Is tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than arowana (photo collection of tiger fish than arowana)

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Is Tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than Arowana?

Is tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than arowana (photo collection of tiger fish than arowana) Queen's Sail

Today, I would like to share with you the knowledge of the Pictures of tiger fish than dragon fish, which will also explain the pictures of tiger Fish than dragon fish. If you happen to solve the problems you are facing now, don't forget to pay attention to Xianglong Fish Farm. Let's do it now!

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Can golden arowana be mixed with what kind of fish?

Golden arowana is a tropical fish with strong territorial consciousness, so it is difficult to cultivate Mixed fish. But as long as you choose the right kind of fish, mixed culture with it is also possible. It likes to swim in the upper layer of the water, mixed culture should choose fish swimming in the middle or lower layer, so as to effectively prevent them from competing for territory. For example, the lower middle layer of the goby, the bottom of the ray and so on. You can also choose fish with strong cleaning ability like Feifeng, or Crown six with strong self-healing ability. Can golden arowana be mixed?

Golden arowana can be mixed, but not all kinds of fish are suitable to live with it. Small fish can't be raised with it, or they will be eaten. When mixed culture, choose a fish of similar size. It is best that their living environment and eating can also be kept consistent. After these conditions are met, mixed culture with it will not be a problem.

What kind of fish can the golden dragon fish be mixed with?

1. Tiger fish: it likes to swim in the middle and lower layers of the water, while the golden arowana likes to move in the upper layer, and there is no problem of competing for territory between them. And the tiger fish is more ferocious, even if it fights with the goldfish, it will not be easily eaten.

two。 Rays: it belongs to the bottom fish and is non-aggressive with the golden arowana at the top. It is more docile in character and will not have conflicts with other fish. But it has high requirements for water quality. In breeding, attention should be paid to changing water frequently to ensure fresh water quality.

3. Feifeng: it can not only eat moss and algae on the cylinder wall, but also clean up the food residue of other fish. When mixed with golden arowana, it will not be attacked and rejected, so it is the best choice for mixed culture.

4. Crown six: it will become very fierce when it grows up. If it is to be raised with golden arowana, it is best to put them in a fish tank when they are young. This kind of fish is so resilient that it can recover in a short time even if it is injured in a fight with the golden arowana.

What kind of fish can red tiger fish be mixed with?


Red tiger fish is a large predator ornamental fish, usually 35-50 cm long, everything should be based on the actual situation of breeding.

In mixed culture, both food residues and feces will increase, strong filtration system, regular water change time and methods can maintain good water quality, avoid causing more arowana diseases, and at the same time promote the success of red tiger fish and arowana mixed culture. As long as you pay attention to the regularity, don't feed at will. Note that it is best not to feed at night, otherwise it is easy to cause indigestion. If you forget to feed the fish because of something, you can feed the fish for the next meal.

Extended data:


1. Goby can be said to be a more adaptable species than other fish species. The water temperature is 26-33 degrees Celsius, pH is 5-8.5, the pH is the best, the goby requires high dissolved oxygen and low hardness, and it still grows well even under high hardness.

2. Lighting: Tiger fish are timid by nature. It is not recommended to turn on the lights for a long time.

3, other: in order to let the goby develop a wider body shape, it is recommended not to put any cup-shaped objects in the tank that can allow the tiger to drill in, so as not to hinder the development of the tiger's body.

4. Note that the little goby can be fed with red worms, three to four meals a day, the middle fish can be fed with shrimp twice a day, and the Loach and live fish can be fed twice a day. In order to ensure the digestive function of the goby, it is recommended not to feed too much, 6 or 7 minutes at a time. Hungry tiger fish are more lively.

Source: Baidu encyclopedia-Tiger fish

Source: Baidu encyclopedia-arowana

Can tiger fish be mixed between 15cm and 6cm?

-- mixed culture of fish of the same type and similar habitsIs tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than arowana?It's common sense. Uneven sizeIs tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than arowana?The strong are getting stronger and strongerIs tiger fish more capable of mixed culture than arowana?The weak are going from bad to worse. If it goes on like this, the loss will be inevitable. Tiger fish are timid by nature, they have not been raised correctly since they were young, and the quality of adult fish is inferior, and it is too late to repent.

