Picture of aquarium price list, introduction to aquarium fish culture technology

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Picture of Aquarium price list

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The world's top ten tuhao fish tanks

1. The tenth local tycoon sinks into a garden fish tank. Greenchapter in Singapore makes a sunken garden landscape for a local tycoon, and he is a part-time Shenhao. Made a super-large ecological landscape in the sunken garden, with fish, aquatic plants, tropical rain forests, wherever you want. The best-looking Fish tank 2 the problem of turbid water quality in the fish tank.

2. Japan ADA,ADA is a Japanese aquarium brand that has been operating for 20 years. In the past 20 years, ADA has been developing new products for aquarium undertakings, making it easier for many aquarium lovers around the world to build their favorite natural ecological aquarium.

3. The top ten fish tank brands are Sensen, Minjiang Aquarium, Boyu, Jiabao, Risheng, Haili, Jialu Aquarium, Keriai, ADA and Chuangxing.

How big is the fish tank before you need an aerator?

Fish that can be fed with 1cm per liter of water do not need to be oxygenated in a normal climate. However, if the air pressure is low, such as the lack of dissolved oxygen in rainy days, oxygen is needed to prevent the fish from suffocating to death.

Cm fish tanks generally do not need an oxygen pump, because this kind of fish tank can not support large fish, small fish do not need a high level of dissolved oxygen to feed, but if the culture density is high, it is best to aerate regularly. If the fish feel lack of oxygen, it will have a lot of performance, the most common is floating head, that is, bubbles on the surface of the water.

First do an experiment, do not add an oxygen machine, to see if the fish will float, if the floating head, then need to add oxygen; then you calculate about how often the fish float, this is the interval of oxygen. In theory, every liter of water can raise one 1cm fish, which does not need to be oxygenated in a normal climate.

If not, then the fish tank is not too small, it is recommended that you add a small filter pump below 10w, that is, physical filtration, as long as there is a certain height of the water surface in the outlet, it will have the effect of adding oxygen.

To create an ecological balance, you don't need an aeration pump. If pure fish culture, if the culture density is high, it is recommended to use aeration device, the specific need for the size of the aeration pump depends on the number of fish and the size of the fish tank.

300L/h-500L/h 's aeration pump is the most suitable for cubic fish ponds. The 30-square cylinder can hold up to 27 liters of water, so the power of the pump does not have to be too high.

How to choose the fish tank, what aspects should be paid attention to?

1. Firmness the first thing to buy a fish tank is its firmness, which is usually related to the size and the thickness of the glass. If you choose a fish tank of more than 60 centimeters, the thickness of the glass must be about 8 millimeters. If you choose a 120 cm long fish tank, the glass will be 10 mm thick.

2. The firmness of the fish tank is closely related to the thickness of the glass. It is recommended to use glass 8 cm thick for fish tanks with a length of more than 60 cm, and 10 cm glass for fish tanks over 120 cm. It is recommended to choose ultra-white glass as far as possible, otherwise ordinary glass will turn yellow after a long time, which will affect the effect.

3. When purchasing a ready-made fish tank, confirm the sample and ask if ancillary equipment is included. Such as oxygen pumps, lights, thermometers, flowers and plants in the water ornaments, fish species and so on. Tailor-made fish tank, design style, size, glass thickness and so on should be signed and approved by both parties. The Price and quality of related equipment should be clear.

Top 10 ranking of fish tank brands

1, Ecological Fish Tank top ten brands list ecological fish tank top ten brands Sensen Group Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1985, after more than 20 years of wind and rain, in aquarium leisure, aquaculture machinery, industrial supporting and other industries continue to lead the new trend.

2. The top ten brands of fish tank are Sensen, Yi Brand / yee, Minjiang Aquarium / MINJIANG, Songbao / Sobo, Hanba, Starfish / SeaStar, Jiabao / JEBO, Jialu, Boyu, Dirk / da. Sensen, a well-known brand of fish tank and fish food, began in 1985, a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province, and one of the larger professional manufacturers of aquarium and fish tank in China.

3. Sensen Group Co., Ltd. was founded in November 1985. After more than 20 years of wind and rain, Sensen Group Co., Ltd. continues to lead a new trend in aquarium leisure, aquaculture machinery, industrial supporting and other industries.

Should the sand at the bottom of the fish tank be laid with coarse sand or fine sand first?

The method of laying sand on the bottom of a tank that has raised fish: first of all, you need to put the fish tank on a flat ground.Picture of aquarium price listThen wash the bottom and surroundings of the fish tank with clean water to make sure there is no dust or dirt

Pile up a pile of coral bones near the sewer, and then lay sand. It has been two days, and there is no sand in the case of making waves. The cracks in the coral bones can still walk fish shit normally and discharge it from the bottom. Do not put water to spread the sand, the sand must be washed clean, and then spread the sand directly, there is no need to release the water.

How thick is the pavingPicture of aquarium price list? 3CM! Personally, I use thick sand, but there are few people who use thick sand, and there is no substantial textual research, so I don't use it for implementation. What enriches the textual research is the thin sand around 3CM. As long as the shop will not expose the glass bottom, it is for the sake of elegance, so that creatures playing with sand can play.

Large fish that really want to be put thick generally do not need bottom sand, first, to prevent fish from swallowing sand by mistake, second, to prevent fish from scratching their bodies when swimming, and third, large fish have more excreta, which is difficult to clean up in the sand.

For those who do not have a self-cleaning device, we can consider using sand and gravel. One is that it is easier to clean the fish tank. It only needs to wash and dry the sand and gravel. The other bedding is relatively simple and convenient.

How big is the fish tank for raising walrus fish at home?

In terms of size,Picture of aquarium price listThe 5-meter fish tank at home can only grow to about 1 meter long. Walrus fish grow rapidly. Foreign impurities suggest that the aquarium for raising walrus fish is 5 meters long, 5 meters wide and 5 meters high.

Walrus fish is not difficult to raise, because of its large size, foreign impurities recommended to raise walrus fish aquarium is 5 meters long, 5 meters wide, 5 meters high. In terms of living habits, walrus fish are tropical fish, like weak acid water quality, the requirements for water quality are not very strict, the appropriate water temperature is between 24 degrees and 29 degrees.

First prepare a tank more than three meters long and two meters wide. Walrus grows at an amazing speed and is very large. Ordinary tanks will have difficulty turning around when they are seven or eight months old.aquarium fish Tank Price List PicturesWell, think about it yourself.


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