How to raise black and white rays? is it harmful to brush your teeth with baking soda every day? is brushing your teeth with baking soda harmful to your teeth? [need to be manually filled] fish breathe slowly and quickly.

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Ray breathes rapidly after changing water

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How to raise black and white rays

1. Black-and-white Stingrays usually change water once every three days, and 1/5 at a time. The water to be changed needs to be heated and precipitated for more than 24 hours. They have a large amount of food and strong excretion capacity, so family breeding should pay special attention to the maintenance of water quality, and a filtration system can be installed on the fish tank if necessary.

2. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly remove the residual bait and change the tank water, and at the same time do a good job in water quality inspection. How do rays Feed rays? feeding is critical.

3. Feeding methods: (1). The feeding of rays: when the rays are not stable in the first few days, we can feed them according to their favorite bait. When the rays are gradually stabilized, you can start baiting.

Is it harmful to brush your teeth with baking soda every day?

1. Is brushing bicarbonate harmful to the teeth? the right amount does not hurt. Whether brushing the teeth with baking soda will do harm to the teeth depends on the dose used. If it is a small dose or occasional use, it is not a big problem. If it is a large dose or long-term use, it will definitely hurt the teeth.

2. Yes. Baking soda itself is an alkaline substance, because if you use alkaline things to brush your teeth for a long time, it will also have a corrosive effect on the teeth themselves, so it is recommended that you do not use it for a long time, otherwise it will be harmful to the mouth and teeth.

3. In principle, brushing your teeth with edible baking soda will not affect the gums and mouth. Because baking soda dissolves quickly after meeting water, and after people eat, the oral environment is mostly acidic, baking soda meets acid, will form carbonic acid (carbon dioxide + water) and sodium ions, these three substances are not harmful to the mouth.

4. there is no harm in washing your face and brushing your teeth with baking soda. Eating baking soda is a weakly alkaline substance, often washing the face will lead to skin cuticle thinning, can only be washed twice a week or so.

5, corrosive tooth baking soda has a certain corrosiveness, it is its corrosiveness can remove tartar, soft stains on the surface of teeth, so that teeth become white. If you can use baking soda to brush your teeth for a long time, it will corrode your teeth and affect your tooth health.

Rays breathe slowly and quickly.

The main results are as follows: 1. And the ray itself belongs to the cartilaginous fish, so the osmotic pressure mediation mechanism in the body is different from the general bony fish, coupled with the fact that there is no scale on the surface of the ray to protect scaleless fish, the requirement for water quality is higher, once the water quality changes too fast, the osmotic pressure mediation mechanism will happen.

2. Nothing. Don't take the medicine. Give the oxygen, turn off the lights, stabilize the water, and keep the rays quiet.

3. If the newly bought fish enters the tank after passing through the water, and then has shortness of breath, it may not adapt.Ray breathes rapidly after changing waterThe environment on your side can giveRay breathes rapidly after changing waterHe put it in the old water before, or put it in the old water of the fish for a period of time.

4. Secondly, it is necessary to observe whether the breathing of pearl rays in the static state is uniform and slow, more regular, and whether the respiratory membrane of pearl rays will relax normally. Sometimes pearl rays may be weak for a variety of reasons, such as long transportation and the impact of water quality.

5. Its branchial foramen is intact, the respiratory symmetry is slow, the frequency is regular, and the thin relaxation of the upper respiratory membrane is normal. In addition, when choosing rays, you should go to a professional flower-and-bird market or an aquarium store, and never buy them at random at roadside stalls.


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