tank lid will be removed.

2. In this way, there will be more 10cm at each end without support, if the width of the fish tank is not too narrow and the height is not too low, it is still not safe. To solve this problem, you can find a large core board or plywood pad, and then a layer of thick cardboard or hard sponge on the board, which is very cheap.

3. How to disassemble the Jialu 2m fish tank floor cabinet: first find the bottom plate to install the four feet. Turn the bottom plate over and install the screws and wood tips. Find the side plate and back plate and install the screws, and install the side plate and back plate. Install the installed baffle back plate on the bottom plate, find the bezel and install the bezel.

What are the types of fish tanks?

Acrylic fish tank acrylic glass fish tank is not only a plexiglass fish tank, but also a common fish tank, which is characterized by strong toughness, light weight, high transparency and water pressure resistance; the disadvantage is that it is easy to scratch, but its surface can be re-polished.

The hot-bending fish tank is an integrated fish tank. Now most fish tanks on the market are glued together with four pieces of glass, while the hot-bending fish tank uses a piece of glass to bend out the arc by heating. The hot bending fish tank requires high technology, and accurate temperature and technology are needed in order to produce a better quality hot bending fish tank.

What kinds of fish tanks do you have? Ordinary glass fish tank this is the most common fish tank and its classification, its characteristics are emerald green, but not durable, if the transparency is not high, the appreciation effect is not good, if exposed to the rain is particularly easy to deform.

What are the points for attention in choosing a fish tank?

There are four aspects to pay attention to when buying a fish tank. The first is its firmness. Generally speaking, the bigger the fish tank, the thicker the glass. Secondly, it depends on the size of the fish tank, where it is suitable to put at home, or according to the number of fish to buy the right size tank. In addition, pay attention to the shape of the fish tank, novice generally recommend a rectangular tank.

When buying a fish tank, you should pay attention to the quality and thickness of the fish tank, as well as various types of materials, space size and so on.

The size of the sturdy fish tank is closely related to the thickness of the glass. It is recommended to choose 8 cm thick glass for fish tanks with a length of more than 60 cm, and 10 cm thick glass for fish tanks over 120 cm. It is recommended to choose ultra-white glass as far as possible, otherwise ordinary glass will turn yellow after a long time, which will affect the effect.

Matters needing attention when purchasing ready-made fish tanks, determine the samples and ask if ancillary equipment is included. Such as oxygen pumps, lights, thermometers, flowers and plants in the water ornaments, fish species and so on. Tailor-made fish tank, design style, size, glass thickness and so on should be signed and approved by both parties.

The smell of glue, some of the poor quality of the glue taste is very pungent, buy as far as possible to choose a small smell, so as not to cause harm to fish. But sometimes the strong flavor is more sticky and the sticky fish tank is stronger, so we have to buy the tank back and soak it for a while.

Who makes Jialu fish tank and what is its quality?

1. Jialu aquarium belongs to Sensen. Jialu Aquarium is a product of Sensen General Factory with fine style and workmanship. It is a subsidiary of Sensen. Consumers can choose and buy it in the market according to their own preferences and needs.

2. This answer which belongs to Sensen's subsidiary with the same technical quality is recommended and reported by netizens | error correction | comment (1) 303 1340903777 acceptance rate: 23% good at: flowers, birds, fish and insects other answers Jialu aquarium is a product of Sensen General Factory. Style and workmanship are relatively fine, I think Jialu has finer workmanship than Sensen.

3. Jialushui is the product of Guangzhou Jialu Industrial Co., Ltd., established in 2005. The company is committed to the R & D and production of aquarium products, including aquarium, aquarium equipment and landscape architecture.

4. Sensen is the worst and there are many leaks. Jialu is the same as Jiabao's fish tank. Search the Internet for Sensen fish tank leakage and Jiabao fish tank leakage and you will know the result.

5. The top ten fish tank brands are Sensen, Minjiang Aquarium, Boyu, Jiabao, Risheng, Haili, Jialu Aquarium, Keriai, ADA and Chuangxing.


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