What disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales (there are white raised spots on the silver arowana scales)


What disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales?

What disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales (there are white raised spots on the silver arowana scales) Polypterus ornatipinnis

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of what is the disease of white spots on the silver arowana scales, and it will also explain the white raised spots on the silver arowana scales. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to the Xianglong fish Farm. Let's start now!

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How to treat the white spot disease of silver dragon fish

Some or most of the silver dragon is covered with white dots, affecting the fins and reducing the arowana's appetite, and the silver arowana can often be seen rubbing its body.


How to treat the white spot disease of silver dragon Fish

1. Small melon insects can only reproduce and spread in an environment with low water temperature. when silver arowana suffers from white spot disease, the water temperature in the fish tank can be raised to 30 degrees Celsius to destroy the living environment to eliminate it.

two。 Mercurous nitrate can also be sprayed in the fish tank of silver arowana to kill melon worms. Or wash the silver arowana with malachite green solution to eliminate the small melons and insects on the fish.

3. Increase the salt content of the water in the tank by 5%, let the fish soak in the water environment for a few days, and the small melon insects will gradually fall off and die. Or soak the arowana in 2% methyl blue solution for 6 hours a day. Silver arowana can also be soaked in red mercury solution of about 60% concentration, twice a day for 5 minutes each time. The above soaking method, when the fish's small melon insects fall off, still have to adhere to a period of time, until all the small melons and insects die, can stop soaking. After the small melon worm dies, it is necessary to change the fresh water for the silver arowana in time, disinfect the fish tank again, and give the silver dragon fish a new living environment in order to avoid the recurrence of white spot disease.

4. If the silver arowana is seriously ill, it should be sent to the pet hospital or aquarium for treatment in time to prevent the silver arowana from dying.

Silver arowana has small white spots on the body, is this a disease? what should I do?

Caused by a phylum of parasitic protozoa, some or most of the silver arowana is covered with white dots. It mainly affects the fins and reduces the arowana's appetite, and the silver arowana can often be seen rubbing against the body.

Raise the temperature to 30 and add 3% sea salt. If not, you have to be treated in a medicine tank alone.

The main symptom is that the whole body of the diseased fish is covered with white spots, like white powder, and in severe cases, it is like covering the fish with a milky white film.

The cause of the disease is caused by the parasitism of small melon insects on fish.

Hello, from what you said, you can consider the following aspects:

1) in the fish tank, in addition to the small white spots around the silver arowana, there are other places such as the cylinder wall, the bottom of the tank, changing water and filtering sponges, and do the corresponding work according to the specific situation.

2) overall, have you changed the right amount of water (the right amount) during the period to properly refresh the water quality? after all, fish farming depends on water, and proper salt is added properly. Silver arowana is suitable for living in salt water, and salt has germicidal effect.

3) check the filtration equipment to see if there is any blockage, and consider cleaning or replacing the filter cotton.

4) after considering acid reduction and updating water quality, confirm nitrifying bacteria ok

5) of course, after the water quality is improved, we should focus on what their white spots are, which may usually be white spot worms. If this disease persists for such a long time, you should go to the market as soon as possible, or in the company or store where you buy fish. They will give you the corresponding medicine, and there are many specific brands of medicine, which are basically called therapeutic white spot agents.

6) consider the feeding situation, suspend the feeding, and then adjust the quality.

Fish culture is a kind of elegant pleasure, of course, usually watch while paying attention to the water quality, the health status of the fish, I believe you will deal with related problems, the fish are healthy, you are happy every day!

White spots appeared on the silver arowana.

White spot disease

The pathogen is many-bearing melon worm. After the small melon worm invaded the skin of the fish, the skin mucus of the diseased fish increased, and a dense layer of white spots could be seen on the pectoral fin, dorsal fin, caudal fin and body surface skin. In the early stage of the disease, the diseased fish gathered in the cylinder corner to rub against each other. In the later stage of the disease, the diseased fish floated dully on the water surface and did not feed. Control methods: according to the physiological characteristics that it is difficult for melon insects to reproduce when the water temperature is above 25 ℃ and begin to die at 28 ℃, the water temperature can be slowly raised to 30 ℃. After a few days of resting, the cysts of melon insects begin to fall off, and the diseased fish can recover by changing new water in time. You can also choose 0.05-0.07% red mercury solution in 10 kg of water and wash the diseased fish for 10 minutes. Mercurous nitrate medicine bath will also disappear in a day, but pay attention to the dosage. The period of white spot treatment is one week.

How to treat the white spot disease of silver dragon fish

That's a white spot disease. White spot diseaseWhat disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales?90% of tropical fish diseases are caused by this disease.What disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales?It is very easy to infect, the specific medicine is quinine sulfate, first melt the medicine into hot water, and then pour it into the jar, the water temperature should be raised to 28 Murray 30 degrees, and the protozoa can be killed in 5 days. If it is not completely eliminated, you can do it again. The local solution is to put the fish in 1%.What disease is it that there are white spots on the silver arowana scales?Soaking in salt water can also be cured. Anti-Ziling, a medicine specializing in white spot disease, is also fine. The disease is a parasite of caterpillars that absorbs body fluids from fish on the skin of fish and propagates quickly. So it takes about 10 days to treat the disease thoroughly. If there is no medicine, there is a way to save money, which is 1% salt bath. About ten days. In addition, the fish tank is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Disinfection can use potassium permanganate or Laisu water to raise fish first, prepared in advance, the old fish tank can not be used, to disinfect, or else get sick. Put the fish in the washbasin and take a bath, then clean the tank and disinfect it. The tap water has just been picked up and can't be used. It will be hung for a few days.

The arowana scales have white objects.

It may be caused by white mildew caused by poor Water quality management.

White mildew of dragon fish is mostly due to the lack of regular and quantitative water change, which leads to the deterioration of water quality, the increase of ammonia accumulation, or imperfect filtration system, and a large number of bacteria are produced when the filter material is not cleaned.

The pathogen of white mildew is attached to the wound of the diseased fish, which is grayish white, and it can be seen with the naked eye that the wound of the fish is covered with cotton fiber, and the diseased fish will be accompanied by unsteady swimming and anti-itching behavior of friction substrate or cylinder wall, and loss of appetite. If left untreated, the fish will slowly weaken and gradually collapse and die.

White mildew is caused by improper water quality management, so raising arowana on weekdays must not neglect the management of water, and change water regularly and quantitatively.

In the early stage of the disease, you can try to use the old three to change 1 / 4 of the water, add 3 / 1000 of the salt, and raise the temperature to 30-32 degrees. Do not rise at one time, must not rise suddenly, to avoid the discomfort caused by abrupt changes in water temperature.

After the use of the old three, the fish has not recovered or the condition has deteriorated, you can give an appropriate amount of drugs, such as anti-ten thousand bacteria, special agents for fungal infection.

The best way to avoid arowana disease is to manage the water quality regularly to give the arowana a good living environment, and its performance will not disappoint the owner.

This is the end of the introduction of what is the disease with white spots on the silver arowana scales. Thank you for taking the time to read the contents of this site. For more information about the white bulge spots on the silver arowana scales and the diseases on the silver arowana scales, don't forget to look for them on this site.


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