Little tiger fish

Arowana can be mixed with what fish, can not be mixed with what fish

Arowana is a kind of fish with a fierce temperament, which belongs to the upper fish, and there are relatively few fish that can be mixed with it. However, according to its habits and characteristics, we can choose some mixed fish for it. For example, tiger fish and other middle and lower fish; there are parrot fish, its size is relatively large; moreover, the crown three fish, its recovery ability is relatively strong, can recover quickly after being bitten. What kind of fish can arowana be mixed with

When raising arowana, sometimes I feel that raising only one kind of fish is more monotonous, and I want to look for a kind of fish that can be mixed at the same time. First of all, we need to know the temperament of arowana in order to find a suitable partner for it. Arowana belongs to a relatively large fish, its temperament is relatively fierce, it is easy to swallow the smaller fish; its activity space is mainly the upper layer, belonging to a kind of pelagic fish. According to these characteristics, the main fish that can be mixed together are:

1. Tiger fish: Tiger fish is also a kind of fish with ferocious temperament. However, because its activity space is mainly in the middle and lower levels, the two are generally not easy to conflict and can be mixed.

2. Parrot fish: the size of parrot fish is relatively large, so it is not easy to conflict with arowana. Moreover, its color is relatively bright, and the ornamental effect of putting it together is better.

3. Crown three Fish: this kind of fish does not have high requirements on the surrounding environment and is easy to raise. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that their resilience is very strong, it is easy to recover after being bitten, so they can also be mixed with arowana.

Second, arowana can not be mixed with what fish

Due to the fierce character of arowana, not all fish can be mixed with it. For example, fish that are too small are not suitable for polyculture with it, and they are easy to be eaten if they are polycultured with arowana. Moreover, the bolder small fish are not suitable for mixed culture with arowana, otherwise they will often be in a state of shock, growth and development will be affected. For example, fierce fish in the juvenile stage is a kind of timid fish, after being bitten by arowana, it is difficult to recover; moreover, they will be very vengeful, but when they grow up, they will pose a threat to arowana.

1.5 Meters long 0.5 meters wide fish tank raises a silver dragon, fish two tiger fish OK?

Family fish tankIs the tiger fish bigger than the arowana?, 0.5 m wideIs the tiger fish bigger than the arowana?The fish tank, the longest fish raised can not exceed 0. 4 meters, as long as the power of the pump is large (with oxygen pump, power greater than 40w), such a tank can raise 6 to 8 fish.

Why do tiger fish chase arowana and how to avoid tiger fish and arowana fighting?

Competition for territory: although tiger fish are not very bold, but their territorial awareness is relatively strong. If they don't have enough space to live in, they'll keep attacking arowana to compete for territory. Competition for food: there may be competing for food, they eat more than two, if food is not sufficient, tiger fish will attack arowana. In estrus: gobies chase arowana It's also possible that gobies are in estrus and their keepers need to isolate them properly. 1. Why do tiger fish always chase arowana?

1. Competition for territory: Tiger fish chasing arowana may be competing for territory. Tiger fish have a strong sense of territory. If they are raised together with arowana, they will constantly attack arowana. Although their attack power was not very strong, they would continue to attack Arowana to gain territory.

2. Competition for food: Tigerfish and arowana are both fierce fish, and both of them eat a lot, so it is easy to fight for food.

3, in estrus: tiger fish chasing arowana attack may also be to estrus, they themselves are more fierce, to estrus, personality will be particularly violent, so aggressive will be stronger.

Second, how to avoid tiger fish and arowana fight

1. Ensure sufficient space: To avoid fighting between tiger fish and arowana, breeders need to prepare a larger fish tank for them. In this way, they have enough space to move, and there will be few fights.

2, reduce the number of mixed culture: tiger fish and arowana are relatively large in size, growth speed is also relatively fast. Breeders need to reduce the number of tigerfish mixed, which can also avoid fighting. If there is only one arowana in the tank, it is best to mix only 1-2 tiger fish. Even if there's plenty of room, don't put too many tiger fish in.

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