How to turn off the light in the fish tank? how to turn off the light in the fish tank?

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How to turn off the lights in the fish tank

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How to turn off the light of the Fish tank and turn it on automatically?

1, the hand automatically adjusts, in the unlocked state, press the decreasing key and the backlight of the display screen will be turned off. Automatic mode, set the time, the light in the fish tank will be turned off automatically.

2, Sensen Fish tank setting electronic screen can first enter the setting, general setting time setting, temperature setting, backlight setting, as well as setting pump switch.

3. When the light is on, it is on. The light setting of the Sensen fish tank aquarium is as follows: long press the gear mark to enter the setting, generally set the timing to turn on and off lights, set the temperature control. and set the pump to turn on and off 1653.

4. Manual mode. This fish tank has not only automatic mode, but also manual mode, which requires people to watch for some time. Just press the drop button once when you need to end the light, and the backlight is automatically turned off. If you need to open it again, you only need to press this button again, which is very convenient.

Question 3: can the fish lamp in the fish tank be turned off? if the light is good during the day, you don't need to turn on the light. Turn it on for a few hours at night. Turn it off before you go to bed, and the fish also need to sleep.

Do the lights in the fish tank turn on during the day or at night? When exactly will it be turned off? What kind of switch!

1. The light is usually turned on at 8-9 o'clock in the morning for 8-10 hours. On the contrary, it is best not to turn on the lights at night, because this is usually the rest time for fish.

2. Fish tank lights are generally turned on during the day, the time to use the lights should not exceed 10 hours, and the lights should not be turned on and off frequently during the period. However, when fish are spawning and infected with diseases, it is best to turn on the lights at night to observe the situation in order to avoid irreparable accidents. New fish and fish that have been using water purifiers for a long time also need to turn on the lights at night.

3. Fish culture should turn on the lights at night because when fish need to use lights during the spawning and breeding period, they generally need to turn on the lights at night to avoid moldy fish eggs and fish eating fish. Fish tank lights had better be turned on during the day, and the lights had better not be turned on for more than 10 hours.

4. Fish tank lights are usually on during the day. The main function of the fish tank light is to supplement the light, which is used to simulate the sun and allow the fish to establish the correct biological clock, so the fish tank lights are usually turned on during the day. Too much light will affect the rest of the fish.

Generally speaking, it is not necessary to turn on the lights in the fish tank 24 hours a day, just 8-10 hours a day. It is not necessary to spend more than 10 hours, otherwise it will not only do no good, but also waste electricity. The specific time of turning on the light also needs to be paid attention to, preferably during the day.

6. In the natural environment. tropical fish are generally in a state of light during the day and no light at night. Therefore, in order to simulate the natural environment, it is necessary to set a certain amount of lighting time in the fish tank. It is recommended that you set the working time of the fish tank lamp to 12-14 hours and keep the lighting time consistent with the natural daytime.

Fish tank lighting every morning about 2-3 inches light automatically, can be turned off manually, what is the reason

Timer setting time is upHow to turn off the lights in the fish tankThe fish tank will light up automatically.How to turn off the lights in the fish tankAquarium shops are very common.How to turn off the lights in the fish tankOf.

You can try to set the turn-off time of the light in the Settings menu so that the light will turn off automatically when it reaches the specified time. If the shutdown time is set, the light will still turn on itself, you can try to reinstall the software or replace a new light bulb.

The lamp has the function of light memory, which can remember the light brightness and color set. When it is turned off and turned on again, it can automatically display the light brightness and color used last time. Power failure, such as voltage instability, may cause the lamp not to be turned off properly and the power supply needs to be replaced or repaired.

There was a sudden power outage at home, and when the electricity came again, the fish tank light was always on. I couldn't turn it off.

1. It may be burnt out. If the original running electrical appliances are not turned off after a power outage, a sudden call may cause the electrical appliances to be burned out or cause a fire. This may be due to the aging of wires and appliances or quality problems, or it may be due to the increase in voltage after an incoming call.

2. This situation may be caused by the instantaneous high pressure of the bulb. When there is a power outage at home, the current on the bulb decreases instantly, causing the bulb to dim instantly. When there is a call from home, a high voltage will be generated instantly due to the resistance of the bulb, which may cause the bulb to turn on instantly and then go out.

3. The power indicator can not be turned off, which means that although it has been turned off. Stop the motor and the water pump is not working. But the power is still on.

4. if there is no sudden call, the light will come on, which means that the lamp in your home is not up to standard, the lamp holder may be loose, or the joint is not firm, so there is this phenomenon.


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