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Can Tropical fish and golden Arowana be eaten?

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tropical fish-will the golden dragon fish be poisoned to death when eating centipedes? ~ ~ it looks horrible.

No, the centipede will die of asphyxiation when it enters the esophagus after being swallowed by arowana.

Hello, centipedes should not be fed for a long time, they can only be fed with staple food as snacks. In addition, although the centipede is poisonous, but it is not poisonous arowana, it is generally best to go to the head or tail to cut short to Feed. For frozen ones, it is recommended to thaw before feeding.

But centipedes and scorpions are toxic, and breeders should not feed too much to avoid poisoning. If you want to make goldfish hair color, you should feed more food containing astaxanthin. The more common shrimps are harvest shrimp, river shrimp, Kewei shrimp and so on, which can help them synthesize pigment.

Feeding skills of Golden arowana

1. Water temperatureCan tropical Fish and golden arowana be eaten?Golden arowana is a tropical fishCan tropical fish and golden arowana be eaten?Prefer a higher water temperatureCan tropical fish and golden arowana be eaten?It is necessary to keep the water temperature between 24 and 28 ℃ in the process of feeding. If possible, you can use a heating rod to keep the water temperature constant.

2. Feed to 80% at a time in childhood and 70% in adulthood. Feeding frequencyCan tropical fish and golden arowana be eaten?Young golden arowana can be fed twice a day, and adults can be fed once a day or two. Feeding method: when feeding the golden arowana, it is best to put the food on the surface of the water for them to eat.

3. The feeding skills of golden arowana are: tank size, water temperature, Water quality, water exchange and feeding. fish tank size because the arowana is a large fish, the Fish tank is at least 5 meters long, 0.5 meters wide and 0.7 meters high. Fish tank must be capped, arowana belongs to the upper swimming fish, like to jump, in order to avoid no one jumped out of the tank and suffocated to death.

4. Persisting in changing water regularly, keeping the fish tank clean and providing good water quality conditions are the basis of breeding golden dragon fish. Raise food goldfish like to eat live fish, shrimp, worms, etc., you can also feed them some pellet feed sold in the market. However, do not overfeed to avoid polluting the water.

5. The main points of raising golden arowana are: first, raise water when the new fish get home, turn on the filter for the water in the fish tank for three days, and then open the heating rod for three days. Second, the PH value of the water body is kept at 5-5, the best content of nitrite and chlorine is 0, and the water is changed regularly. Third, feed according to the size of the golden arowana.

6. Feeding method of arowana Water temperature Water quality Golden arowana is a kind of tropical fish, which is suitable to grow in high temperature water environment. In artificial breeding, heating rods can be placed in the tank to stabilize the water temperature between 25 and 28 ℃.

Can you eat ornamental fish, arowana?

Arowana can. However, as ornamental fish, Southeast Asia is rich in this kind of fish, such as silver dragon, golden dragon, red dragon and so on. Because the local people do not understand its value, this fish often becomes their dish, and now no one is willing to eat it.

Edible, a few years ago, and friends have eaten arowana and silver arowana, are entertained by friends, do not feel anything special. nutrition is not much different from other bony hyoid fish. Six species are listed in the World Conservation Union (IUCN) red list of endangered species ver 1.

Golden arowana is an auspicious and precious species of ornamental fish. Although it can be eaten, it is not recommended to eat it. Arowana, the scientific name beautiful hard-bone hyoid fish, belongs to the family Osteohyoideae, is an ancient primitive freshwater fish, has been developed as an ornamental fish since the middle of the 20th century. It tastes mediocre and is not recommended.

How about meat for golden dragon fish? how about pork?

Absolutely can not feed pork, pork contains too much fat, dragon fish will eat indigestion and cause enteritis. Arowana can feed processed fish shrimp, soft-shelled turtle, Loach, golden frog shrimp and Loach had better be fed frozen, which can kill most parasites and bacteria.

Golden arowana can often eat lean meat, chicken breast. The eating habits of arowana are miscellaneous, and there are many kinds of food that can be eaten. Breeders had better choose a variety of foods to feed together, so as to avoid the situation of single nutrition or single diet.

At this time, the arowana grows rapidly and eats an astonishing amount. The feeding times and amount can be increased appropriately. More than 20 centimeters of goldfish can be fed with larger fish, shrimp, Loach, meat and other bait. Can also feed a variety of insects and other live bait, these are arowana's favorite food, but be careful not to let these baits be contaminated.

For example, golden arowana should not eat some candy, bread and other foods saturated with sugar, these substances are easy to accumulate in the fish body, which will cause certain harm to the health of the fish. In addition, golden arowana should not eat too much carbohydrate and fertilizer feed, otherwise it will lead to fish obesity and loss of normal vitality.

If there are conditions, it is best to get water from the original tank of the new fish back to your own tank (if there is no problem with the water in the original tank), and it is best to take back 1can3, so as to facilitate the adverse reaction of the new fish to sudden changes in the environment. It is recommended that arowana be raised from an early age. Question 6: what does the golden arowana eat? Feed.

The time and quantity of diet should be regular, feeding two or three times a day, and not eating too much each time. Choose the right fish food in the process of feeding golden dragon fish, the choice of feed is also very important. Golden arowana had better eat fresh and nutritious fish food.

Can you eat golden arowana? Is red dragon fish expensive or golden dragon fish expensive?

But for the relatively general quality of the red dragon golden dragon, for the red dragon fish golden dragon fish which is expensive to compare, the price of red dragon fish is still slightly higher than the golden dragon fish. This depends not only on the unique beauty of the red arowana species, but also on the fact that people generally like the red arowana more than the golden arowana in the market.

Red arowana needs to grow under specific water quality, water temperature, bait, light and other conditions, and the growth cycle is longer, the production cost is higher, and the price is higher.

However, the quality of the relatively general red dragon golden dragon for the red dragon fish golden dragon fish which is expensive to compare, the price of red dragon fish is still slightly higher than the golden dragon fish. This depends not only on the unique beauty of the red arowana species, but also on the fact that people generally like the red arowana more than the golden arowana in the market.

Generally speaking, red arowana is indeed more expensive than arowana, but if it is a good quality arowana, whether it is ornamental or price is not inferior to red arowana.

Red arowans are more expensive. The fins of juvenile red dragons are pale golden-green, the scales have pink edges, and the mouth is light red. Adult fish, the fish body into golden yellow, scales with a slightly reddish-gold edge of the scale frame, mouth and operculum are with special dark red stripes, each fin is dark red.

Because goldfish bloodline expensive, breeding difficult. Arowana's history is older than human beings, as early as the ancient Carboniferous has existed, known as "living fossils in the water." Arowana is native to Malaysia, and red arowana is mainly produced in Indonesia. They are listed as Class A protected animals under the Washington Convention and are extremely precious.


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